4 Camera Wireless Security System With DVR

Lorex and Anran offer affordable bundle of 4 camera wireless security system with DVR. Both bundle come with wireless outdoor security camera system with DVR.

4 channel camera system

4 channel DVR or NVR system is ideal for homes or small offices that require not more than four cameras. They can be placed outdoor or indoor consisting one or two outdoor and one or two cameras indoor. For small scale retail stores four cameras is appropriate, one camera can be installed in front of the stores in the parking area; one camera can be installed behind the stores if there is still possible intruder sneak from the rear door; and two can be installed indoor.

Wireless Outdoor

In certain outdoor placement of the camera, the first difficulty to install is the cabling system including power outlet and video data that could be Cat5e network cable to the NVR system or coaxial cable to the DVR system. The cameras that require power connection and video data, no option but you have to run the video data cable to the DVR/NVR system and provide the power outlet or power extension to the camera. it’s therefore selecting wireless outdoor security camera system with DVR-NVR system is much better than you have to run the video data from the camera to the DVR. However, you still need to provide power to the camera.

Another solution is by selecting the cameras system with POE supports. With POE camera you just need a single Cat5e network cable to transmit both the video data and power to the NVR. With POE support you can place the camera outdoor and run the only POE cable to the NVR system. Some models of NVR system typically come with built-in POE switch such as LaView 16 channel NVR or GW Security. Or some models of NVR system doesn’t come with built-in POE Switch but with separate PO Switch such as large scale 32 channel NVR system by GW and USG.

Lorex Vs Anran

Now let’s focus on the bundle of 4 camera wireless security system with DVR or NVR. The following two bundle systems are wireless outdoor security camera system with DVR, NVR actually.


Lorex offers various models of DVR and NVR system either wired or wireless. Lorex LH024501C4WB is a 4-Channel wireless indoor/outdoor security camera system. Ideal for homes or small business, offices or retail stores.

Lorex 4 channel with camera


  • Setting up is easy, 3 step with Lorex Straus Connectivity
  • High resolution of 960H for clear image
  • Signal guard technology for secure wifi connection from camera to DVR
  • Night vision up to 135 ft
  • Remote viewing, QR Code scan DVR
  • Wireless system with high gain antennas up to 165 ft indoor or up to 500 ft outdoor
  • Two channel wireless receiver to DVR
  • Comes with 4x bullet IP66 weatherproof cameras

Remote viewing is easy with the features of Lorex Statrus solution, QR Code scan and free Lorex DDNS. You can easily connect remotely with your mobile devices including Android and iOS.


Unlike Lorex LH024501C4WB with the bundle of 4 camera wireless security system with DVR, this model is wireless outdoor security camera system with DVR, NVR system. It comes with 4 channel NVR and built-in wireless router. it can record up to 4x 720p HD security IP cameras.

ANran 4 channel nvr camera wireless


  • 4-channel NVR system with built-in wireless router
  • Recording resolution 720p HD real time @30 fps
  • Wireless connection camera to the NVR system up to 20 meter away
  • Plug and play easy installation and setup
  • Night view, 36IR LEDS distance up to 60 ft (20 meters)
  • Easy remote viewing
  • Includes 4x 1.0 Mega pixel wifi IP66 weatherproof cameras


To understand which one is suitable to meet your business either for homes or small offices, have a look at the following comparison table.


Both systems are different, the Lorex is designed for DVR (digital video recording) and Anran is design with NVR (network video recording) system. I’m not talking details about the differences between NVR and DVR, it’s been discussed out there details about the differences. In a nutshell, with the NVR system the video recording take place in the IP camera. On the other hand, with the DVR system the recording takes place in the DVR system not in the camera. no wonder that the price of IP camera (in NVR system) is more expensive than analog cameras (in DVR system). See also comparison DVR vs NVR between GW Security Vs Laview 16 channel system.


Lorex with 4 camera wireless security system with DVR in this bundle can record 960H high definition resolution of 960H standards. 960H is a standard for security cameras and DVRs which are 34% larger than D1 resolution. Anran wireless outdoor security camera system with DVR system can record up to 720p HD resolution @30 fps, slightly lower pixels than Lorex.


Lorex in this module doesn’t specifically design the DVR with native wireless feature except the addition of wireless receiver to pair with the included wireless cameras. So you can add any analog camera with coaxial connection to the DVR system. On the other hand, Anran NVR system comes with built-in wireless router. it’s almost the same design like the 8-channel xmarto NVR system. See also comparison between Amcrest vs Lorex vs Xmarto system.

Night vision

Both systems offers camera with night vision features. The same fixed lens of 3.6mm provides you a single angle of view. It’s unlike those varifocal lens camera, a camera with varifocal lens allows you to adjust the focal length manually to fit your angle of view meeting the area to cover. Large mega pixel high grade camera usually comes with varifocal lens, see popular varifocal 5MP IP camera. Lorex offers longer distance IR lights, slightly longer distance.

For small scale environment to cover, 4 channel camera system is appropriate you can use one of this 4 camera wireless security system with DVR. However, for businesses should you be able to predict the future the business is expanding and the environment to cover is also getting larger, you better consider larger scale camera system such as 16 channel camera or even 32 channel camera system.

Have a look at the following comparison table between the two camera bundles.

Table 1 Lorex Vs Anran 4 channel security camera

Model4 channel DVR system4 channel NVR system with built-in wireless router
Recording resolution960H high resolution720p HD real time recording @30 fps
Output videoVGA, HDMIVGA, HDMI
CompressionMPEG-4 compression at 640×480 (VGA) resolutionH.264 dual stream compression
Network interface1x 10/100-Base-TX, RJ-451x adaptable RJ45 10/100Mbps

1x WIfi interface with two external antennas

Storage500GB storage1TB SATA disk (upgradable 1x4TB)
Included Camera4x wireless cameras4x wireless cameras
Sensor type¼” color CMOS image sensor1.0 MP ¼” Color CMOS sensor
Lens3.6 mm f/2.0Fixed – 3.6mm
Night visionYes  – 24 IR LEDs

Distance up to 135 ft (45 m)

Yes – 36 IR LEDS

Distance up to 60 ft (20 m)



Both bundles of 4 camera wireless security system with DVR are ideal solution for homes and small businesses, not expecting to expand to larger environment to cover. Anran with NVR system comes with built-in wireless access, more compact no clutter devices compared with Lorex with wireless receiver.

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