5MP IP Varifocal Security Camera

GW Security and USG offer various models of 5MP IP security camera you can select, varifocal security camera to allow you adjusting the focal length to fit your angle of view.

Why 5MP with varifocal lens

The requirement of 5MP IP camera in businesses and industrials is reasonable since larger mega pixel IP camera provides you larger image and more details video data to view.

High resolution details

Zooming in larger image is still sharp and good detail as opposed smaller image which typically demonstrating noisy image detail. You need to connect this type of large mega pixel IP camera to high resolution of NVR system that support up to 5MP camera or even larger mega pixel up to 8MP such as GW and USG H265 NVR systems. The two NVR systems are capable of connecting and recording up to 4K video streaming from up to 4K or 8MP IP camera for businesses and industrial purposes.

Adjustable view of angle

With varifocal security camera the lens is not fixed like most home wireless security camera such as the one which currently becomes best seller in Amazon – the Fujikam 361. With varifocal lens you can adjust the view of angle manually to meet your business need by adjusting the focal length manually during setup to fit the view of angle. Place the camera in certain location and set the focal length manually. Some models come with motorized optical zoom, automatic motorized zoom you may control via the app or via NVR system.

Various models

To meet your business need, find suitable IP cameras of high quality high resolution and large mega pixel video and image you can find various models and from different vendors such as GW Security and Urban Security Group.

GW5075MIP 5MP IP Security Camera

GW Security offers you various models of Dome 5MP IP security cameras and mostly come with industrial demand of varifocal security camera. There two models of varifocal lens either manual adjustment or motorized zoom.

With manual adjustment, you can open the hood and find two screws one is to allow you to adjust the zoom and the other one is to fine tune the focus. The housing is very solid with weatherproof and vandal resistant housing, ideal for outdoor as well as indoor usage.

The other varifocal model is motorized zoom, you can manage the zoom with camera zooming feature which is then driving the lens motor to change the focal length accordingly. One of its motorized zoom model is GW5075MIP GW Security.

varifocal ip camera
GW Security 5MP Dome varifocal camera

Main features

  • High resolution of 5MP 2592×1920 pixels: 5MP 1920p @ 15 FPS; 3MP 1536p @ 30 FPS; 2MP 1080p @ 30 FPS Real-time Recording
  • Designed with built-in varifocal lens ranging from 2.8~12mm 4x optical zoom with motorized and auto focus
  • View angle ranging from 22~115 degree
  • Remote view capability, zoom in-out control via NVR, computer or mobile devices
  • Motion detection, email alerts
  • Easy to configure supports P2P technology
  • ONVIF universal agreement
  • Night vision with 30 IR LEDs range up to 80 ft
  • Digital noise reduction
  • IP66 rated weatherproof ideal for outdoor
  • POE support with optional non-POE installation

This models is commonly connected to GW security NVR system such as 16 channel 1080p DVR-NVR or 32 channel camera system and other Onvif NVR system. With POE support you can easily install it without hassle of network cable, just a single CAT5e cable for both video data and power. Ideal for high resolution image detail requirements in industrial or business purposes.

Instead of manual zoom, you may also like the motorized zoom model – Click here for spec details and current price GW Security 5MP camera with 4x Optical Zoom

Another Dome model with a bit longer distance night vision up to 100 ft with more IR LEDs, you may consider this model in the link below.

Click here for spec details 5MP IP security camera by GW Security GW5555IP with bullet model

Both model are featuring 2.8 ~ 12mm varifocal security camera, adjustable angle of view to meet your business need.

USG 5MP Varifocal Lens camera

Unlike the farivocal lens camera offered by GW Security as discussed above with dome model, the other farivocal security camera you may consider is USG outdoor PTZ 5M IP Security camera.

This product is business grade speed dome security camera with longer IR range up to 400 ft, made in Germany 8x IR LEDs, ideal for outdoor as well with IP66 rated weatherproof. Moreover, the housing is solid with NEMA 4x vandal resistant.

If you compare with GW Security GW5075MIP regarding the compression format, USG is based on latest H.265 compression technology instead of H.264 format.

usg speed dome camera
Urban Security Group Speed dome camera

Main features

  • USG Business Grade H.265 5MP 4MP IP PTZ Speed Dome Security Camera
  • High resolution of up to 5MP Ultra HD Resolution
  • Made In Germany 8x IR LEDs – range up to 400 ft
  • IP66 & NEMA 4x Vandal + Weatherproof Rated For Outdoor and Indoor Use
  • 20x Optical zoom with 4.7 ~ 94 mm
  • F1.6~F3.0 Motorized + Auto-Focus HD Premium Lens
  • H.265 Compression technology
  • P2P support for easy remote view configuration
  • Tri-Stream, powered by 32bit ARM CPU
  • Available slot memory for local storage up to 64GB micro SD-Card

This models is ideal connecting to high resolution 4K capable NVR system that support H265 compression technology for optimal performance. Comparison with GW Security varifocal security camera as discussed above, this model of 5MP IP security camera is more expensive.

You may also consider 8MP (4K) USG PTZ camera whith 22x optical motorized zoom, ideal for longer distance night vision coverage with 10x IR LEDs For up to 1,000 Feet  you can adjust to maximum zoom setting.

Click here for USG 8MP (4K) PTZ outdoor IP camera


With larger 5MP IP security camera, you can record high resolution more detail video and image for meeting your business needs. with the addition of varifocal security camera features you can adjust the angle of view manually suitable to meet your business need.

Cheers, KG

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