Amcrest 16 Channel DVR Security Camera System Kit

Doesn’t have computer network in place for IP cameras deployment? No worries, Amcrest offers 16 channel DVR security camera system kit that supports up to 4k recording resolution with coaxial cable infrastructure as long as up to 2,300ft away.

Amcrest AMDV8M16-H5

In the recent years we are familiar with network video recorder (NVR) that mostly come with built-in POE switch, 4-port, 8-port, or 16-port embedded POE switch for 4Ch, 8Ch, or 16 Channel NVR system such as Laview or Reolink or Lorex 16Ch NVR system kit.

Built-in 16-port is common for NVR system with 24 or 32 channel so you need to add separate POE switch for full channels occupation. You need to run UTP network cable from each of the IP camera to the recording unit as long as 300ft maximum.  

Up to 700m

Analog cameras deliver data transmission via coaxial cable that can be run as long as 2,300ft (700m) between each of the camera to the DVR unit. Amcrest AMDV8M16-H5 is a 16 channel DVR security camera system with built-in 16-port BNC interface. Coaxial cable is ideal for deployment in large process plant area, warehouse, mining or marine projects that don’t have UTP network cable infrastructure.

However, in an environment where running coaxial cable is not possible you may consider wireless IP cameras with NVR system. You probably require to setup a point to point wifi connection from one place to another long distance location where you place the NVR system. See GW Security outdoor wireless security camera system

Amcrest 16 channel DVR system Kit
Amcrest 16 channel DVR system Kit

4k resolution

AMDV8M16-H5 records connected cameras up to 4k @7 fps resolution, not smooth enough actually compared with other NVR system which typically records as smooth as real time @30 fps such as Hikvision and Amcrest 4k 16 channel system.

However, this Amcrest 16 Channel DVR security system delivers data stream in uncompressed format so no latency due to decompressing data.   


This bundled includes 8pcs of Amcrest AMC4KBC36P-W 4k bullet model camera with IP67 weatherproof solid plastic housing, it is safe for outdoor placement. This camera features HDCVI technology delivers 4 signals in coaxial cable including data, audio, and power. Similar with POE camera that delivers data, audio and power in one UTP network cable, HDCVI camera transmit data, audio and power using coaxial cable.

This model of analog camera is cheaper compared with those IP cameras such as Amcrest ip8m-2454 4k security camera, or Amcrest IP2m-858 PTZ camera.

Amcrest AMC4KBC36P-W 4k bullet model camera
Amcrest AMC4KBC36P-W 4k bullet model camera

This bundle Amcrest 16 Channel DBVR security camera system with 8pcs HDCVI outdoor cameras is tagged with reasonable price including 4x 60” BNC cable and 4x 100” BNC cable, you may order longer distance coaxial cable when longer distance camera placement is required.


  • 16 channel DVR with built-in 16-BNC ports
  • Recording resolution up to 4K (3840x2160P) @7fps
  • Reliable long distance up to 2,300ft (700m) up to 4k resolution data transmission using Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) technology with coaxial cable
  • Pentabrid Technology Supports: HD-CVI, AHD, TVI, CVBS, and IP
  • Easy to setup using QR Code scan
  • Includes 2TB Hard disk (up to 10TB)
  • Includes 8pcs 4k resolution @15 fps HDCVI cameras, 87 degree view angle and 12x IR LEDs night vision support
  • DORI distance Detect up to 208 feet away, Observe up to 83 feet away, Recognize up to 42 feet away and Identify up to 21 feet away
  • IP67 weatherproof with heavy duty plastic housing ideal for outdoor


  • Doesn’t support compression format, you require more disk storage space to record video footage
  • Cameras don’t support motion detection

This surveillance system kit is tagged around $900.00 in Amazon including 16 channel DVR system with pre-installed 2TB HDD plus 8pcs cameras, nearly the same price as those 16 channel NVR system kits including Lorex 16 channel NVR system kits we’ll compare later.

Amcrest vs Lorex 16 Chn

If you already have internet computer network in place you may consider NVR system. Lorex offers new lines of LNK7000 NVR system. Each of the included cameras have different technology. Amcrest AMC4KBC36P which is analog camera while Lorex LKB353a is IP camera, analog vs digital cameras.

Lorex LNK7216 16 channel Kit

With Amcrest analog camera you can place it in longer distance up to 2,700 ft using coaxial cable to the recording unit while with Lorex IP camera you can place it up to 300ft away from the NVR unit using UTP CAT5e or CAT6 network cable.

Lorex in this surveillance system kit consists of LNK7216 16 channel security camera system – one of top line of LNK7000 series with built-in 16-port POE switch. The NVR system comes with pre-installed 3TB SATA storage disk (can be expanded up to 12TB HDD storage). Compare with Amcrest DVR system which comes with 16-port BNC interface and preinstalled 2TB disk up to 10TB disk storage.

For a better comparison between Amcrest and Lorex 16 channel security camera system, comparison between Amcrest analog system and Lorex IP camera system take a look at the following comparison table between the two surveillance system kit.  

Table 1 Amcrest vs Lorex 16 channel

Recording Model Amcrest amdv8m16-h5 Lorex lnk7216
# channel 16 channel with built-in 16-port BNC interface 16 channel with built-in 16-port POE switch
Recording resolution Up to 8mp (4k) @7 fps Up to 8mp (4k) @30 fps
Compression format N/A H.265+
Storage Preinstalled 2TB (up to 10TB) Preinstalled 3TB up to 12TB
Distance Up to 2,300 ft (700m) using coaxial cable Up to 300 ft(100m) using UTP network cable
Camera model Amcrest amc4kbc36p-w analog Lorex lkb353a series
Resolution   4k @15 fps bullet camera  5mp @15 fps IP bullet cameras
Lens 3.6mm lens, 87 degree view angle  2.8mm fixed lens 105 degree view angle
Night vision 12x IR LEDs range up to 100ft (30m) Color night vision (in ambient light) up to 130 ft(40m)
Audio N/A Built-in microphone
Price (Jan 2019) $899.99 $966.99

See that  the price difference Amcrest vs Lorex is not so much, around $67. The main apparent difference is Amcrest comes with analog system with coaxial cable up to 2,300 ft distance as opposed to Lorex with digital IP camera system.

To learn more details each of the surveillance bundle including the current price and rating in Amazon, click the following link for each of the system:

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