Amcrest 16 Channel DVR Security System vs Foscam

In additions of NVR camera security systems, Amcrest offers few models of 16 channel DVR security system bundled with combinations of various analog cameras. One of the Amcrest DVR security system kits is AMDV72116-8B-B, one of economical DVR systems compared with other competing vendor such as Foscam 8 channel NVR system.


What this DVR system kit does

In this bundle Amcrest offers AMDV72116 16 channel DVR security system with 8x 720p IP67 weatherproof bullet cameras, they are analog cameras not like those outdoor dome POE cameras that connect to NVR system such as Amcrest ProHD 3MP dome camera or the Amcrest premium dome model (IP2M-848).

720p resolution

For retail stores or large homes, this security bundle is appropriate. With 720p resolution is enough, unless you require more image detail for business purposes you require high quality image detail things like POE outdoor PTZ camera such as Amcrest IP2M-850 or Lorex LNZ32.

Long coax cable

You need to run coaxial cable to connect each of the camera to the DVR unit and the maximum length of the available coax cable is around 1,600 ft, long enough for large area of retail store or large homes. DVR system with Coaxial cable is much longer than NVR system (such as Amcrest and LaView 16 channel NVR) that requires UTP cable that can run up to 300 ft for reliable signal connection.

Amcrest 16 channel DVR with 8 cameras


  • 16 channel DVR system as single control hub for all connected cameras
  • Record and playback high definition 720p resolution @ 30 fps real time
  • Comes with 8x camera, each camera comes with 3.6mm lens ¼” CMOS sensor
  • Each camera supports night vision with range up to 65 ft
  • Remote viewing via Android or iOS based-devices with Amcrest View app
  • HDCVI uncompressed signal transmission to eliminate latency
  • Comes with 2TB hard drive storage for up to 15 days continuous recording

All the included 8x cameras are IP67 rated weatherproof ideal for outdoor placement such as on the porch, backyard, the pool or even indoor usage is good. The good thing is that you can view the remotely via mobile devices either Android or iOS based devices with free Amcrest view app.

Comparison with Foscam

Amcrest AMDV72116-8B-B is affordable DVR system kit, DVR with eight cameras. You may compare with other popular vendor Foscam with its FN3108XE-B4-1T system kit. Foscam FN3108XE-B4-1T is an 8 channel FN3108XE NVR system with 4 720p IP66 rated weatherproof cameras.

Foscam 8 channel NVR with 4 cameras


Unlike Amcrest with 16 port DVR system and coaxial cable, Foscam in this model is 8 port NVR (network video recorder) system that requires UTP cable for connection between each of the camera to the NVR unit (with built-in 8 port POE switch).

Both system can record and playback at the same 720p resolution with slightly different frame per second (fps), appropriate resolution for home or small business purposes. For larger business, you may require larger scale and higher resolution system can handle such as LaView 4K 16 channel NVR system that can record up to 4K video resolution. See also best 16 channel of Lorex, LaView and GW Security system.

Included cameras

Amcrest with included 8 cameras is economical DVR kits you may consider, 8x IP67 rated weatherproof bullet model camera with 60 degree viewing angle and night vision support up to 65 ft. unlike Amcrest that comes with 8 cameras, Foscam comes with 4x IP cameras with IP66 rated weatherproof and slightly wider viewing angle. With less included cameras Foscam looks cheaper compared with Amcrest.

Take a look at the following spec comparison table between Amcrest 16 channel security system kit and Foscam 8 channel security system kit.

Table Amcrest vs Foscam

Model Amcrest AMDV72116 Foscam FN3108XE
System type DVR 16 channel NVR 8 channel
Recording resolution Records & Playback 16CH 720P @ 15FPS. Records & Playback 8 CH 720P @19 fps
Remote view Yes, Amcrest view app via mobile devices, Windows & Mac Yes,  with Foscam app via mobile devices, Windows & Mac
Storage Pre-installed 2TB expandable up to 4TB Pre-installed 1TB expandable up to 4TB
USB Port Yes, for USB backup 2x USB2.0 interface for mouse and external storage
Video output 1xHDMI; 1xVGA 1xHDMI; 1xVGA
Motion detection Yes, email alerts Yes, email alerts and FTP
Connection Port BNC coaxial 16x 1x RJ45 10/100Mbps

Built-in 8 Port POE switch

Camera lens ¼” CMOS 3.6mm ¼” CMOS 2.8mm f/1.2
Camera resolution 1.0MP (1280×720 pixels) bullet camera 1.0MP (1280×720 pixels) bullet camera
Angle of view 59 degree horizontal 70 degree horizontal and 75 degree diagonal
Night vision Yes, IR-LED up to 65 ft (21m) Yes, up to 20 m (60 ft)
Outdoor feature IP67 rated weatherproof IP66 rated weatherproof
Compression HDCVI Uncompress signal H.264
Price $440.00 $300.00


To learn more detail about the spec, manufacturer’s description, current rating and price in Amazon click the links below:

Should you think that 720p or 1080p resolution is not appropriate for your business, consider the best value of 16 channel Reolink with 8x 4MP(2560×1440p) POE outdoor cameras. However, this model is not using coaxial cable but UTP CAT5e network cable. Click here to read more Reolink 16 channel 4MP NVR system with 8x POE cameras.

To equip your vehicle with front and rear dash cameras, you may consider new Auto Vox M3 dual dash cam, or you may also consider Kdlinks R100 ultra HD dual lens dash cam.

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