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Amcrest 4K IP8M-T2499E IP Turret POE Camera

Amcrest introduces UltraHD 4K IP8M-T2499E IP POE Camera with Turret dome model. Turret model security camera is designed with long distance night vision with high power IR LEDs. This product is also embedded with the latest IMX274 Sony Starvis image sensor to give you high quality image detail in low light condition. How good it is compared with Lorex LNE8964ab?

What this product does

This camera is a ball shape sitting inside the mounting housing like other Turret model IP cameras. You can easily adjust manual rotation and grab the camera and turn it to the desired direction. Yes manually, because it is not a PTZ poe camera which is designed with motorized panning, tilting and zooming capability you can control remotely by the app using your mobile devices like those 4k PTZ camera which is panning, tilting and zooming capability are controllable via the camera apps or via the NVR system.

Amcrest also offers various models of PTZ camera such as Amcrest IP4M-1053 outdoor camera – a 4MP PTZ outdoor camera with 12x optical zoom. But this model is Turret model with fixed lens. See also Amcrest vs Lorex security cameras.

Amcrest IP8m-t2499e Turret model 4k camera
Amcrest IP8m-t2499e Turret model 4k camera

Great image quality

Amcrest IP8M-T2499E is designed with nice quality, the resolution is very high (4k) and is impressive, the quality is superior compared with other competing products in its class, setup is breeze, and is well built with heavy duty metal based housing feels very sturdy and strong.

Great night vision

It has a single powerful IR LED illuminating up to 164ft distance, not like those cameras with bunch of red glowing IR lights that is noticeable at night that the camera is present. Amcrest ip8m-t2499e comes with built-in high power IR LEDs and a 1/2.5” 8MP IMX274 Sony Starvis progressive image CMOS sensor and S3LM Ambarella Chipset. It is ideal to capture low light conditions, impressive night vision footage up to 164ft distance.

Before we compare this product with one of Lorex turret’s model camera – the Lorex LNE8964ab Turret model camera, let’s see the highlight features of this Amcrest ip8m-t2499e camera.


  • High resolution 4k (8.0MP) Ultra HD video for Excellent Quality and Clarity @15 fps, or 3.0MP @30fps
  • Supports H.265 compression technology to save storage space up to 60%
  • Designed with built-in IMX274 Sony Starvis image sensor and S3LM Ambarella Chipset to enhance low light capability
  • Fixed lens 2.8mm providing 112 degree wide view angle
  • Wide dynamic range ~120dB
  • Night vision with 1pcs powerful IR LED up to 164 ft (50m) distance
  • Comes with built-in Microphone for one way audio
  • POE support
  • Storage to PC, NAS Local, and MicroSD Card (Up to 128GB).
  • IP67 weatherproof and solid metal based housing
  • 4k @15 fps, not as smooth as camera with 4k @30fps realtime frame rate

Amcrest ip8m-t2499e is tagged with affordable price, best value camera with superior image quality with high resolution 4k @15 fps. In Jun 2020, the price is around $105.00 in Amazon.

Note that this product uses fixed lens, should you require IP camera with optical zoom you may try Amcrest ip8m-mt2544 turret 4k camera with 4x optical zoom.

Amcrest vs Lorex Turret Camera

Now let’s take one of Lorex turret camera products the Lorex Lne8964 which the price is nearly twice as much as Amcrest Ip8m-t2499. You may also consider different model of Lorex lnb9272 bullet model camera or the PTZ model is Lorex lnz44p4b 2k PTZ camera.

Lorex Lne8964 turret 4k camera
Lorex Lne8964 turret 4k camera with 4x optical zoom

Have a look at the following spec comparison table 1 that represents technical spec comparison table between Amcrest and Lorex 4k turret model cameras.


The first difference is the built-in lens each of the camera is designed. See that Lorex comes with varifocal lens with 4x optical motorized zoom lens with variations of field of view angle, on the other hand Amcrest is designed with fixed 2.8mm lens with single 112 degree wide view angle.

Night vision

Lorex is designed with Color Night Vision (CNV) technology to allow you view and record color night vision as long as there is still ambient light. The distance is also longer for Lorex up to 250ft compared with only 164ft offered by Amcrest.

Amcrest which comes with Starvis Sony CMOS with minimum illumination 0.06Lux provides you low light condition with color vision before finally switch to B/W night vision using IR when fully darkness

 Table 1 Amcrest vs Lorex Turret Camera

Model Amcrest IP8M-t2499 Lorex Lne8964
Lens Fixed lens 2.8mm IMX274 Sony Starvis image sensor and S3LM Ambarella Chipset Varifocal lens 2.7~12.0mm motorized lens Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor
Field of view angle 112 degree 102~39 degree
Minimum illumination 0.06Lux/F1.6( Color,1/3s,30IRE) 0.3Lux/F1.6( Color,1/30s,30IRE)
0Lux/F1.6(IR on)
Zoom N/A 4x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom
Resolution 8.0MP @15fps, 3.0MP @30fps 8.0MP @15fps, 3.0MP @30fps
WDR ~120dB ~100dB
Night Vision 1pcs high powered IR LED range up to 164ft Color Night Vision (CNV) technology 2pcs high powered IR LEDs range up to 250 ft
Audio One way audio with built-in Microphone One way audio with built-in Microphone
Local memory Storage Micro SD Card ~128GB N/A
Housing Metal based with IP67 weatherproof Aluminum metal based housing with IP67 weatherproof
Price $119.99 $209.99

Lorex Lne8964 is superior over Amcrest ip8m-t2499 which features 4x optical motorized zoom, longer IR LED distance and it supports color night vision in ambient light. However, Amcrest is superior in Wide dynamic range (WDR) up to 120dB as opposed to only 100dB. Click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

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