Amcrest AD110 Video Camera Doorbell vs Ring

Video doorbell camera has become a necessity in every home, a doorbell need that is equipped with a camera making it easier for you to recognize who is coming in front of the door of your house and ringing the doorbell.

Many types of video doorbells available on the market today including those produced by Ring doorbells, Netvue and also Amcrest. Amcrest is working on doorbell video camera market segment to complement the need for a Smarthome environment by introducing the Amcrest AD110 video doorbell camera. How Amcrest doorbell vs Ring perform?

Amcret video camera doorbell
Amcret video camera doorbell

What this product does

If you already have a doorbell wiring system in place, you should complete it with an Amcrest doorbell video camera that allows you to see who is coming at your door and at the same time be able to communicate with each other via your Android or iOS mobile devices.

Full HD

The Amcrest Doorbell is equipped with video camera with 1080p resolution @ 20 fps, the same resolution as the second generation of Ring doorbell (The first-generation Ring doorbell only provides camera with 720p resolutions). Just like a home wifi camera in general, Amcrest doorbell is also equipped with night vision and also weather resistant housing with IP55 rated.

Single band

There is another difference with Ring Doorbell 2nd generation regarding WiFi connection. Amcrest comes with only 2.4Ghz single band wifi connection while Ring doorbell g2 comes with dual band. Of course with 5GHz band connection is better connecting to dual or tri-band WiFi network powered by dual or tri-band wifi router or mesh WiFi system. Connections using the 5 GHz band is cleaner than the 2.4 GHz band which is prone to signal interference.


  • Video camera doorbell using existing 16V-24V doorbell wiring Ideal for front door surveilance system
  • Designed with 2.0mm lens with full HD 1080p resolution @20 fps with 140° wide angle of View
  • Comes with built-in speaker and microphone for two way audio communication using your smartphone
  • Supports night vision up to 16ft range
  • built-in wifi single 2.4Ghz band with 802.11b/g/n standard
  • Support microSD card memory storage up to 128GB, Class 10 or higher
  • IP55 weatherproof and Power Supply : 16V ~ 24V AC

Both Amcrest and Ring doorbell first generation are tagged at the same price around $100 in some online retail markets including in Amazon. But, Ring doorbell Pro, second generation is tagged with twice the price as Amcrest and even higher.

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Amcrest doorbell vs Ring

Have a look at the following spec comparison table between Amcrest and Ring doorbell to help you understand the difference between the two products. See that both products nearly have similar features but the prices are different so much.

Ring doorbell Pro
Ring Doorbell Pro Video Camera

Table 1 Amcrest doorbell vs Ring

Model Amcrest AD110 doorbell Ring doorbell 2nd G
Camera resolution 1080p @20 fps 1080p
Lens 2.0mm fixed lens Unspecified
View angle 140 degree wide view angle 160 degree wide view angle
Night vision Yes, range up to 16ft Yes, range up to 16ft
Memory storage Micro SD card up to 128GB N/A, cloud storage plan
Weatherproof Yes, IP55 Unspecified
Power 16V ~ 24V AC Rechargeable battery pack or connect to existing AC doorbell system
Works with Alexa Yes Yes
Price (Oct 2020) $99.99 $249.99

Ring offers various models in addition of Ring doorbell 2 including Ring Pro, Ring Peephole cam and Ring video doorbell elite.

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