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Amcrest Floodlight Cam vs Most Popular Ring Which One Gives You Better Value

When Ring pioneered the floodlight camera products, then the market was flooded with similar products ranging from spotlight cameras to brighter floodlight cameras and of course more economical than products offered by Ring. Amcrest released the only floodlight camera product – Amcrest ash26. How does this amcrest floodlight cam compete with popular Ring in the market?

Amcrest ASH26

Like other floodlight cameras, Amcrest ash26 is equipped with two floodlight arrays where each floodlight consists of 6x groups of 4pcs white LEDs for a total of 24 very bright LEDs. With this amcrest floodlight cam gives you three floodlight modes; motion activated floodlight, manual or automatic floodlight which you can control via your mobile device with the Amcrest Smart Home app.

This camera is also equipped with a PIR sensor for motion detection and each motion detection events trigger the floodlight ON if the floodlight mode is motion activated. All the features that are common to the floodlight camera on this ash26 are also available such as full duplex communication with built-in microphone and speaker, siren that can be triggered manually or automatically, wifi connection to your home internet network, etc. which we will discuss along with the comparison with Ring floodlight product.

Which Ring floodlight camera model to compare with this product? The latest Ring model is Ring floodlight cam wired plus. See also Arlo floodlight vs Ring wired pro floodlight cam.

Amcrest ASH26 Floodlight camera
Amcrest ASH26 Floodlight camera


Amcrest ASH26 comes with full HD 1080p resolution and the frame rate is up to 25 / 30fps real time. It comes with 2.8mm fixed lens providing wide 114 degree view angle and 12x digital zoom. Ring is also designed with the same 1080p resolution but doesn’t specify exactly what the frame rate is. 1080p resolution is sharp enough when you view the live view and playback the footage using your mobile device.


Unlike other floodlight camera models, Amcrest designs the ASH26 with two floodlights which consist of arrays of LEDs that can provide bright light around 2000 lumens bright enough to deter intruders when the floodlight is triggered on by motion detection, and allows the camera to record snapshots in color. In addition the floodlight triggered by motion detection, you can also manually trigger the siren remotely to deter the intruder.

Amcrest Floodlight
LEDS array floodlight

When you compare with Ring, see that Ring equipped with two LED floodlights on its left and right side to illuminate up to the same 2,000lumen as Amcrest ash26.   

See also another new released Amcrest ip4m-1048e color night vision security camera and also ip4m-1046 bullet model camera with NightColor technology.


To playback video footage from motion detection’s snapshot, the camera must have a storage system either local storage on the camera or on a hub station / recorder unit or cloud storage. With amcrest floodlight cam you don’t have to bother having to subscribe to cloud storage, considering that this product is equipped with a micro SD card slot you can expand up to 256GB capacity besides you can also subscribe cloud storage provided by Amcrest. If you choose to install a micro SD memory card, there is no need to pay extra for cloud storage.

Compare to Ring which does not have local memory storage, then you must accept the Ring Protect Plan option at a cost of $ 10 / month per household, or $ 3 / month per camera.


  • Stylist design floodlight security camera with full HD 1080p resolution @30fps
  • Supports H.264 / H.265 compression format
  • 2,8mm fixed lens providing 114 degree wide field of view angle (aka 137 degree diagonal)
  • Motion detection with PIR detection up to 33ft distance range and as wide as 270 view angle
  • Comes with 2,000lumen bright floodlight consist of LEDs array with 3,000Kelvin color temperature
  • Three options of floodlight triggered modes: motion-activated, manual triggered and automatic triggered mode
  • It also comes with 110dB siren you can trigger remotely
  • Built-in microphone and speaker for two way audio communication
  • Available local micro SD card slot you can expand up to 256GB storage capacity. You can also connect to NVR storage system and optional Amcrest cloud storage
  • IP65 weatherproof for outdoor / indoor placement
  • Wireless connection with 802.11b/g/n standard and 2×2 MIMO antennas and range up to 328ft (100m) in open field

This Amcrest floodlight cam doesn’t come with IR LED for B/W night vision like normally security with night vision support. This product is tagged with the price around $170 in Amazon.

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Amcrest ash26 vs Ring Floodlight Cam

We have discussed few features between the two products. What else we can see the difference between the two products?

Bird’s eye

There is a difference in the application when you monitor the camera via your mobile device, a small window display in your window frame is an aerial view from above, so it’s a kind of tracking map display from which direction your uninvited guests come and walk in your detection zone.


Amcrest ash26 floodlight cam comes with built-in standard wifi adapter 802.11b/g/n with single radio band, connect direct to your home’s wifi internet network @2.4GHz radio band, a crowded radio band and prone to signal interference with other home appliances with wifi.

Ring at the other hand comes with dual band adapter with 802.11ac standard. You see that recent wireless ac routers typically comes with Smart Connect feature that allows the router to force devices that support dual band to connect to 5GHz radio band, the cleaner radio band instead of @2.4GHz band.

In this wifi view point, Ring floodlight is preference product.

As we discussed few things above about spec comparison between Amcrest ash26 and Ring floodlight security cameras, the following is the summary of spec comparison between Amcrset and Ring and is presented in spec comparison table.

Table 1 Amcrest vs Ring Floodlight camera

Floodlight Cam modelAmcrest ASH26Ring Floodlight Wired Pro
Recording resolutionFull HD 1080p @30 fps1080p HD (1920 x 1080)
Lens2.8mm fixed lens with 16x digital zoomFixed lens, no detail
Field of view angle114 degree horizontal140 degree horizontal 80 degree vertical; and Bird’s eye 270 degree
Floodlight2,000lm, triggered manually, automatic or motion detection2x LEDs floodlight 2,000 lumens;
Color temperature 3000 degree Kelvin (warm white)
SirenYes, 110dBYes, built-in siren 110 dB remote activated
AudioListen and Talk Using the Built-In Speaker & Microphone; Two Way Audio.2-way audio with built-in microphone and speaker
and advanced noise cancellation
Local memory storageclass 10 Micro SD card up to 256GBlocal storage: N/A;
You can subscribe Ring Protect Plan $3/ month
each device or $10 / months per household Stored
video for 60 days
HousingIP65 weatherproofWeather resistant
PowerAC100~240VHardwired to weatherproof electrical boxes (110-240 VAC)
Event modeMotion detection with 270 degree PIR sensorMotion detection with PIR detection
Connectivity802.aab/g/n @2.4GHz single bandDual band 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi connection @2.4GHz and 5.0GHz
Smart HomeWorks with AlexaWorks with Alexa, Ecolink sensor, GE Lights and
Outlet, Leviton light and outlet, Dome siren and First alert alarm; etc
Price (Oct 2021)$159.99$249.99

The price difference between amcrest floodlight cam and ring is quite large, around $70. With the spec differences as shown on the table above, you can make a decision which is the best to meet your needs. Click the product link below to read more product details on Amazon (#ads).

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You can install amcrest floodlight cam and Ring without the need of recording unit. However, should you require more cameras to install you may consider Swann enforcer 8 channel kit with color night vision. Or you may also consider more channel – Lorex fusion 8 channel security camera system vs reolink.

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