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Amcrest HDCVI Vs Arlo Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

Netgear offers Arlo wireless outdoor security camera system, a wire-free security camera design that can also be ideal for indoor usage. This system is ideal for homes or small offices within 300 ft distance coverage. Amcrest 720p / 1080p HD-CVI video security system is design for outdoor / indoor with longer distance up to 1640 ft.

Why Arlo

If you find it difficult how to run cabling system when you implement security camera system, you will thank to Arlo which has been offering wireless outdoor security camera system free of wire. It is contrary with Amcrest HD-CVI Video security system.

How the camera is powered? Of course, they are powered by Lithium batteries. And how the camera is connected to the internet to allow you view via Smartphone from anywhere you are in the world? Obviously by using wifi connection to the base station connected to the network router. What a great camera system is offered by Arlo. See also best seller wireless home security camera

What you get when you purchase Arlo wireless outdoor security cameras? With Arlo you can have a bundle of system that contains a base station and one to five cameras for indoor or outdoor usage. You need to configure the cameras to work with base station in order to work properly.

Arlo wireless security camera
Arlo indoor – outdoor wireless camera

Arlo at a glance

  • Comes with a base station and up to 5 cameras
  • No power cable. Camera powered by 4x Lithium CR123 battery, live for 4-6 months
  • Cameras with HD resolution (720x1280p)
  • You can view the live streamed or recorded video from computer, or mobile devices with Arlo’s free app.
  • Compact camera design with magnetic mount for easy placement
  • HD Night vision camera, IR LEDS up to 25 ft range
  • Motion detection with real-time email alerts or app notifications
  • Weather proof camera ideal for either indoor or outdoor placement
  • Cloud storage

With Arlo wireless outdoor security cameras you can upgrade the services should you require more than basic plan up to 5 cameras. And make sure that your camera placement is within the base station coverage up to 300 ft (90 meters) for outdoor, and less distance for indoor placement where many obstacles might prevent the LOS (line of sight) between the camera and base station. It is different with Amcrest which requires cabling system and can be as far as 1600 ft.

What you need to do is installing the base station to connect to the home internet network and you require to sync each camera with the base station. Each camera requires 4 batteries for power, so you don’t need to run power cabling that might be hassle, or might not be possible to run power cable in outdoor placement.

Amcrest 720P-1080P Tribrid HDCVI

What we are talking with Amcrest system here is not individual Amcrest camera such as IP2M-841, however it is Amcrest with HDCVI technology that transmit HD video over coaxial cable with data rate up to HD or full HD @30 frame per second. It’s based on Tribit HDCVI technology and with this technology you can run the cable between the camera and the DVR up to 1640 ft distance range for HD resolution (720p) or up to 984 ft distance range for full HD resolution without compression for free latency, no delay with real time video.

Amcrest HDCVI security camera system
Amcrest HDCVI security camera system

With this HDCVI technology you don’t need to upgrade your existing traditional coaxial cabling used by legacy CCTV system. This Coaxial cabling with HDCVI technology you don’t need separate cabling for video, audio, and PTZ controlling. All the data including multi-camera view, alerts, PTZ and all network management can be controlled using the same coaxial cabling.

Amcrest offers various bundles of cameras either 720p or 1080p resolution with DVR system and pre installed 3TB hard drive. All the cameras are IP66 rated – weather resistant cameras ideal for indoor or outdoor.

Amcrest at a glance

  • Tribid system and is backward compatible with 960H, analog camera and IP camera
  • You may choose various bundles, the bundle that includes 8x HD 2.1MP camera with sharp 1920 x 1080 pixels video or you may choose the bundle that comes with 4-channel 720p HDCVI DVR with 4x HD 720p cameras.
  • Pre installed 1TB or 3TB hard disk storage to allow you records up to 15 days in 720p@30fps (1TB) or 15 days in 1080p@30fps (3TB).
  • All the cameras are IP66 rated – weather resistant
  • Long distance camera to DVR up to 1,640 ft/500 m (720p version) or up to 984 ft / 300 m (1080p version)
  • Allow you view remotely using your mobile devices with Amcrest view app or you can view using internet browser from PC or Mac
  • USB port for backup

Amcrest HDCVI system is not wireless outdoor security camera system, it doesn’t come with wifi connection like those handy system.

Check here for Amcrest and Lorex wireless security camera system.

This system is ideal for large area to cover such as process plants, warehouses with offices, large offices with multiple building, and more. The constraints are mostly the hassle of running the long distance coaxial cabling system.

For homes, Arlo is more favorable that is easy to install without the hassle of complicated cabling system.  You just need to setup the placement of the camera stand on the wall, or place it on a secure place in the shelf or even in the three. It is one of the best outdoor wireless security cameras for homes of small offices.

Comparison table

To help you understand when to use each of the camera system, take a look at the following feature comparison table.

Table 1 Arlo Vs Amcrest HDCVI security system

 ArloAmcrest HDCVI
ConnectionWifi – wire free

Up to 300 ft outdoor from camera to base station

Coaxial cable

Up to 1,640 ft from camera to DVR

Camera resolutionConfigurable up to 1280 x 720 pixels720p resolution (1.0 MP quality) or 1080p resolution (2.1 MP quality)
Number of CamerasBasic plan up to 5 cameras each base station4 or 8 cameras based on DVR channel
Motion detectionYes, adjustable sensitivity and automatic email alerts systemYes, with email alerts
Video formatH.264 compressionReal time, uncompressed video for no latency
StorageRecorded videos from your computer, Smartphone or tablet using Arlo’s free App

Cloud storage service

DVR with pre-installed 1TB or 3TB hard disk
Network connection portFast Ethernet on base stationFast Ethernet on DVR

To understand the complete technical spec, current rating and current price, click the following links:


Amcrest HDCVI security camera system is ideal for fast real-time view, no compression no latency and ideal implementation in large area to cover using coaxial cable up to 500 meters distance. With Arlo wireless outdoor security cameras, you have hassle free installation of complicated wired. It is ideal for homes either indoor or outdoor with wireless connection up to 100 meters distance.

For businesses you may consider GW Security and Amcrest 16-channel NVR camera system, or for easy to deploy wireless NVR system see top 5 8-channel wifi NVR system kits.

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