Amcrest IP2M-841 vs Foscam FI9821 Wireless Home Security Camera

Amcrest IP2M-841 wireless home security camera is a full HD resolution camera with desktop model and so is Foscam FI9821. What is  the difference between the two products?

Wireless home security cameras

Home users mostly demand easy to setup products or what is commonly known as plug and play products, no complication of setup and configuration. The main advantage of wireless home security camera is no hassle of wire installation, all you need is to connect the camera to your existing wireless network wirelessly, even though you still need to connect the power cable to the camera.

In addition, building a wifi network is easier than ever before with the all-in-one wireless cable modem router combo that integrates the function of cable modem and high speed wireless router in a single device such as Nighthawk C7000 Wireless modem router combo by Netgear or the more economical price of TP-link Archer CR700 wireless cable modem combo.

In selecting wireless home security camera, some of the features listing below should be taken into account.

Features to consider

  • Easy to setup, PnP if possible
  • Support QR Code scan or P2P technology
  • High Resolution for larger and clearer image details
  • Capable of motion detection and e-mail alerts
  • Wide viewing angle
  • PTZ (panning Tilting and Zooming)
  • Night vision
  • Two way audio
  • Storage options including internal, NVR or cloud storage

Most wireless home security cameras come with features listing above in some ways. Now let’s take a look at the comparison between Amcrest and Foscam.

Amcrest IP2M-841 vs Foscam FI9821

For home security cameras are meant to allow you to stay in touch with what you love, I will discuss two of them which are popular so far – Amcrest IP2M 841 and Foscam FI9821W HD security camera system. Both are designed for indoor purposes, they do not need to be IP66 weatherproof rated like those outdoor wireless security cameras. Choose one of them which is suitable to meet your need. Both products are wireless home security cameras, easy to install and capable of viewing your video footage via your mobile devices anywhere you are remotely.

Amcrest wireless ip camera
Amcrest IP2M-841 wireless home security camera

You may also like comparison between Amcrest IP2M-841 Vs Vimtag 361 for other options instead of Foscam. Or you may also consider outdoor wireless PTZ camera by Foscam and Sumpple for much better image detail quality.

Have a look at table 1 that compares Amcrest IP2M 841 Vs Foscam FI9821W.  Some of the features are  similar or the same, and some of them might have feature differences.

Table 1 Amcrest vs Foscam

ModelAmcrest IP2M-841Foscam FI9921
ResolutionFull HD 1080p 2MP, 1080 x 1290 pixels @30 fpsHD quality 1MP, 720 x 1280 pixels Resolution @30 fps
LensFixed lens, Sony IMX322 ½.8 inch  image sensor 4.0mm f/2.2Fixed lens, ¼ inch 2.8mm, f/2.4
Field of view angle90 degree70 degree
Night visionYes, 12 IR LEDs range up to 32 ft (10m)36 IR LEDs range up to 26 ft (8m)
Remote viewYes, Amcrest view app with QR code scanYes, QR code scan
Audio2 way audio; Built-in speaker; External 3.5 mm microphone input and External 3.5 mm speaker output2 way audio Built-in microphone & speaker; External microphone input & External speaker output
StorageMicro SD card slot available, Amcrest NVR and 4 hours free cloud storageMicro SD card slot, NVR and FTP

Camera resolution

Amcrest 841 offers higher resolution with full HD (1080p) 2MP of Sony IMX322 CMOS Sensor as opposed to standard HD of 1MP 720p offered by Foscam FI9821. Naturally standard HD resolution is enough, viewable sharply in your mobile devices. Most middle class Smartphone today comes with standard display with HD (720 x 1280 pixels) resolution  or even lower than this. However, higher resolution your camera can provides the better and the larger image you can view with your Smartphone or laptop.

Foscam FI9821 HD Camera
Foscam FI9821 HD Wireless Camera

Foscam offers you various models of different resolution you can choose. Unlike Foscam 9821 that comes with 720p resolution, you may consider Foscam C2 or Foscam R2B with higher resolution of full HD (1080p).


Most home wireless security cameras are built with fixed lens, you cannot adjust the zoom manually to fit to your viewing angle. Some models of business class IP cameras come with varifocal lens so you can manually adjust the zoom to fit to your viewing angle such as  the cameras in the bundle of GW Security NVR system which the camera lenses are varifocal 2.8mm ~ 12mm. Other model offered by Foscam is Foscam FI9826 comes with varifocal lens 4mm ~ 9mm with aperture f/1.8.

See also GW Security Vs Amcrest 16-channel NVR security system which the lens of the cameras are varifocal.

Both Amcrest and Foscam use fixed lens but with different focal length. With the longer focal length, the longer distance can be compressed to be closer to the camera.

Frame rate

With higher resolution Amcrest 841 can be configured to record the video either in full HD mode (1080p) or standard HD mode (720p) in real time frame rate (@30fps). Foscam offers only standard HD mode in real time frame rate (@30fps).


Amcrest offers you better resolution, however the wifi adapter for connecting to the local wifi network is still legacy 802.11b/g standard with the speeds of up to 54Mbps as opposed to Foscam which the wifi standard is 802.11b/g/n – the faster wifi speed up to 150Mbps. The wider the bandwidth your camera can connect to the wifi network, the faster data transfer rate to the network. However, the wireless G standard with speed up to 54Mbps is fast enough even for the busiest time your camera transfer the video traffic to the network.

Make sure that your wifi network bandwidth is fast enough to accommodate all the data traffic from all devices connected to the network including the camera. Upgrade your legacy wireless G router to the latest wireless N router such as wireless N900 router (Asus RT-N66U) or even the latest wireless AC router such as wireless AC1900 router (Netgear R7000).


With Amcrest IP2M 841you have better features over the competing Foscam FI9821W knowing that:

  • Higher resolution of full HD up to 2MP high performance Sony CMOS sensor
  • Wide angle of 4 mm fixed lens f/2.2 aperture
  • Storage option including free cloud storage, NVR and internal SD Card

Those cameras are ideal solution for homes, what about your vehicles? Probably your cars require a peace of mind by adding some kind of dashboard camera front and rear view. See also most popular dash cam front and rear, affordable dash cameras for your vehicles.

Now you judge which one is the best to meet your need:

  1. The newer model is IP4M-1051 Click here for Amcrest IP4M 1051 spec details and Buy in Amazon
  2. The newer model from Foscam is R4 Click here for Foscam R4 spec details and buy in Amazon

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