Amcrest Vs Vimtag

Amcrest IP2M-841 Vs Vimtag 361

Amcrest IP2M-841 and Vimtag 361 are two popular wireless IP camera products for home, small office or any indoor surveillance system that allow you to view remotely via Android and iOS mobile devices.

Why Amcrest?

Amcrest offers various models of IP camera including Amcrest DVR/NVR for recording managing multiple cameras centrally for multiple points to cover. In addition of ability to store internally with the micro SD card in the camera (for some models), Amcrest provides free cloud service you can store your video footage for free for about 4 hours you can access from anywhere anytime you can access the internet. You can easily pinpoint the footage via intelligent timeline and ability to seamlessly play back the records with high quality images.

You have bunch of choices with Amcrest products including wired / wireless security cameras and their system, IP cameras, security DVR-NVRs, home automation and more. One of its product that I would like to compare here is the Amcrest IP2M-841 Vs Vimtag 361.

Why Vimtag?

Fujikam FI-361 wireless home security camera

Vimtag so far offers two models of IP camera which are specifically designed for home or small offices you can afford. The products are easy to install with Plug and Play feature and P2P (peer to peer) technology, no complicated system configuration. One of its product that currently becomes best seller in Amazon in home security system is the Vimtag 361. It’s a compact device easy to install with its real plug and play feature.

Amcrest Vs Vimtag

If you come to decide which one to purchase to meet your business need? To help you decide which one to buy, the following table shows you spec comparison table. See also Amcrest Vs Lorex security camera system.

Amcrest wireless ip camera


Amcrest IP2M-841 offers you higher resolution with full HD 1080p@30 frame per second while Vimtag 361 offers you up to HD 720p@25fps. Amcrest comes with Sony IMX322 Sensor which improves the performance in night panorama with its WDR (Wide dynamic range) feature. Vimtag doesn’t specify what camera sensor is used. Both camera use fixed lens which is much better quality than zoom lenses.

Both camera use wide angle lens, Amcrest with 4mm focal length and wide aperture f/2.2. Vimtag camera uses 3.6mm focal length, no spec for the aperture.

Night vision

Yes, both cameras offer night vision capability with IR LED to reach up to 32ft or up to 10 meters. The camera can send alert for any motion detection. You can control the camera remotely via Android or iOS mobile devices.


One of most important features in IP camera is the ability to store the footage so you can play back the record anytime you want. Both cameras offer the ability to view remotely for any recorded video from the internal SD Card storage. However with Amcrest you have the option to store the footage through the Amcrest DVR system as well as free 4 hours cloud storage. With cloud storage you can view the footage through an intelligent timeline on an intuitive interface you can play it back with crisp image quality.

See also 32 channel NVR system by GW and Q-See and also 16 channel security camera system with large amount of local storage.

Table 1. Amcrest IP2M-841 Vs Vimtag 361

 Amcrest IP2M-841Vimtag 361
Camera ResolutionFull-HD 1080p@30fps with Sony IMX322 SensorHD 720p@25fps
Day / Night feature


IR LED length






12IR LED up to 10m

Pan / Tilt / ZoomIntelligent remote Pan / Tilt and digital ZoomRemote Pan/Tilt and 3x digital zoom
Cloud featureAmcrestCloud service free live viewing and 4 hours storageYes accessible via, no cloud storage
Focal length4mm f/2.23.6mm
Network10/100Mbps Ethernet card


802.11b/g wireless standard –

10/100Mbps Ethernet card


Unspecified wireless standard – WPS support

Storage optionInternal SD Card


Amcrest NVR

32GB SD Card
AlertIntelligent motion alertMotion detection
CompatibilityONFIF, CGIUnspecified
AudioTwo wayTwo way

Both cameras offer wifi connectivity besides wired connection via RJ45 port with speeds of up to 10/100Mbps. Amcrest comes with 802.11b/g wifi standard, no spec for Vimtag. With WPS feature connecting the camera to your wifi network is easier than before by pressing the WPS button for secure connection.


Both cameras offer easy to use feature with capability of remote Tilting and Panning as well as digital zooming. However, with P2P technology Vimtag is easier to configure for remote viewing with mobile devices. For large area to cover with several cameras Amcrest offers much better flexibility, better video resolution and offers you storage options including SD Card, DVR and Cloud storage.

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