Amcrest IP2M-848 Premium POE Outdoor Camera

Amcrest introduces new premium model of dome POE outdoor camera – the Amcrest IP2M-848E with IP66 rated weatherproof and IK10 vandal proof. Few models of premium cameras with multiple times optical zoom for crisp and clean image detail quality.


Previously Amcrest offered couple of models of outdoor camera including Amcrest IP3M-956 3MP dome outdoor camera, Amcrest ProHD IP3M-956 and Amcrest IP3M-943 wireless outdoor camera.


What this product does

IP2M-848 is one of newly launched products including IP2M-846 that comes with multiple times optical zoom for sharp and clear image detail instead of digital zoom that typically creates noise image.

1080p resolution

Amcrest IP2M-848 is a premium outdoor dome camera designed with 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) HD resolution @ 30fps real time. You can connect to Amcrest or any ONVIF NVR system, FTP or Blue Iris to view recorded and live stream on demand. It doesn’t support local memory for local storage like those home wireless camera such as Amcrest IP3M-941 2K camera, or Amcrest UltraHD Shield camera that come with micro SD-Card slot.

With the same high resolution of 1080p, Ubiquiti offers cheaper price – the Ubiquiti UVC-G3 bullet camera which has the same 1080p resolution. However, it is designed for indoor, no optical zoom. For higher resolution, you may also consider Amcrest and Lorex 2K resolution camera, no optical zoom and are also POE outdoor. See Lorex and Amcrest 2K outdoor POE camera.

amcrest with 16x optical zoom
Amcrest IP2M-848

Remote PTZ functionality

This product is also featuring panning and tilting you can control remotely via your mobile devices with Amcrest view app. Moreover, this camera offers 16x optical zoom (instead of digital zoom) with variation of field of view angle ranging from 34.5 degree up to 116.5 degree without sacrificing image detail whatever the zoom magnifying you take, thanks to optical zoom. Optical zoom is superior over digital zoom, digital zoom typically demonstrates noise image results.

When the requirement of higher resolution camera with endless rotating wide view of angle you may consider outdoor PTZ camera such as 5MP GW Security PTZ camera, or you may also consider Sunba auto tracking PTZ camera.

Solid housing

Amcrest IP2M-848 is designed for outdoor usage even though you can deploy this camera indoor, however with the IP66 rated (weatherproof) and IK10 vandal resistant you should deploy the camera outdoor. For indoor usage Amcrest offers IP2M-846 wifi PTZ camera.


  • Premium HD 1080p Video Resolution @ 30 fps real-time.
  • Remote Pan/Tilt functionality with 4x Optical Zoom plus 16x digital zoom (No Night Vision)
  • free live viewing and 4 hours of free cloud video storage and optional Amcrest Cloud Video Recording Service is also available
  • Quick Power Over Ethernet (POE) Setup
  • Sturdy IP66 rated weatherproof housing for outdoor usage
  • IK10 Vandal resistant housing
  • Intelligent Motion Alerts, Email Alerts/Snapshots as well as Mobile and Web Apps
  • Full 1-Year US Warranty and Lifetime Support Provided Directly from Amcrest.

One of the drawbacks with this camera is the absence of night vision feature. Mostly IP cameras come with night vision support. However, in businesses when you place the camera outdoor typically the area you monitor is not completely dark such as front porch, backyard or process plant area. Those areas are typically full of lights at night, so night vision is not necessarily required.

This premium product is tagged with higher price than standard dome model camera, you can find in Amazon with the price is around $270.

To learn more detail about the product, the following spec details, current price and rating and other manufacturer’s details:

Click here for Amcrest IP2M-848

Amcrest IP2M-848 is one of best Amcrest products with premium design, HD 1080p with 4x optical zoom and IP66 rated and IK10 rated vandal resistant. Today, you may find this product is rare in the market since new product introductions with 4k resolution such as Amcrest ip8m-2454e 4k security camera

For homes, you may consider MyGV cloud mini dome camera by Geovision, Foscam R4 or Amcrest IP3M-941 wireless camera.

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