Amcrest IP2M-853E POE PTZ Camera vs Reolink vs GW Security

Amcrest introduces nice looking POE PTZ camera IP2M-853E with 12x optical zoom with reasonable price compared with other Amcrest premium product such as IP2M-850.

What this product does

Should you looking for outdoor POE PTZ camera, the outdoor camera with panning, tilting and zooming (PTZ) features capability – Amcrest IP2M-853E is the camera you require. You don’t need several cameras to cover the whole corners of the area, with one single PTZ camera you can monitor each corner of the area by controlling the PTZ features via your mobile devices local or remotely.

12x Optical zoom

Amcrest IP2M-853 features 360 degree panning and tilting up to 90 degree capabilities, moreover it features varifocal lens providing you range of field of view angle between 58 degree (wide angle) up to 5 degree (all the way zoom in). It provides you 12x optical motorized zoom ranging from wide angle @5.3mm focal length up to Tele zoom @64mm focal length.

With optical zoom you have sharp and noiseless image detail because the zoom in is done optically, it’s contrary with digital zoom where zoom in is done via software which is prone to noise result.

In addition of IP2M-853 Amcrest also introduces the wireless outdoor PTZ camera  IP2M-858W PTZ camera with 25x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom (coming soon).

1080p @ 60 fps

Surprising that Amcrest introduces outdoor POE PTZ camera with faster frame rate @60 fps when many other cameras offer at most @30 fps real time video speed. Amcrest IP2M-853 is designed with full HD 1080p resolution @ 60 fps. With video speed @ 60 fps, you have extremely smooth visual effect video.

Amcrest IP2M-853e with 12x optical zoom


  • Sony STARVIS CMOS 2MP image sensor
  • Varifocal lens 5.3 ~ 64mm with 58 degree (wide) ~ 5 degree (Tele) field of view angle
  • 12x optical motorized zoom and 16x digital zoom
  • You can view it at Full HD 1080p at 60fps
  • Night vision with 6pcs IR LED range up to 328 ft
  • 265; H.264 compression format
  • Storage micro SD card up to 128GB
  • Metal based housing with IP66 rated weatherproof
  • POE support

Amcrest IP2M-853E is one of newly launched products in 2018, and at the first release this product is tagged with reasonable price @ $289.99, much lower price compared with Amcrest IP2M-850E POE PTZ camera with 20x optical zoom.

Amcrest IP2M-853E vs Reolink vs GW Security

Now let’s have other two competing products you may consider – the new Reolink RLC-423 and GW Security GW500IP which are POE and outdoor support.

In addition of RLC423 the wired POE version, Reolink adds another wireless model RLC423W with dual band connection. See also RLC-423ws vs Foscam and GW Security.

Reolink RLC423 POE PTZ camera with 4x optical zoom

Table 1 shows you spec comparison between Amcrest ip2m-853e and Reolink RLC423 and table 2 represents Amcrest vs GW Security.


All the three cameras offer varifocal lens. Amcrest IP2M-853 varifocal lens with 12x optical motorized zoom, GW Security with 15x optical zoom and RLC-423 with 4x optical zoom. The more multiplication of optical zoom factor the more complicated the mechanical design of the camera and is typically more money to spend.

GW Security GW500IP PTZ Camera 5MP with 15x Optical Zoom


Reolink RLC423 offers 5mp resolution @20 fps, nearly twice as high resolution as Amcrest. However, Amcrest IP2M-853 offers 1080p @60 fps three times the frame rates /sec as Reolink. GW Security with 5mp @15 fps, 1536p @30fps is  the real time frame rates, this is ideal for high resolution demand @ real time speed and is 15x optical zoom.

For non PTZ camera, Amcrest offers new IP5m-1176e 5mp cameras with dome model. See Amcrest ip5m-1176 vs Hikvision and GW security.

Night vision

All the three outdoor PTZ cameras physically look similar with six IR LEDs to support night vision, however they have different range distance of IR illumination and Amcrest offers the longest IR distance up to 328 ft as opposed with only 200 ft for Reolink and GW security offers the furthest distance up to 400 ft.

The other features and spec can be shown more details by following the links at the bottom of the last table, more manufacturer’s description and current price.

Table 1 Amcrest IP2M-853E vs Reolink

ModelAmcrest IP2M-853EReolink RLC-423
LensCMOS 2MP Sony STARVIS image sensor; 5.3~64mm varifocal lens f1.6~f4.4CMOS sensor 5MP 2.7~12mm Varifocal lens f1.6
Zoom12x optical zoom; 16x digital zoom4x optical zoom
Field of view58 degree (wide) ~ 5 degree (Tele)98 degree (wide) ~ 33 degree (Tele)
Resolution1080p @60 fps5mp (3072×1728) @20 fps
Compression format  
Night vision6pcs IR LED range up to 328 ft(100m)6pcs IR LED range up to 190 ft(60m)
StorageMicro SD Card ~128GBN/A
AudioN/AAudio IN port
POEYes, DC 12v 3AYes, 802.3at 48v POE or 12v DC
Remote viewQR Code scan with Amcrest view appP2P technology
PTPanning 360 degree endless; tilting -15~90 degreePanning 360 degree endless; tilting 0~90 degree

Table 2 Amcrest IP2M-853E vs GW Security

ModelAmcrest IP2M-853EGW Security GW500IP
LensCMOS 2MP Sony STARVIS image sensor; 5.3~64mm varifocal lens f1.6~f4.4Varifocal lens 4.7 ~ 94.0 mm
Zoom12x optical zoom; 16x digital zoom15x optical motorized zoom
Field of view58 degree (wide) ~ 5 degree (Tele)Unspecified
Resolution1080p @60 fps5mp (2592×1920) @15fps; 1536p @30 fps real time
Compression format H.265; H.264
Night vision6pcs IR LED range up to 328 ft(100m)6pcs IR LED array with multiple angles, range up to 400ft (120m)
StorageMicro SD Card ~128GBN/A
POEYes, DC 12v 3APOE 48v
Remote viewQR Code scan with Amcrest view appP2P technology
PTPanning 360 degree endless; tilting -15~90 degreePanning 360 degree endless; tilting 0~90 degree; panning speed ~60 degree / s

For more in depth knowledge each of the product click the link below including current price in Amazon:

All the three POE PTZ cameras are ideal solution for homes and businesses and good for connecting to NVR system for better control. See also high resolution / high bandwidth 4k NVR camera system kit that support high end 4k security camera system such as Amcrest and Hikvision 4k security cameras and Amcrest IP8m-2493 4k cameras.

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