Amcrest IP4M-1026 vs Hikvision vs Reolink 4MP Cameras

Amcrest offers various models of high mega pixels POE outdoor camera including Pro HD 3MP IP3M-954 bullet model, Pro HD 4MP IP4M-1025 bullet model and the newer model is IP4M-1026.

For featured comparison products between Amcret and Hikvision – follow this link Amcrest vs Hikvision poe outdoor cameras.

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In the previous article, Amcrest IP4M-1026 has been discussed briefly and is compared with Foscam FI9901 to see which one is suitable for your need. In this article, Amcrest IP4M-1026 will be compared with Hikvision and Reolink 4MP bullet model cameras.

Amcrest Pro HD 4MP IP4M-1026

Amcrest has released few bullet and dome  models of IP cameras that typically differ in recording resolution, field of view angle, frame per second or night vision and its range and so on.

IP4M-1025 vs 1026

Many people wonder what is the difference between the Amcrest IP4M-1025 and IP4M-1026. Technically the apparent difference is IP4M-1026 is smoother with 1520p resolution @30 fps real time. On the other hand IP4M-1025 is only capable of delivering video recording with the same 4MP (2688x1520p) @20 fps. The field of view angle is also different, 1026E offers wider view angle (118 degree) as opposed to only 83 degree for 1025E.

Table 1 shows you spec comparison between the two models of IP4M-1025 and 1026.

Table 1 IP4M-1025E vs 1026E

Recording resolution1520p resolution @30 fps1520p resolution @20 fps
Lens2.8mm fixed lens F2.44.0 mm fixed lens F2.4
Field of view angle118 degree83 degree
Amcrest IP4M-1026 4MP camera

You can connect both models to the Amcrest 8 channel NVR system such as NV4108E that supports up to 4MP resolution cameras. See also Amcrest vs Foscam 8 channel NVR system.


  • 4MP (2688×1520) recording resolution @30 fps
  • Fixed lens 2.8mm aperture f2.4 with Sony IMX322 progressive scanning image sensor and powered by Ambarella S2Lm chipset
  • 118 degree wide field of view angle and support intelligent digital zoom
  • Support night vision with 30 IR LEDs range up to 98 ft (30m)
  • Local storage with micro SD Card, NVR, FTP and Amcrest Cloud storage with free 4 hours cloud storage and some options available
  • Motion detection with customized advanced zone and alerts
  • Remote view with free download Amcrest View Pro app

You can learn more manufacturer’s description, current price and rating, click the link below:

Click here to learn more detail Amcrest IP4M-1026

You may compare this product with any competing products from different vendors to help you decide which camera is suitable to meet your need. Which similar products are feasible to compare? The next paragraphs will discuss comparison between Amcrest, Hikvision and  Reolink poe outdoor camera which looks feasible for comparison.

Amcrest vs Hikvision vs Reolink 4MP

Have a look at table 1 that represents comparison between Amcres and Hikvision, while table 2 comparison between Amcrest and Reolink.

Hikvision 4MP camera

Recording resolution

Amcrest IP4M-1026E and Reolink RLC-411S offers the same recording resolution @30 fps, while Hikvision DS-2CD2T42WD offers maximum resolution of up to 4MP @20 fps. Resolution @30 fps is real time and is smoother than resolution @20 fps.


Reolink RLC-411S comes with varifocal lens ranging from 2.8~12mm resulting 4x optical lens and variations of field of view angle between 36(maximum 12mm focal length 12mm) ~ 100 degree (minimum focal length 2.8 mm). The good thing is that it is motorized zoom not manual zoom, so you can control the zoom by the app either local or remotely.

Amcrest with fixed lens 2.8mm results 118 degree field of view angle, wider view angle than Hikvision.

reolink rlc411s
Reolink RLC-411S

Night vision

All the three products support night vision. Amcrest and Reolink with IR LEDs are capable of illuminating infrared light up to the same 98 ft (30m) distance, while Hikvision comes with EXIR LEDs range up to 165 ft (50m).

Comparison tables

To help you understand the spec and feature differences between Amcrest, Hikvison and Reolink poe outdoor camera, the two tables below shows you spec comparison. Table 2 compares Amcrest IP4M-1026 and Hikvision DS-2CD2T2WD, while table 3 compares Amcrest IP4M-1026 and Reolink RLC-411S.

Table 2 Amcrest IP4M-1026 vs Hikvision DS-2CD2T2WD

ModelAmcrest IP4M-1026Hikvision DS-2CD2T42WD
Recording resolution4MP (2688x1520p) @30 fps4MP (2688x1520p) @20 fps; (1920×1080) or (1280×720) @25fps
LensFixed lens, Sony IMX322 Sensor 2.8mm f2.41/3” progressive scan CMOS, 4 mm f/2.0 with 83 degree angle of view
Field of view angle118 degree83 degree (4mm), 55.4 degree (6mm), 24.7 degree (12mm)
ZoomIntelligent digital zoomN/A
Night vision30 invisible IR LEDs range up to 98 ft (30m)EXIR high performance LEDs, Up to 165 ft (50m) IR range
Power ConnectionPOE12 VDC +/- 25%, PoE (802.3af Class3)
StorageFTP; NVR; and free 4 hours cloud storage; Additional 7-day, 15-day, and 30-day storage plans are available starting at $6 per monthFTP, NVR, no local storage
Remote accessQR Code scan supportDepends NVR
ONVIF compliantYesYes, ONVIF (Profile S, Profile G)
HousingIP67 weatherproofIP67 weatherproof

Table 3 Amcrest IP4M-1026 vs Reolink RLC-411S

ModelAmcrest IP4M-1026Reolink RLC-411S
Recording resolution4MP (2688x1520p) @30 fps4MP (2560x1440p) @30 fps
LensFixed lens, Sony IMX322 Sensor 2.8mm f2.41/3” progressive scan CMOS; f=2.8~12mm motorized focal length aperture f1.2
Field of view angle118 degree36~100 degree
ZoomIntelligent digital zoom4x optical zoom motorized auto iris
Night vision30 invisible IR LEDs range up to 98 ft (30m)36 pcs IR LEDs range up to 98 ft (30m)
Power ConnectionPOEDC12V PoE (802.3af) (optional)
StorageFTP; NVR; and free 4 hours cloud storage; Additional 7-day, 15-day, and 30-day storage plans are available starting at $6 per monthFTP, NVR, Embedded in 16GByte SD Card, support motion detect record
Remote accessQR Code scan supportSupports P2P
ONVIF compliantYesYes, ONVIF v2.1
HousingIP67 weatherproofIP66 weatherproof

See that Reolink with 4x optical zoom and 4MP resolution @30 fps looks promising than the other two competing products Amcrest and Hikvsion.

All the three products are designed with well-constructed housing and are weatherproof ideal for outdoor placement. To learn more manufacturer’s description, spec details, current price and rating the link below:

You follow the links and click purchase from Amazon should you consider to buy or read customer reviews.

Cheap POE Outdoor Camera

Now, should you look for cheaper product, you may consider affordable price SV3C SV-B06POE-4MP-A POE outdoor security camera. It’s made in China security outdoor camera and the price is half the price of Amcrest or Hikvision camera.

SV3C bullet model POE outdoor camera with high resolution of 4mp @25 fps.

SV3C 4mp POE Outdoor camera ~$60


  • High resolution of 4mp (2560×1440) @25 fps
  • 0 mm 1/3 inch 4mp CMOS sensor with fixed lens type
  • 70 degree View angle
  • Support H.265 compression format
  • 36pcs IR LED range up to 68 ft(20m)
  • Smart motion detection and supports cloud storage with affordable price
  • POE with 802.3af, 48V
  • IP66 waterproof


  • No audio
  • No local memory storage

You will judge which is suitable to meet your business need between amcrest and hikvision poe outdoor camera. With reasonable price you may have it a try for homes and the current rating in Amazon is excellent.

Click here to learn more details SV3C 4mp POE Camera

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