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Affordable Amcrest IP4m-1046 Color Night Vision vs Hikvision

In addition to the releasing of the Amcrest ip4m-1048e turret model camera, Amcrest also released Amcrest ip4m-1046e bullet model color night vision security camera series, as Hikvision did with its Colorvu series. This time we will discuss the comparison between the Amcrest bullet model color night vision security camera and the Hikvision DS-2CD2T47G1-L Colorvu series bullet model security camera, which one is suitable to meet your business needs.

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Amcrest vs Hikvision Color Night Vision

These two models of color night vision security cameras have few spec similarities and also few spec differences which can be presented in spec comparison table 1 below. Both provide the need for color night vision, no longer recording and viewing b / w night vision, as in general security cameras with night vision support with IR LEDs.

Amcrest ip4m-1046 color night vision security camera
Amcrest ip4m-1046 color night vision security camera

Both Amcrest and Hikvision color night vision cameras come with the same high resolution up to 4MP (2688 × 1520) @25/30 fps, realtime frame rate.


WDR and HDR have something common in a camera, namely an effort to challenge with bright light condition and dark shadow condition within the camera’s frame. There are two kinds of camera methods to overcome the two opposing conditions, namely HDR which camera efforts by software, while the WDR method is effort by hardware which is commonly specified by dB parameter between 80dB up to 140dB where the higher the dB parameter the better the camera results in challenging two extreme light conditions.

Hikvision ds-2cd2t47g1-l colorvu 4mp camera
Hikvision ds-2cd2t47g1-l colorvu 4mp camera

Amcrest ip4m-1046 bullet model color night vision security camera is designed with 140dB WDR, compare with Hikvision that comes with 120dB WDR. Both are excellent WDR for challenging the lights conditions.

Camera Lens

Amcrest complements this ip4m-1046 security camera with 2.8mm fixed lens with f /1.6 maximum aperture, there is no other focal length option except for this 2.8mm for wide angle needs. Compare that with Hikvision which offers focal length options, even though it’s not a varifocal lens type with motorized or manual optical zoom. Motorized optical zoom cameras are typically sold at more expensive price.

Note Hikvision offers a wider f / 1.0 aperture than f /1.6 offered by Amcrest. The wider aperture allows more lights getting into the image CMOS sensor; it means with the same low light condition camera with wider aperture absorbs more light for sharper image and lower noise.

White LEDs

Like the concept of an aperture that opens the diaphragm widely to ensure more light enters the image sensor, the white LEDs equipped in both Amcrest and Hikvision color night vision cameras also ensure additional light when ambient light conditions are low, allowing the camera to record in color night vision.

Amcrest is equipped with two white LEDs to support color night vision with the range up to 66ft (20m), no spec details about how much light intensity is produced by these two white LEDs. While Hikvision provide spec details about the two white LEDs provide 3000 Kelvin color temperature and range up to 98ft (30m), longer distance than Amcrest.

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Event detection

Amcrest offers a smart cloud plan that you can purchase through the Amcrest Smart Home app which allows you to enable all cloud-based security features including the IVS (intelligent Video System), people counting, heat map feature that this camera can support. Amcrest ip4m-1046ew-AI supports all cloud-based smart features, and AI means Artificial Intelligent features including face detection and face recognition, heat map, people counting and still more.

This Amcrest color night vision security camera with Smart plan enable will unlock all cloud-based features, off course by purchasing this smart plan subscription. Hikvision ds-2cd2t47g1-l also has few features of event detections including face detection, scene change detection etc.

Table 1 Amcrest vs Hikvision Color Night Vision

ModelAmcrest ip4m-1046Hikvision ds-2cd2t47g1-l
Camera lens2.8mm fixed lens f/1.62.8mm (option 4.0mm/ 6.0mm)  f/1.0
FoV113 degree horizontal109 degree (2.8mm); 94 degree (4.0mm); 57 degree (6.0mm)
Recording resolution4mp @30 fps4mp (2688 x 1520)  @25/30 fps
Spotlight2x White LEDs for color night vision range up to 66ft (20m)Warm white LEDs (3000K), up to 30m (98ft)
Audiotwo-way audio using an external speaker and microphoneN/A
StorageMicroSD Card (up to 256GB), PC or Amcrest CloudBuilt-in micro SD/SDHC/SDXC slot, up to 128 GB
IP ratedIP67 weatherproofIP67 weatherproof  and dust resistant with full metal material
Smart Event detectionSmart plan: Heat map, Artificial Intelligence (IVS) and People counting Perimeter Protection: Tripwire, Intrusion, Abandoned Object, Fast Moving, Parking Detection, Crowd Gatherin Detection, Missing Object, & Loitering Detection.Face detection, scene change detection, and smart event: Line crossing detection, intrusion detection, object removal detection, unattended baggage detection

From the table above you can find that Amcrest ip4m-1046 has richer specs and features than Hikvision, especially if you unlock the Smart plan features by subscribing to smart cloud storage.

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