Amcrest IP4M-1056EW vs Reolink vs Lorex

Amcrest IP4M-1056EW is one of newly launched high resolution 4MP POE outdoor camera with varifocal lens offered by Amcrest. How good the features are compared with Reolink RLC-422 and Lorex LNE4422 outdoor POE cameras? The reference spec comparison tables amcrest vs reolink and reolink vs lorex are presented below.

To learn more spec comparison between various models of featured products for dome, bullet, ptz and wifi cameras between Amcrest and Reolink – click this amcrest vs reolink security camera and comparisons between Reolink and Lorex – click this link reolink vs lorex ip security cameras.

Now back to Amcrest ip4m-1056ew dome model POE outdoor cemera.

Amcrest IP4M-1056EW

In addition of new Amcrest IP4M-1054EW which is designed in bullet model, IP4M-1056EW is designed with dome model. Both products are nearly similar in features with different housing model.


Amcrest IP4M-1056EW comes with varifocal motorized lens ranging from 2.7~13.50 mm focal length providing you variations of field of view angle ranging from 55~ 104 degree. instead of varifocal lens with manual adjustment, both Amcrest IP4M-1056EW and IP4M-1054EW are designed with motorized varifocal lens.


If you find that 1080p resolution is not appropriate to meet your business need, you may consider higher resolution cameras either 4MP resolution cameras or 4K resolution security cameras such as Lorex LNB8111 4K security camera. Amcrest IP4M-1056EW is designed with high resolution of 4mp (2688×1520) @20 frame per second (fps), very sharp and clear image detail.

You may like the newer model of Amcrest 4k ip8m-t2499 turret model camera, it’s a fixed lens camera.

Amcrest IP4M-1056EW 4MP outdoor camera

Most vendors offer 4mp resolution security cameras including Reolink and Lorex we’ll take two of them to compare with this Amcrest product, amcrest vs lorex and reolink vs lorex 4mp security cameras.


  • High resolution of ultra full HD 4mp (2688×1520) @20 fps
  • Varifocal lens 2.7~13.5 mm with intelligent digital zoom
  • 55~ 104 degree field of view angle with digital zoom
  • Night vision support with range up to 164 ft(50 meters)
  • POE support to reduce complication of power and data connection
  • Support local memory storage micro SD card up to 128GB
  • Free 4 hours of free storage via Amcrest Cloud, record and playback directly on Amcrest NVR and any other Onvif NVR system


  • doens’t come with audio, neither built-in microphone nor audio interface to record both video and audio

Amcrest IP4M-1056EW is tagged with the price $149.99 in Amazon, prices are fluctuated by times. To learn more details click the spec link at the end of the tables including current price or buy in Amazon.


There is a heap of security cameras in the market today, and lots are designed with high resolution of 4mp with various frame rates. Take a look at two products to compare with IP4M-1026EW – Reolink RLC-422 dome model and Lorex LNE4422 dome model.

Reolink RLC-422 4mp zoom camera

Please refer to table 1 for comparison between Amcrest and Reolink while table 2 shows you spec comparison reolink vs lorex 4mp cameras.


Both Amcrest and Reolink offer the same type of lens – motorized varifocal lens to allow you adjust the focal length on the fly as opposed with varifocal lens with manual adjustment. However, Amcrest doesn’t offer the optical zoom like Reolink RLC-422 does. Amcrest IP4M-1056EW cameras allow you customize the field of view angle ranging from 55~104 degree, while Reolink RLC-422 ranging from 36~100 degree.

Lorex LNE4422 comes with fixed lens with single 90 degree wide view angle. So reolink vs lorex is different in optical zoom feature.

See also security cameras with varifocal optical zoom, the  outdoor PTZ cameras with zoom to allow you control the zooming on the fly.

Lorex LNE4422 H265 camera


To let you record the footage you need to have a storage either in the camera with memory card or to the NVR system or even you can store to the cloud storage. Many vendors offer you cloud storage, free short period of time or longer period service plans. See also Amazon cloud camera with standard 24 hours for free and other option plans.

Unlike the other two competing products Reolink and Lorex, Amcrest IP4M-1056EW is equipped with internal storage – micro SD card up to 128GB in addition of free 4 hours cloud storage.


One thing that makes Lorex LNE4422 is superior over  the other two products is the H.265 compression technology this camera supports. This is ideal for connecting to large numbers of camera deployment on the corporate or business network to reduce network latency with efficient usage of the bandwidth as well as storage. Most high bandwidth NVR system like 4K security camera system kits support H.265 and most 4k security outdoor cameras support H.265 compression format.

Comparison table

Table 2 Amcrest IP4M-1056EW vs Reolink RLC-422

ModelAmcrest IP4M-1056EWReolink RLC-422
Lens2.7~13.5mm Sony IMX322 progressive scanning image sensor and the Ambarella S2Lm chipset1/3 inch Progressive scan CMOS 2.8~12mm @f1.2
ZoomMotorized zoom; enhanced digital zoomMotorized 4x optical lens;
Field of view angle55 degree (13.5mm) ~ 104 degree (2.7mm)36 degree (12.0 mm) ~ 100 degree (2.8 mm)
Resolution4MP  (2688 x 1520) @20 fps4MP (2560×1440) @30 fps,
Night visionYes, 30 IR LEDs range up to 164 ft. (50 meters)Yes, 24x IR LEDs range up to 65 ft (20 meters)
POEYes,Yes, 802.3af, 44V~54V
StorageMicroSD Storage (Up to 128GB) & 4 hours free cloud storage; Onvif NVRN/A; Onvif NVR system
AlertsMotion detection with advanced zone detectionMotion detection and alerts
HousingHeavy Duty Outdoor Metal Housing with IP67 WeatherproofAluminum housing with IP66 rated weatherproof

Table 2 Reolink RLC-422 vs Lorex LNE4422

Model Reolink RLC-422 Lorex LNE4422
Lens 1/3 inch Progressive scan CMOS 2.8~12mm @f1.2 1/3 inch Progressive scan CMOS 2.8 mm @f2.0 fixed lens
Zoom Motorized 4x optical lens; N/A
Field of view angle 36 degree (12.0 mm) ~ 100 degree (2.8 mm) 90 degree
Resolution 4MP (2560×1440) @30 fps, 4MP (2688×1520) @ 20fps; 2MP(1920×1080) @30 fps
Night vision Yes, 24x IR LEDs range up to 65 ft (20 meters) Yes, 850 nm IR LED range up to 150 ft (45 meters) ambient light with color night vision (CNV) and up to 90 ft(27 meters) completely dark
Compression N/A H.265 / H.264
POE Yes, 802.3af, 44V~54V Yes, 802.3at 12 V DC
Storage N/A; Onvif NVR system N/A; Onvif NVR system
Audio N/A N/A
Onvif Yes Yes
Alerts Motion detection and alerts Motion detection and alerts
Housing Aluminum housing with IP66 rated weatherproof Metal housing, aluminum body with IP66 rated weatherproof and vandal resistant
Price $119.99 $158.99

To learn more details each of the product including to see current price in Amazon, click each of the link below you can also shop in Amazon.

Amcrest and Lorex are tagged with nearly the same price and Reolink offers lower price. Now which one reolink vs lorex is suitable to meet your business need, the above two tables help you to decide reolink vs lorex.

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