Amcrest IP8M-2454E vs Lorex LNB8973 4k security camera

Amcrest IP8M-2454E 8mp as known as ultra 4k security camera, a new series of 4k security camera with bullet model. How good is this ip8m-2454 Amcrest  vs Lorex LNB8973 and GW Security Gw8555-mip 4k security camera.

See also various comparison of Amcrest vs Lorex Security cameras – featured products with dome, turret, bullet and PTZ camera models.

Amcrest ip8m-2454

Couple of models 4k security cameras introduced by Amcrest including Amcrest ip8m-2493e with dome model, and Amcrest ip8m-2496e with bullet model. Both the two models of 4k security cameras are not designed with optical zoom. While other vendors have released few models 4k cameras with optical zoom such as GW Security gw8555 with 4x optical zoom and Lorex lnb8973 4k camera with 4x optical zoom.

High resolution

Have you ever seen small picture with low image quality viewed from your large monitor? Time to change your system to support 4k resolution including your NVR system and the security camera. Amcrest introduces couples of 4k NVR system such as Amcrest NV4108E-HS (see Amcrest vs Hikvision 4k security system) that might be appropriate your business need, and Amcrest ip8m-2454 is one of the 4k security camera you can connect to the system.

Optical zoom

As mentioned above that this Amcrest ip8m-2454 is one of 4k security cameras introduced by Amcrest but this one is ready with motorized optical zoom, sharp, no noise and clear result for long distance object with zoom in.

Amcrest IP8m-2454 4k security camera ($290)


  • One of best Amcrest 4k security camera with optical zoom
  • High quality 2.8mm fixed lens CMOS image sensor and the Ambarella S3L33M chipset
  • 4x optical zoom
  • Carefully crafted fixed lens with range of 58°-110° field of view angle
  • 2x IR LEDs for night vision to illuminate up to 164ft (54m)
  • Micro SD card up to 128GB
  • Ip67 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistant with metal housing

See that the main difference compared with other two Amcrest 4k security cameras is that this product comes with 4x motorized optical zoom.

Click here to learn more detail Amcrest ip8m-2454

Amcrest vs Lorex vs GW Security

Amcrest ip8m-2454 has couples of competing products from different vendors which have the similar features including the same motorized optical zoom. You can find Lorex lnb8973 4k security camera and GW security gw8555 4k security camera have similar product as Amcrest.

Lorex LNB8973 4k security camera
Lorex LNB8973 4k security camera (~$220)

Frame rates

All the three products have the same maximum recording resolution up to 4k or 8mp (3840×2160), however the frame rates are different. Both Lorex and Amcrest have the same 15 frame per second (fps) @4k resolution. On the other hand GW Security gw8555 is faster in frame rate, 4k resolution @30 fps real time speed.

See that Amcrest vs Lorex, they record 4k resolution @15 fps, Lorex and Amcrest vs GW security is different frame rate @4k resolution.

GW Security gw8555 4k security camera (~$299)

Night vision

What makes Lorex is different compared with Amcrest and GW Security is the color night vision (CNV) technology to allow you see color in ambient light. However the system shifts to black and white when it comes to completely darkness.

All other features you can see more detail in the following two tables. Table 1 represents spec comparison table between Amcrest vs Lorex while table 2 shows you spec comparison table between Amcrest and GW Security.

Table 1 Amcrest vs Lorex

ModelAmcrest ip8m-2454Lorex lnb8973
Camera lens½.5” CMOS lens 2.8mm CMOS image sensor and the Ambarella S3L33M chipsetSony Exmor R image sensor 2.8~12.0 mm f1.8~f2.88
Zoom4x motorized optical zoom and intelligent digital zoom4x motorized Optical Zoom ; 16x Digital Zoom
Field of view 58°-110° (Tele ~ wide)39°-102° (Tele ~ wide)
Resolution4K (8-Megapixel) 3840×2160 @15 fps4K (8-Megapixel) 3840×2160 @15 fps / 2k @30 fps
Night vision2 IR LEDs range ~164 ft(54m)4x IR LEDs color night vision (CNV) range ~ 250 ft (76m)
StorageMicro SD Card ~128GB; NVR; CloudN/A
HousingIP67 weatherproof; IK10 vandal resistantIP67 weatherproof
Price (Sep 2018 in Amazon)$280.00$200.00

Table 2 Amcrest vs GW Security

ModelAmcrest ip8m-2454GW Security Gw8555-mip
Camera lens½.5” CMOS lens 2.8mm CMOS image sensor and the Ambarella S3L33M chipset3.3~12.0 mm New Starvis Technology Sony Image sensor
Zoom4x motorized optical zoom3.6x optical motorized zoom
Field of view 58°-110° (Tele ~ wide) 22°-115° (Tele ~ wide)
Resolution4K (8-Megapixel) 3840×2160 @15 fps4K (8-Megapixel) 3840×2160 @30 fps
Night vision2 IR LEDs range ~164 ft(54m)40pcs SMD LED, range up to 145 ft IR distance
StorageMicro SD Card ~128GB; NVR; CloudMicro SD Card ~128GB; NVR
HousingIP67 weatherproof; IK10 vandal resistantIP66 weatherproof
Price (Sep 2018 in Amazon)$280.00$299.00

Price listed on the tables are fluctuating by time and you can click the link below to see current price in Amazon including spec details and manufacturer’s description.

With 4k security cameras, connecting to any 4k based NVR system is a must for optimum data throughput such as connecting to 32 channel H.265 NVR system or any high bandwidth 32Ch NVR system.


Amcrest vs Lorex or Amcrest vs GW Security are nearly the same except for some features. See that GW Security gw8555 is promising knowing that the resolution is 4k @30 fps real time. For color night vision in ambient light Lorex is ideal, for camera with vandal resistant Amcrest with IK10 rated should be better for outdoor.

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