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Amcrest Ip8m-T2669 AI 4k Security Camera vs Reolink Which One is Best Value

Security camera today is getting smarter with the feature of AI-powered motion detection to reduce false alerts. Amcrest released Amcrest ip8m-t2669 and amcrest ip8m-td2685 series of 4k turret security cameras with AI-based technology. How good are they compared with similar products offered by Reolinkknowing that the prices difference between these two models are quite a lot?

Amcrest AI-powered 4k cameras

Previously, Amcrest had released couple of 4k turret security cameras including the Amcrest ip8m-t2499 with a fixed lens and also Amcrest ip8m-mt2544 with 3x optical zoom. However, these two models are not powered by AI (artificial intelligent) technology that can recognize human and vehicle detection like these new amcrest ip8m-t2669 and amcrest ip8m-td2685 series.

Amcrest ip8m-t2669 vs ip8m-td2685

Amcrest ip8m-td2685 is the newer series than the ip8m-t2669 and both cameras are turret model and are featured with ai-powered motion detection. So what is the difference between these amcrest two series? Table 1 below shows you few spec differences between the two.   

Active deterrent

The main difference between the two cameras is the active deterrent feature. Unlike amcrest ip8m-t2669, the amcrest ip8m-td2685 series come with spotlights and built-in siren as active deterrent feature.

Amcrest ip8m-t2669ew-ai
Amcrest ip8m-t2669ew-ai

When the camera detects any movement that matches the smart rule whether it is AI-based or not, the camera will trigger the spotlight to turn on and activate the siren. Both of these active spotlights and sirens become alerts that can reduce the malicious intent of intruders to your property.

Amcrest ip8m-td2685
Amcrest ip8m-td2685

See more spec details and differences between these two amcrest series.

Table 1 Amcrest ip8m-t2669 vs ip8m-td2685

Amcrest 4k AI modelAmcrest ip8m-t2669Amcrest ip8m-td2685
1/2.8″ 8 MP Progressive CMOS image sensorYesYes
2.8mm fixed lens f/1.4YesYes
4K@30fps when AI/motion detection is disabled, 4K @20fps with AI/motion detection is enabledYesYes
Minimum illumination: 0.007 Lux @F1.4YesYes
120dB True WDRYesYes
1x IR LED range up to 98ft (30m)YesYes
White LED for spotlightN/AYes
Built-in 120dB sirenN/AYes
AudioOne way audio with built-in MicrophoneTwo way with built-in Microphone /Speaker
Active deterrentNoYes, spotlight and siren
Storage options: Amcrest Cloud, FTP, NAS, MicroSD card (Up to 256GB)YesYes
AI Features: face detection, IVS (tripwire, Intrusion), Smart Motion Detection Object filteringYesYes
Amcrest Cloud, FTP, NAS, MicroSD card (Up to 256GB)YesYes
IP67 Outdoor Weatherproof with Heavy-duty metal housingYesYes

Smart features

To reduce false alerts from motion detection which is often triggered by object movements that do not need serious attention such as fallen tree leaves, pet movements such as cats, dogs or ferrets, both amcrest ip8m-t2669 and ip8m-td2685 are engineered and designed with AI technology that detect smarter feature in distinguishing human, vehicle and other objects. This AI feature can be enabled or disabled as needed. Today you can find lots of security camera products with AI feature including the new reolink rlc-820a and reolink rlc-822. Both reolink rlc-820 and rlc-822 come with the same 4k resolution and almost the same specs and features except that rlc-822 features 3x optical zoom.

See also Reolink 16 channel 4k kit vs Zosi

IVS features

Besides the AI face detection feature, both ip8m-t2669 and ip8m-td2685 are also equipped with other IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) features such as tripwire intrusion detection as perimeter protection which can provide smarter and more efficient security system than standard motion detection.

Both Amcrest series provide high resolution of up to 4k @ 30 fps real time rate, however if this AI feature is enabled, the frame rate drops to 4k @ 20 fps, a slightly lower frame rate than @ 30 fps real time as the default setting.

See also new model of 12MP security cameras offered by Reolink and Annke.

Amcrest vs Reolink AI-powered cameras

Now, let’s take the amcrest ip8m-t2669 ai-based security camera and compare it with reolink rlc-820 camera. Both models of security camera come with the same video resolution up to 4k (8.0MP), however the frame rate (fps) is different. In normal, the default is ai-based feature is enable.

Night vision

Amcrest ip8m-t2669 comes with Starlight CMOS for brighter night vision even in low light condition, or with ambient light above its minimum illumination you can find color night vision. Amcrest offers wider diaphragm (f/1.4) as opposed to Reolink which is f/2.0. With wider diaphragm lens opens the more light comes to the image sensor and faster time to capture in low light condition.

Total number of IR LEDs is different; however they demonstrate the same range of IR illumination for black and white night vision when not sufficient ambient light can be used to render color night vision. see also Hikvision colorvu vs dahua full color night vision camera and new model of Annke br-200 color night vision camera.

Reolink rlc-820a
Reolink rlc-820a


Amcrest offers true 120dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for better compensation in challenging extreme light difference between overexposed area with too light and underexposed area with too dark.

We know that if in a photo frame there are two conditions of strong light and darkness at the same time it will be difficult to get a more detailed image, the result could be too dark or too bright on the other side with less detail. For this reason, the security camera is equipped with the WDR feature which is typically using certain number of dB notation, and 120dB specifies true WDR (with mechanical and software approach) as opposed to full software approach (with less quality).

AI-based features

Both amcrest and reolink come with features in detecting human and vehicle instead of just standard motion detection to reduce false alerts. However, reolink doesn’t support tripwire like Amcrest does, and Reolink offers resolution up to 4k @25 fps with AI face and vehicle detection feature.

Please refer to the following spec comparison table for more detail differences (if any) between Amcrest ip8m-t2669-ai and Reolink rlc-820a.     

Table 2 Amcrest vs Reolink turret camera

ModelAmcrest ip8m-t2669Reolink RLC-820a
Image sensor 1/2.8” 8MP Progressive CMOS with Starlight
1/2.49″ CMOS sensor
Lens2.8mm fixed lens f/1.44.0mm fixed lens f/2.0
Field of  view angle108 degree87 degree
Resolution8MP @30 fps; 8MP @20 fps when AI is disableDefault: 3840X2160 (8.0 Megapixels) at 25 frames/sec
Minimum illumination0.007 Lux @F1.4Unspecified
WDR120dBDigital WDR
Night vision2pcs IR LEDs range up to 98ft (30m)18pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft (30m) with
IR-cut filter with auto sensing
AudioOne way audio with built-in MicrophoneOne way audio with built-in microphone
StorageMicro SD card 256GBMicro SD card slot (Max. 256GB)
Smart featureAI face detection; IVS Features: Perimeter
Protection Tripwire, Intrusion detection
Motion detection /Person detection/ Vehicle detection
Power12V DC/PoE (802.3af) with power consumption
2.6W (12V DC); 3.3W (PoE)
POE 802.3af 48v active; DC 12.0V <12W
Housing protectionIP67 weatherproof with metal housing protectionIP66 weatherproof

Amcrest ip8m-t2669ew-ai offers more advantages over Reolink rlc-820a that includes image CMOS sensor with Starlight technology for brighter night vision and lower aperture, true WDR, and IVS features, even with higher price Amcrest is very suitable for your needs at home or adding to your NVR system in the office. Click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads)

Click here to SHOP Amcrest ip8m-t2669ew-ai (#ad)

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