Amcrest ProHD 3MP Outdoor POE Camera

Amcrest ProHD IP3M-956E 3MP is one of affordable Outdoor POE Camera products ideal for homes or small businesses, easy to setup and view remotely via your mobile devices. What good it is comapred with GW Security and Foscam FI9961EP?

What this product does

Amcrest offers various models of affordable high performance security camera either for indoor or outdoor usage. Amcrest IP3M-956E ProHD is one of best Amcrest camera in high megapixels for better image detail.

High resolution

This camera offers 3MP image detail similar as 2048 x 1536 pixels, the more mega pixels the more detail and larger the image result is. This product is designed in Dome model in addition of well known Amcrest ProHD bullet model with higher mega pixels of 4MP image detail. For smaller resolution you have many option such as Foscam FI9851, halve price of Amcrest.

Cloud storage

With this camera you can view via your mobile devices, Android or iOS mobile devices or via your computers locally or you can view the video remotely via the internet. The good thing is that you can do it yourself no complication of configuration, Amcrest offers you Amcrest View App. Unlike other PTZ outdoor camera which typically comes with internal storage such as SD Card, this camera doesn’t include the internal local storage. However, Amcrest offers you free Amcrest Cloud for four hours, you need longer storage you can purchase service plans for 7/ 15/ 30 days cloud storage.

Amcrest ProHD 3MP is one of affordable outdoor POE camera, easy to setup with plug and play. You can run a single POE cable for both video data and power from camera to the ONVIF NVR system with POE switch ready unless you need to add POE injector such as 16 channel NVR system by Amcrest and GW Security. You may also consider camera with wifi connection such as wireless security system with 4 cameras, and Amcrest offers you the wireless outdoor security camera IP2M-842 too.

Amcrest ProHD 3MP Outdoor POE camera
Amcrest ProHD 3MP Outdoor POE camera

Dome model is ideal for ceiling mounting, you can place it indoor or outdoor. Amcrest IP3M-956E is IK10 vandal resistant housing and is also IP67 weatherproof.

Main features

  • High resolution of 3MP image detail
  • Fixed lens 2.8 mm Sony IMX322 image sensor
  • Night vision for distance up to 98 ft
  • Storage to NVR, FTP and Amcrest Cloud
  • Remote view via mobile devices
  • IP67 weather proof camera
  • IK10 vandal resistant housing


In the market, you have options for similar products such as the ones offered by Dahua, Hikvision and GW Security or smaller resolution from Foscam. Let’s take a look at one of the competing product offered by GW Security. the prices between the two products are not so far different. Now which one is better, which one is the best to meet your business need you need to see the comparison table as follows.


GW security offers higher resolution of 5MP camera as opposed with Amcrest which is only 3MP. Amcrest offers you fixed lens with single viewing angle, while GW Security offers you varifocal lens with variation of viewing angle you can set by adjusting the length of the focal lens. With varifocal lens you can adjust the focal lens manually to fit to your viewing angle. See also camera with varifocal lens.


Peer to peer (p2p) is a technology to reduce the complexities of setting up your router with its ddns, port forwarding and so forth, a technology that BitTorrent, Skype and many more services use this technology. GW Security supports this technology for easy remote viewing. Amcrest doesn’t ready with this P2P technology, however Amcrest has been designed with Amcrest view apps to helps you easily remote viewing with QR Code scanning.

Have a look at the following comparison table for better understanding the two products regarding the specs.

Table 1. Amcrest Vs GW Security POE Outdoor camera

ModelAmcrest IP3M-956EGW Security GW5088IP
Resolution3MP (2048x1536p) @30 fps5.0MP (2592x1920p) @15 fps or 3.0MP (2048 x 1536) & 2.0MP 1080P(1920 x 1080) @30 fps
LensSony IMX322 image sensor Fixed lens 2.8mmVarifocal lens 2.8 ~ 12 mm
FOV81 degree100 degree (2.8mm) or 68 degree (4.0mm)
ZoomIntelligent digital zoomAdjustable viewing angle manually
Night VisionYes, 30 IR LEDs range up to 98 ft (30m)Yes, 36 IR LEDs range up to 100 ft(33m)
Motion detectionYes,  with advanced zone detectionYes,
StorageAmcrest or Onvif NVR, FTP, 4 hours free Amcrest cloud storageN/A
OutdoorIP67 weatherproof, IK10 vandal resistantIP66 weatherproof
POEYesYes with optional power port

Amcrest vs Foscam

The other competing POE outdoor camera you may consider is Foscam FI9961EP, a dome model with lower resolution than Amcrset IP3M-956. Take a look at the following spec comparison table and see which one is suitable to meet your business.

table 2 Amcrest IP3M-956E vs Foscam FI9961EP

ModelAmcrest IP3M-956EFoscam FI9961EP
Resolution3MP (2048x1536p) @30 fps2.0MP (1920x1080p) @30 fps
LensSony IMX322 image sensor Fixed lens 2.8mmFixed lens 2.8mm (option 4.0mm) color CMOS image sensor
FOV81 degree100 degree (2.8mm) or 68 degree (4.0mm)
ZoomIntelligent digital zoomN/A
Night VisionYes, 30 IR LEDs range up to 98 ft (30m)Yes, two IR arrays LEDs range up to 66 ft(20m)
Motion detectionYes,  with advanced zone detectionYes,
AudioN/ATwo way audio with external interfaces
StorageAmcrest or Onvif NVR, FTP, 4 hours free Amcrest cloud storageMicro SD Card up to 64GB, Onvif NVR
OutdoorIP67 weatherproof, IK10 vandal resistantIP66 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistant

Option is Foscam FI9900 Click here to learn more Foscam FI9900

Foscam FI9961 is tagged with slightly higher price than Amcrest. See that Foscam offers more features including the availability of local memory storage and two way audio external with two available port interface.


Technically you can find that GW Security offers you better feature including higher image resolution and varifocal lens for adjustable viewing angle and easy to DIY with P2P technology. Amcrest offers you high quality Sony IMX322 image sensor, while Foscam FI9961EP offers you two way external audio and local memory storage.

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