Amcrest UltraHD Shield 2K Dual Band IP Camera

Amcrest introduces few models of HD security camera system including bullet, dome, wireless camera, PTZ camera and cube models and one of them is the IP3M-HX2 2K shield model.

Amcrest IP3M-HX2

Probably you are familiar with Amcrest IP2M-841, a wireless PTZ camera for indoor with 1080p resolution and today you can find its newer version with higher resolution of 2K – the Amcrest 2K IP3M-941 wireless PTZ camera. Or you are probably familiar with the Amcrest Shield ProHD model and today you can find the newer version with higher resolution. It is Amcrest ultra HD Shield 2K camera.

What this product does

The original model of Amcrest shield IPM-HX1 is designed with standard 960p resolution, high enough resolution for home indoor monitoring. The successor model is Amcrest IP3M-HX2 which is physically similar with the original shield model, with either black or white color.

2K resolution

IP3M-HX2  is not much different regarding the features but resolution is double, higher resolution of 2K (2304 x 1296 pixels) as opposed with the predecessor model which is only 1.3MP (1280 x 960 pixel) resolution.  Moreover, the wifi adapter in this new model is now dual band as opposed to the previous model which is still single band.

The dome model IP2M-841  wireless PTZ  camera with single band wifi is also transforming into higher resolution to Amcrest IP3M-941 dual band camera. See also comparison Amcrest IP3M-941 with Foscam R4.

Dual band wifi

With dual band wifi support, it means that you can drive the camera on the fast lane of today’s wireless ac dual band routers can provide such as Netgear Nighthawk X6 or Linksys AC5400 wireless three band routers. With dual band support, the camera can connect to the cleaner 5Ghz band instead of crowded 2.4Ghz band and is less interference so it is ideal in streaming video data.

Today, you can find few models of wireless IP camera come with dual band wifi support including New Canary Flex outdoor camera, and also bullet model Reolink 4MP wireless outdoor camera.

amcrest 2k shield camera
Amcrest IP3M-HX2 2K Shield Camera

140 degree FOV

Unlike bullet model IP cameras, Amcrest Shield camera offers 140 degree wide viewing angle as wide viewing angle as those front and rear dash cams such as  DbPower and Ottertooth front car cameras, so to allow you cover the whole room when you install the camera at the corner.

Some other features are almost as general as those wireless home HD security camera system.

As a nutshell, the following lists the highlights of this Amcrest Shield 2K camera system.


  • Fixed lens with 2K (2304 x 1296pixels) resolution @20 fps
  • Dual band wifi either @2.4Ghz or @5Ghz band
  • 140 degree wide field of viewing angle
  • Night vision with range up to 32 ft. (10m)
  • Two way audio with built-in Mic. and speaker with crystal clear audio
  • Intelligent motion detection and alerts
  • Local storage micro-SD card; Amcrest or ONVIF NVR, NAS and Blue iris
  • Free 4-hours rolling cloud storage
  • Remote view with free Amcrest view app

Amcrest IP3M-HX2 Ultra HD Shield 2K camera is tagged with the price nearly twice as much as predecessor model IPM-HX1. Few models of similar HD IP camera system you can find today in the market such as Arlo Q by Netgear, Foscam C2 full HD wireless camera, and Hikvision DS-2CD2432F 3MP camera.

Amcrest Vs Foscam C2

Take one of those wireless indoor IP cameras available in the market today – Foscam C2 one of Foscam wireless home cameras in the market. The outdoor bullet model offered by Foscam is FI9901 4MP outdoor POE camera.

The following table is a handful spec comparison table between Amcrest IP3M-HX2 and Foscam C2. Some features are different and some others are similar.

foscam c2
Foscam C2 2MP cube model camera


Both products can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or placed on the table and can fit every corner of your home. Amcrest offers recording resolution of up to 2k or 3MP (2,304 x 1296 pixels) @20 fps. On the other hand Foscam C2 offers recording resolution of up to 2MP (1920 x 1080 pixels) @ 30 fps real time. Amcrest offers higher resolution but slower frame rate, while Foscam C2 offers lower resolution with real time frame rate.


What Amcrest offers in IP3M-HX2 is the magnificent 140 degree ultra wide viewing angle, 20 degree wider viewing angle than Foscam and nearly the same wide angle as fish eye camera with 180 degree panorama view such as Geovision fish eye video camera.

Wifi supports

As discussed above, Amcrest comes with dual band wifi support to allow you connect to the cleaner 5Ghz band of dual band wireless network from today’s dual or three band wireless routers based on latest wireless ac technology. On the other hand, Foscam C2 comes with single band 2.4Ghz wifi adapter.

Have a look at the following table for more spec comparison table, some features / specs are almost the same.

Table 1 Amcrest Vs Arlo Q

ModelAmcrest IP3M-HX2Foscam C2
Resolution2K / 3MP (2304 x 1296pixels) @20 fpsFull HD 1080p 2MP (1920 x 1080 pixels) @30fps


8x digital zoom (6x digital zoom, 2x magic zoom)

Field of View angle140 degree120 degree  and
Night visionYes, range up to 32 ft.Yes,  range up to 26 ft. (8m)
AudioTwo way audio with built-in Mic. and speakerTwo way audio with built-in Mic. and speaker
Network ConnectionDual band 802.11a/b/g/n


10/100Mbps Ethernet Port

802.11b/g/n single band 2.4Ghz


10/100Mbps Ethernet Port

POE supportNoNo
StorageLocal micro-SD card; Amcrest and ONVIF NVR; NASLocal micro-SD card;
Cloud storageFree 4-hours rolling cloud storage


Option plans available

Foscam cloud service
Remote viewYes, with free Amcrest view appYes, QR Code scan
Motion detectionIntelligent motion alertYes, motion and sound alert
Price (May 2018 in Amazon)$74.99$124.99

What listed on the above table are not as detail as technical specs represented by the manufacturer. Click the following link to learn more details, and to see current price and current customer rating.

This camera is ONVIF compliant you can connect to your existing Onvif compatible NVR system such as high resolution 4K 16 channel LaView NVR system.


IP3M-HX2 is the newer model of the original Amcrest Shield model with 2K recording resolution and 140 degree wide viewing angle. The good thing is that the dual band support to allow you connect faster to your dual band wireless router in home. when you compare with Foscam C2 you can find that Amcrest features higher resolution, wider viewing angle and is dual band instead of single band.

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