Amcrest vs Foscam 8 channel NVR Security Camera System

Amcrest offers affordable price 8 channel security camera – the Amcrest NV4108 Series 8 channel NVR system. How it is compared with Foscam  FN3109?

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Amcrest NV4108 series is currently offered in various bundle with cameras either with 4 or eight cameras in Amazon or any retail shops. See also Amcrest 16 channel DVR vs Foscam and top rated IP security camera system in Amazon.

Amcrest NV4108E

There two models of Amcrest NV4108, the NV4108 and NV4108E. The Amcrest NV4108E with ‘E’ model comes with built-in 8-port POE switch so you don’t need to add POE switch for connecting POE cameras to the NVR unit. Only if your cameras are featuring POE you may add POE switch such as Amcrest ProHD IP4M-1026 bullet camera with 4MP resolution, IP2M-848 POE camera or any other Onvif compliant camera including Hikvision 4MP camera.

Moreover the NV4108E model offers higher incoming bandwidth which is 80Mbps instead of only 56Mbps in NV4108 model.

Recording and playback resolution

NV4108E supports up to 4TB storage and is an 8 channel NVR system that supports 1080p recording resolution, playback and live view 8 channel @30 fps real time with total incoming bandwidth of up to 80Mbps. It also supports

  • 8 channel 3MP recording and 4 channel playback @ 30fps
  • 8 channel 4MP recording and 4 channel playback @ 20fps
  • and 8 channel 5MP recording and 2 channel playback @ 8fps

The NV4108E-HS can support up to 6TB storage, while the non –HS can only support up to 4TB storage.

Remote view

All the connected cameras can be remotely view and configuration is quite easy with QR Code scan support, Amcrest View app is free to download using your iOS mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and all Android-based mobile devices.

Amcrest NV4108E 8 channel NVR system
Amcrest NV4108E 8 channel NVR system


  • supports 8 channel 1080p resolution IP cameras, recording and playback 8 channel @30 fps
  • built-in 8-port POE switch (for NV4108E but NV4108 doesn’t come with POE switch)
  • easy to install remote access with QR Code scan and Amcrest View app using Android or iOS based mobile devices
  • motion detection and alerts
  • local storage with SATA disk up to 4TB (standard) / up to 6TB for –HS model
  • USB backup is available
  • Custom record modes (e.g. manual, scheduled, motion detection) and record intervals (1-120min)
  • Multiple Trigger/Alarm Events: Recording, PTZ, Tour, Video Push, Email, FTP, and Buzzer

To learn more specs, manufacturer’s description and features detail including current price, click the link below you can then follow the link to read all users reviews or buy in Amazon.

Click here for Amcrest NV4108E more details

There are lots of 8 channel NVR system available in the market from different vendors including Foscam, Hikvision, Lorex, Reolin and lots more.

Comparison Amcrest vs Foscam

Now take one of popular 8 channel NVR offered by Foscam – the Foscam FN3109 HD security system. It’s not 8 channel actually but 9 channel, a little bit different with common standard 8, 16, 24, 32 channel NVR systems.

Foscam FN3109 can synchronously records video and sound (latest firmware) 9 channel @1080p resolutions @25 or @30 fps Onvif IP cameras. Have a look at the following spec and features comparison table comparing between Amcrest NV4108E and Foscam FN3109.

Foscam FN3109 9 channel NVR system
Foscam FN3109 9 channel NVR system


Amcrest NV4108E comes with built-in 8-port POE switch but NV4108 doesn’t. Both NV4108 and Foscam FN3109 don’t come with built-in POE switch, you need to add separate POE switch should you connect POE cameras.


You can perform playback action when hard disk is installed. See that Amcrest offers 8 channel high resolution @ full HD 1080p recording and playback and some options as shown. Foscam offers only 1 channel playback @1080p and 4 screen playback @960p.

Other differences are about the audio support by Amcrest and Alarm sensor input offered by Foscam.

Comparison table

Have a look at the following comparison table between Amcrest and Foscam.

Table 1 Amcrest vs Foscam

ModelAmcrest NV4108EFoscam FN3109
# Channel8 channel9 channel
Built-in POEYes, 8-port POE switchN/A
Resolution1080p resolution recording and playback and live view 8 channel @30 fps real time1080p @ 9 channel @25 fps or @30 fps; Single-screen playback and four-screen synchronous playback (@960p) are supported. When display mode is 1080P, it only supports the single-screen playback.
Data through put80MbpsUnspecified
Storage1x SATA disk up to 4TB/ 6TB (for –HS)1x SATA disk up to 4TB
Video outputVGA and HDMIVGA and HDMI up to 1080p resolution
AlarmN/A4 channel sensor inputs/1 channel alarm output
AudioAudio input: 1-ch bidirectional talk input


Audio-output: 1-ch bidirectional talk input

Record modesCustom Record Modes (e.g. Manual, Scheduled, Motion Detection) and Record Intervals (1-120min)Manual/Time Scheduled/Alarm Triggered/Motion Detect
PTZYes, POE PTZ cameraSupports Pan/Tilt/Zoom control, Optical Zoom supported
USB ports2x USB 2.0 interfaces for mouse and external storage2x USB 2.0 interfaces for mouse and external storage
Onvif supportYesYes
Price$219.99 (for E model) / $125.00 for NV3108$99.99

For flexible resolutions of camera Amcrest offers various resolution from 1080p up to 5MP camera resolution and playback. Foscam FN3109 offers resolution up to 1080p @9 channel and playback is only one screen @1080p.

Click here for Foscam FN3109 NVR system

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