Amcrest vs Foscam 8 channel NVR Security Camera System

If the image quality detail produced by the security camera offered is fourfold  greater than that of the standard 1080p security camera while the price is double, many people will re-think to double the budget to get fourfold larger image quality. This time we discuss the product offered by Amcrest 8 channel dvr security system kit compared to Foscam.

Amcrest AMDV8M8-4D

The package offered by Amcrest this time is 8-channel DVR security system with 4pcs 4k turret model analog cameras. The dvr unit offered is the 8 channel Amdv8m8 dvr unit which supports up to 4k (8mp) recording resolution. There are still 4x more BNC interface ports that you can use to connect other camera models from four different types of HD-CVI, AHD, HD-TVI and IP Cameras.

Amcrest 8 channel DVR system kit

For NVR model offered by Amcrest – the low end model is Amcrest nv4108e with built-in 8-port POE switch you can connect any POE cameras such as  Amcrest ProHD IP4M-1026 bullet camera with 4MP resolution, IP2M-848 POE camera or any other Onvif compliant camera including Hikvision 4MP camera.

Long distance transmission

Amcrest Amdv8m8 is a dvr unit (digital video recorder) model. The advantage of dvr unit is the use of coaxial cable that you can run from the camera to the recorder unit for up to 500m (1,600 ft) long distance transmission, ideal for large homes with backyard and garden.

Installation of coaxial cable to the BNC interface connector must be sturdy and neat so that the ground cable and data cable in the future do not get short circuit, resulting in the malfunction of the camera connection to the recorder unit. Usually included in the purchase is already installed BNC connector with coaxial cable with a certain length, but if you want a customize length of cable you need to make your own as needed.

Compare this to the nvr unit offered by Foscam which uses UTP cables that allows you to run only up to 100m (300ft) long.

Foscam 8 channel nvr kit with 4pcs fi9900
Foscam 8 channel nvr kit with 4pcs fi9900

If the existing cable from the factory is not long enough then you also need to make your own according to the required length and there is a special tool that is used (crimping tool) to make the connection of the RJ45 connector and UTP cable. This job is more complicated than making BNC cable connections.


In this bundle Amcrest comes with 4pcs 4k @15fps turret model camera with long distance IR LED up to 164ft (50m) with 2pcs of high power Infrared LED. Compared with Foscam that comes with FI9900 bullet model camera with 1080p @30 fps and 30pcs IR LEDs just give you up to 65ft distance (20m).

See that Amcrest Amc4kdm28 is a turret model camera which is typically featuring longer distance night vision. And the good thing is that the resolution if fourfold as high as 1080p offered by Foscam, however Foscam offers twice higher speed of frame rate @30 fps.


The requirement of recording video as well as the audio is frequently exists that can be used as evidence of video that includes the audio recordings. Amcrest Amc4kdm28 comes with a built-in microphone for one-way audio. On the other hand Foscam fi9900 comes with two-way audio communication but only provides two interface ports for audio In / Out not built-in microphone and speaker, you have to add separate microphone and speaker for two-way communication.

Take a look at the following spec comparison tables, table 1 shows you spec comparison between Amcrest Amdv8m8 8 channel dvr security system and Foscam Fn7108 8 channel nvr security system. While table 2 shows you spec comparison between Amcrest Amc4kdm28 analog cameras and Foscam FI9900E 1080p bullet POE camera.

Table 1 Amcrest vs Foscam dvr/nvr  

Recorder modelAmcrest Amdv8m8Foscam fn7108e
Resolution Up to 1080p (2MP)
#Channel8 channel with 8-port BNC interface8 channel with 8-port POE switch
Compression FormatH.265H.264
StoragePreinstalled 2TB, up to 10TBPreinstalled 2TB, up to 4TB
Playback1/4/9 channel synchronous playback4 channel 1080P synchronous video playback
USB2 USB Ports (1 USB 2.0,1 USB 3.0)One USB2.0/one USB3.0 interface for mouse and external storage
Video outputVGA up to 1080p HDMI up to 4kVGA and HD-out
Price$499.99 (+ 4pcs 4k cameras)$249.99 (+4pcs 1080p cameras)

Table 2 Amcrest vs Foscam Camera

Camera modelAmcrest Amc4kdm28Foscam FI9900E
Resolution4k @15fps1080p @30 fps
Lens2.8mm fixed lens2.8mm fixed lens
View angle110 degree106 degree
Night vision2 powerful IR LEDs range up to 164ft30 IR LEDs range up to 65ft (20m)
AudioBuilt-in MicrophoneTwo way audio with In/Out interface
Transmission  mediaCoaxial cable with bnc connection up to 2.296ft (700m)UTP Cat5e cable up to 100m (300ft)
Power12VPower adapter: 12V/1A

to learn more spec details and current price, click the following product link to learn mode detail and shop in Amazon (#ads).


With Amcrest bundle you get Amcrest Amdv8m8 4k 8 channel dvr security camera system with preinstalled 2TB hard disk and 4pcs Amcrest Amc4kdm28 4k @15fps turret model cameras with long range night vision up to 165ft. And this bundle is tagged with the price $499.99.

With Foscam bundle you get half the price offered by Amcrest, but the camera resolution is 1080p (2MP) @30 fps, compared with Amcrest 4k (8mp) @15 fps and shorter distance of night vision up to 65 ft only. This Foscam bundle is tagged around $249.99, half the price offered by Amcrest.

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