Amcrest Vs Hikvision 16 Channel Surveillance System

Amcrest and Hikvision are two popular security surveillance vendors with various models of camera, DVR and NVR products. Which of the following two 16 channel surveillance system products is suitable to meet your small business, Amcrest or Hikvision 16 channel HD DVR?

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For comparison between Amcrest and Hikvision POE Outdoor camera click this link Amcrest vs Hikvision 4MP outdoor camera.

For comparison between Hikvision and Amcrest 16 channel NVR system kit click here Hikvision vs Amcrest 16-Ch security camera system kit.

16 Channel System

16 channel surveillance system is typically deployed for small to medium businesses, a surveillance system that allows you to connect up to 16 cameras. For large businesses that require more cameras to connect, you may consider 32 channel surveillance system such as offered by GW Security and USG. See also  32 channel H.265 NVR system, and best 32 channel NVR system.

4 channel for homes

16 channel system for homes is too much, even for large homes. For homes, a 4x channel system is appropriate. You can install two cameras outdoor and two cameras indoor with wireless connection for easy installation. It means that you should choose DVR system with 4 camera with wifi connection. For those reasons, choose surveillance system with wireless cameras that supports outdoor placement, camera that is weatherproof (IP66 or IP67 rated) such as Arlo outdoor camera system. Arlo is a wire free system, the camera is powered by battery so no clutter of data and power cable you need to run. Learn more about 4 channel Arlo outdoor here.

Amcrest Vs Hikvision

Lots of model of 16-channel HD DVR or NVR system you can find in the market including those offered by GW Security, LaView, Amcrest, Hikvision and lots more. See also 16 Channel GW Security and LaView. Now let’s take two models of 16-channel system offered by Amcrest and Hikvision.

Amcrest offers most popular affordable surveillance kits using 960H 16-Channel DVR with the included bullet or dome analog cameras. On the other hand, Hikvision offers DS-7600 series including DS-7616NI-E2/8P model.

Amcrest 960H 16 Channel DVR

Take a look at the following comparison table that compares 960-H 16 channel DVR and Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2/8P.

Camera supported

Amcrest in this model is DVR with BNC connection that can connect to analog camera with coaxial cable. Amcrest 960H supports analog cameras with resolution up to 800+TVL. The good thing with analog camera is that you can run coaxial cable from camera to the DVR unit as long as 980 ft. Amcrest sells this DVR 16 channel surveillance system bundled with various analog cameras, see also Amcrest Vs GW Security 16 channel security system.

Hikvision 16 channel NVR system

Unlike Amcrest with DVR system, Hikvision is NVR model with built-in 8x POE ports. You can run IP cameras with POE support using CAT5e or CAT6 UTP cable to the NVR system as long as up to 300 ft. You can connect IP cameras with recording resolution up to 5MP cameras. Hikvision offers various models of Dome or Bullet model camera with resolution ranging from 1.0MP up to 5MP camera or higher resolution camera. see also Amcrest vs Hikvision 4MP bullet cameras.

Please note that analog cameras decode the video analog in DVR system, while IP camera decodes all the video decoding in the camera. No wonder that IP camera is typically more expensive than analog camera.


Analog cameras connects using coaxial cable and you need to provide power outlet at where each camera is located, while cameras with POE support you only need to run a single UTP network cable (CAT5e or CAT6) for both video data and power cable. This is the good thing with NVR system and IP camera with POE support, simple plug and play installation.

Remote viewing

Analog cameras with BNC connection cannot connect to the internet network directly but via DVR system with Ethernet port. DVR system today is ready with internet connection and some models are ready with QR code scan and P2P (peer to peer) technology for easy remote viewing. Both Amcrest and Hikvision come with free software and mobile apps for easy remote viewing.

Table 1. Amcrest Vs Hikvision

 Amcrest 960H 16 Channel HD DVRHikvision DS-7616NI-E2/8P
Model16 channel DVR 960H16 channel NVR up
Camera supportedUp to 16x high resolution 800+ TVL16x up  to 6MP IP camera resolution recorded
AudioTwo way audio 1-ch RCATwo way audio 1-ch RCA
BandwidthUnspecifiedIncoming bandwidth:160Mbps


Outgoing bandwidth:80Mbps

Remote viewingYes, QR Code scan for easy remote access via Android and iOS with free Amcrest Link appsYes, with free software and mobile apps
StoragePre-installed 1TB – expanded up to 3TB to allow you store up to 6 days with highest resolutionSATA:2 SATA interfaces for 2 HDDs


Capacity: Up to 6TB capacity for each HDD

Connection16x BNC type interface with coaxial cable up to 980 ft8x POE Switch – connect using UTP Cat5e or Cat6 up to 300 ft (100 m)
VGA & HDMI outputYesYes

The main difference is the system each of the 16 channel surveillance system is based on, Amcrest 960H is based on DVR system while Hikvision is based on NVR system.

For large businesses with existing computer network infrastructure, deploying NVR system is a better solution compared with DVR system which is based on BNC connection and coaxial cable. You may also consider Amcrest and Reolink 16 channel system, better solution for Amcrest AHD system.

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