Amcrest Vs Hikvision 16 Channel Surveillance System

Many security camera engineers prefer the turret camera model because the turret camera is designed with a longer distance IR range than a standard camera. So for your business needs that require long distance night vision you can consider Amcrest 16 channel 4k turret camera kit.

The following is a 16-channel surveillance system bundle offered by Amcrest that comes with 8pcs 4k turret cameras; we will compare it with the 16 channel NVR system offered by Hikvision, not in one package but only Hikvision 16 channel 7616 series system and we take one of the Hikvision cameras with turret model too.

Amcrest NV4116E IP8M-T2499EW8-3TB

For small and medium scale businesses the need for 16 camera channels is sufficient, and Amcrest NV4116E is one of the 16 channel NVR systems released by Amcrest with recording resolution up to 4k with maximum data throughput up to 80Mbps, ideal for accommodating up to 16 cameras up to 4k resolution as in this package Amcrest offers ip8m-t2499 turret 4k security cameras.

Amcrest NV4116E IP8M-T2499EW8-3TB
Amcrest NV4116E IP8M-T2499EW8-3TB

What this bundle does

  • 16 channel Amcrest NV4116E-HS with H.265 support to help you save storage up to70% compared with H.264 format
  • Built-in 8-port POE switch, you need to add separate 8-port POE switch should you use all 16 ports for POE cameras
  • Record up to 8MP full 16 channel with incoming bandwidth up to 80Mbps
  • Preinstalled 3TB Hard disk, maximum 6TB hard disk; 1x SATA III port up to 6TB each HDD
  • Comes with 8pcs turret model 4k POE outdoor security camera (Amcrest ip8m-t2499) @15fps
  • 2.8mm fixed lens, 112 degree field of view angle
  • Night vision with 1 IR LED range up to 164ft and 120dB WDR
  • Manual panning rotation up to 360 degree and 78 degree tilt
  • One way audio with built-in microphone; micro SD Card up to 128GB for local storage  
  • IP67 weatherproof


  • Built-in with Only 8-port POE switch, typically 16-port POE switch
  • Camera resolution is 8MP @15 fps, and up to 3MP @30 fps real time speed

These are some of the main specs of NVR system (NV4116) and Amcrest ip8m-t2499 4k turret security camera offered in the 16 channel surveillance system kit and this bundle is offered at a price of around $ 950. Click the link below to see NVR and camera spec details and current prices and a link to shop products for Amazon.

Click here to SHOP Amcrest 16 channel surveillance system kit

Amcrest vs Hikvision 16 Channel Kit

Now we take one of popular 16 channel surveillance system offered by Hikvision (Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2/8P) as a comparison product for Amcrest. Take a look at the following table 1 that shows you main spec comparison between Amcrest and Hikvision.

Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2/8P 16 channel NVR system
Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2/8P 16 channel NVR system

What you find here is the main differences are the maximum recording resolution and incoming bandwidth. Hikvision 7716 series offers resolution up to 12MP, while Amcrest only up to 8MP. Both 16 channel surveillance system allow you connect 4k resolution cameras which are today is emerging from any vendors.   

The other thing is the built-in POE switch, 8-port POE switch available on Amcrest while Hikvision comes with 16-port so you don’t need to purchase separate POE switch should require full 16 channel POE cameras.

And maximum hard disk storage capacity is also different; Hikvision 7716NI series offers twice as large maximum capacity as Amcrest NV416.    

Table 1 Amcrest vs Hikvision 16 channel

NVR ModelAmcrest NV4116Hikvision DS-7716NI-14/16P
Recording resolutionUp to 8MPUp to 12MP
Incoming bandwidth  80Mbps160Mbps
Compression formatH.265H.265+
Built-in POE switch8-port16-port
Storage1x SATA interface up to 6TB each disk (Max. 12TB)2x SATA interface – up to 6TB each disk (Max. 24TB)

Both 16 channel nvr systems above are Onvif compliant, you may connect any other third party Onvif compliant cameras such as Sunba or GW Security auto tracking ptz cameras, or any bullet models cameras such as Lorex and Amcrest 2k outdoor poe cameras

See also various models of Hikvision and Lorex POE cameras comparison.

Amcrest vs Hikvision turret cameras

We do not take Hikvision in a surveillance system kit to match the similarity of the package offered by Amcrest. However, to make a sharp difference between the two camera models offered by Amcrest 4k turret we will take the Hikvision Colorvu series camera namely Hikvision ds-2cd2347.

Amcrest ip8m-t2499 turret 4k camera
Amcret Turret model IP8M-t2499ew 4k camera

Take a look at the following table 2 representing main spec comparison between Amcrest ip8m-t2499 4k turret camera and Hikvision Colorvu model. You can find that the main differences are recording resolution and color night vision.

Amcrest ip8m-t2499 provides you maximum recording resolution up to 8MP @15 fps, or you can get the full real time speed @3MP. While Hikvision colorvu provides you maximum recording resolution up to 4MP @30 fps full realtime speed.

Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-LU Colorvu camera
Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-LU Colorvu camera

And the best thing with what Colorvu offers is Color Night vision even in low light condition with minimum illumination 0.0014Lux and maximum super wide aperture f/1.0,   

Table 2 Amcrest vs Hikvision turret camera

Camera modelAmcrest ip8m-t2499Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-LU
Recording resolution4k (3840 x 2160) @15 fps, 3MP @30 fps4MP (2688 x 1520) @30 fps
Field of view angle112 degree (2.8mm lens)109 degree (2.8mm) f/1.0
Night vision1x IR LED, range up to 164ftWhite Light Range: Warm white LEDs (3000K), up to 30m for color night vision with Min. Illumination: 0.0014 @ (F1.0, AGC ON)
AudioOne way with built-in microphoneOptional built-in microphone
Price / each unit$109.00$170.00

The main strength of the Hikvision ColorVu series is color night vision capability, full color all day even in the lowest light conditions. Compare with Amcrest ip8m-t2499 and also most cameras with night vision features generally provide black and white night vision.

Click the product link below to learn more spec details and link to SHOP in Amazon.

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