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Amcrest Vs Hikvision 4MP POE Outdoor Camera

Amcrest introduced IP4M-1025SE POE Outdoor camera, it’s a high resolution 4MP bullet model camera and is IP67 weatherproof. Hikvision on the other hand offers various models of outdoor POE camera including DS-2CD2042WD-I. How good is Amcrest outdoor POE camera compared with Hikvision?

In this article:

  • Amcrest IP4M-1025 bullet model camera
  • Amcrest Vs Hikvision 4MP camaera
  • Comparison table Amcrest vs Hikvision

For comparison between DVR/NVR system, click here for Comparison 16 channel Amcrest vs Hikvision system.

Amcrest IP4M-1025SE

IP4M-1025SE is one of best outdoor security cameras offered by Amcrest with high resolution of 4MP bullet model, the other model is IP3M-954E bullet model with high resolution of up to 3MP, slightly lower resolution than the first one. Both models are outdoor camera that feature IP67 rated waterproof. Amcrest’s indoor model is also popular with its IP2M-841 dome model which still becomes competing product compared with newer models from different vendors. See also comparison between Vimtag P1 premium with IP2M-841.

The wifi version’s camera for homes (IP2M-842) that Amcrest introduces to the market so far has been getting more popular, comes with resolution of 1080p bullet model. You may like to see Amcrest IP2M-842 wireless outdoor security camera vs others.

Unlike IP2M-842 which is designed with wifi connection, IP4M-1025 is designed with wired connection with POE supports. With POE you know that you just run a single CAT5e or CAT6 network cable for both power and video data cables to the network or to the NVR with POE support, or you require a POE power injector if there is no POE switch available. The camera is made from high quality Sony IMX322 image sensor with fixed lens. With fixed lens you cannot adjust the viewing angle, it is a wide angle camera with 83 degree viewing angle. Should you require adjustable viewing angle you may consider camera with varifocal lens to meet your business need. See also various models of 5MP varifocal lens camera.

Amcrest IP4M-1025 POE outdoor camera is tagged with affordable price around $170, ideal solution for homes or small businesses and is easy to setup with DIY plug and play QR Code scan feature.

Main features

  • High resolution of 4 MP(2688 TVL) high quality image detail
  • Sony IMX322 image Sensor, wide angle of 83 degree viewing angle
  • POE supports for single network cable to accommodate both video data and power
  • Night vision distance up to 164 ft
  • Easy to setup and configure with Amcrest View app
  • Available free 4 hours Cloud recording for live playback, Amcrest NVR and other ONVIF NVR
  • IP67 weatherproof camera
amcrest poe outdoor camera
Amcrest IP4M-1025 poe outdoor camera

So far this camera receives high customer rating in Amazon. Note that you might not find it in stores today, it is replaced by the better model – Amcrest ip4m-1026e.

Click here for more spec details and buy Amcrest IP4M-1026e in Amazon

Amcrest IP4M-1026 4MP camera
Amcrest IP4M-1026 4MP camera (~$100)

Comparison Amcrest Vs Hikvision

You always have choices with bunch of various models and from different vendors you may consider such as Hikvision which is also popular with its affordable products. One of Hikvision’s POE outdoor cameras is DS-2CD2042WD which resolution is similar with Amcrest IP4M-1025 series. And the good thing is that this product is around $50 cheaper than Amcrest. Have a look at the following comparison table which one is technically the best outdoor security camera in this segment, the bullet 4MP resolution.

hikvision outdoor poe camera
Hikvision 2CD2042 POE outdoor camera


There is not significant differences between Amcrest and Hikvision regarding the lens. However, Amcrest comes with high quality Sony IMX322 image sensor with wide angle lens of 2.8 mm fixed lens while Hikvision uses longer focal length of 4 mm and wider diaphragm of f/2.0. both lenses provide the same 83 degree angle of view.


Both POE outdoor camera products do not come with internal or local storage such as SD Card, however you can stream video data to NVR or FTP. Amcrest offers you optional cloud recording, you may try free 4 hours video storage you can access anywhere from the net using your mobile devices (Android, iOS) or Windows or Mac computers. So far, Hikvision doesn’t offer cloud storage.

You may also consider PTZ models of IP camera which mostly comes with local / internal storage typically uses SD Card memory, such as Sumpple, Sunba or GW Security auto tracking PTZ camera. See best PTZ camera with POE.  You may also consider affordable wireless PTZ outdoor cameras.

Remote viewing

Amcrest has been ready with easy DIY remote viewing without complicated setup and configuration, QR code scan feature is ready you can use your mobile devices to remote access the camera easily. On the other hand, with Hikvision you need to manually configure your NVR where your Hikvision camera connect to for port forwarding, DDNS setting and other manual setting and configuration. This is the drawback of this camera compared with Amcrest regarding the remote view capability.

Except that if you can connect the camera to the NVR that features P2P technology or at least the QR Code scanning feature such as GW Security 8 channel or 16 channel and mostly all GW Security NVR system supports P2P and QR code scan technology for seamless remote viewing via your Android or iOS mobile devices. see also 16 channel GW Security NVR system, and also high performance H.265 32 channel NVR system.

See more information in the following comparison table for better understand the differences between the two products (if any).

Table 1 Amcrest IP4M-1025 Vs Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD

 Amcrest IP4M-1025Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD
LensSony IMX322 image Sensor, 83 degree angle of view and 2.8 mm fixed lens f/2.4 maximum aperture1/3” progressive scan CMOS, 4 mm f/2.0 with 83 degree angle of view
Resolution4MP (2688 TVL) – 2272 x 1704 resolution @30 fps on your mobile devices4MP (2688 x 1520 pixels)
Night visionYes, distance up to 164 ft (58 m)Yes, distance up to 90 ft (30 m)
Weather-proofIP67 ratedIP67 rated
Video compressionN/AH.264 / MJPEG
POEYesYes, and power supply DC12v (not included)
StorageStorage to NVR, FTP server, local PC or Amcrest CloudStorage to NVR, no cloud services
Remote viewingYes, supports Android, iOS, Sybian mobile system, Windows and MacDepends on NVR

For more information and is better to see how users experience with each of the products including the rating. Please note that Amcrest ip4m-1025 is beginning to replaced with better model IP4m-1026e.


Amcrest IP4M-1025 POE outdoor camera is more flavor than Hikvision particularly when you don’t require a local NVR system, you can access the camera remotely without complicated setup and configuration. This is one of best outdoor security camera products in the market you may consider to purchase. And the recent model / replacement is Amcrest ip4m-1026e.

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