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Amcrest Vs Lorex Security Cameras Which One Gives You Better Value

amcrest vs lorex camera

Amcrest has become a big brand in security cameras, and the products released are no less competitive with similar products from Lorex. Lorex has a big name in security camera after being acquired by Dahua the giant security camera from China. How good is amcrest camera compared to Lorex?

Amcrest vs Lorex

Both Amcrest and Lorex provide a variety of security camera products either for home security system needs ranging from doorbell cameras, indoor wifi home cameras, and outdoor floodlight cameras to office or industrial business needs including security camera kits, recording units (DVR /NVR) and appropriate add-on cameras.

What types of Amcrest vs Lorex security camera models to discuss in this article?

  • Fixed lens Spotlights Cameras
  • Varifocal lens add-on camera
  • 8 channel security camera kits

We will start by comparing home wifi cameras which generally can work stand alone without connecting to recorder unit or base station. 

1. Amcrest vs Lorex Spotlight cameras

Let me take two of newly launched products by each of amcrest and lorex with fixed-lens category and come with spotlights illuminator for active deterrent together with the siren. Amcrest IP8M-TD2685EW-AI is one of spotlight cameras offered by Amcrest with fixed-lens. We’ll compare it with newly launched lorex W881AAD-E.

Video recording

Both of these two products are 4k resolution cameras with slightly frame rate (fps) different. With amcrest, the fps can go up to 30fps @4k resolutions when you disable the AI function, unless it can go up to @20 fps when the AI function is enabled. This makes sense since with AI enabled, the more processing complexity will take, and AI enabled is the default setting.  

Amcrest IP8M-TD2685EW-AI

When you compare it with lorex w881aad-e, you can go only up to 4k @15fps, you don’t need to enable or disable AI feature since this camera comes with AI-like features with its smart motion detection plus that differs human, vehicle, animal, and package detections.

The faster the frame rate (fps) the smoother the video performance. Amcrest with either AI enabled or disabled delivers slightly faster frame rate than lorex.


Both of amcrest and lorex spotlight cameras here feature color night vision in ambient light, in low light condition you can force the camera to render color night vision. You need to disable auto switch day / night to turn off the IR LEDs and force the camera to use the ambient light to render color night vision. However, when the light condition is down below the minimum illumination, which is darkness no light, the camera will switch to use IR LEDs and recording black and white night vision.

Lorex W881AAD-E

Lorex w881aad-e adds another smart security colorful lighting you can customize the color for different motion detection, human, vehicle, animal or package detection. You can customize the lighting by selecting color from million of color palette for each of specific motion detection.    

For example you can pre-set red color to deter unwelcome intruders together with the siren you can trigger manually or automatically.   


Both of these two camera models can work stand alone or you may connect to compliant nvr system, the same vendor nvr would be better for optimal compatibility. For example you may connect lorex w881aad-e to lorex fusion nvr system that allows you combine both wired and wifi cameras and other fusion collection products including other smart home security products to the same lorex fusion nvr. See also lorex fusion kit vs reolink.

The good thing with this lorex w881aad-e is that it is ready to support latest dual band wifi 6 network such as netgear orbi rbk860 series or deco x90 series which both are ax6000 wifi 6 routers with 802.11 ax standards.

In contrast to lorex with wifi 6 connectivity, amcrest ip8m-td2685ew-ai comes with ethernet POE port to allow you connect to the network using UTP cable with poe injector that also function as power connection.   

Smart features

Both lorex and amcrest cameras here support smart motion detection, not just standard one. They can differentiate motions of human, vehicle. Lorex can also differentiate animal and package instead of just human and vehicle detections.

However, amcrest ip8m-td2685ew-ai features more variety smart detection features including video detection, audio detection, face detection, IVS, and smart detection. Note that face detection feature can work together with IVS in the same time. You have lots of options you can enable / disable in these smart features.

Take a look at the following spec and features comparison table between amcrest and lores cameras.

Table 1 Amcrest vs Lorex active deterrent cameras

Spotlight CameraAmcrest IP8M-TD2685EW-AILorex W881AAD-E
Image sensor1/2.8″ 8 MP Progressive CMOS1/2.8″ CMOS Sensor 8MP
Minimum illumination0.007 Lux@F1.4Minimum Color Illumination 0 Lux f/1.6
LensFixed lens 2.8mm f/1.4Fixed lens 2.8mm f/1.6
View angleH: 107°, V: 55°, D: 127°140 degree 
Video resolution8MP @(1–20 fps by default) / 8MP @(1–25/30 fps when AI function is disabled)4k (3840 x 2160) @15 fps
WDR120 dBNo
Spotlights1 White Light LED (Deterrent)2pcs spotlight and customizable
color light Smart Security Lighting
Siren110 dB built-in sirenBuilt-in 110dB siren
Night Vision1x IR LED IR Distance 98.4ft (30m) IR On/Off Control: Auto/ManualYes, IR LEDs 855nm / range up to
32ft (10m) Color night vision with ambient lighting and spotlight booster  
AudioTwo way audio with built-in speaker microphoneTwo way audio with microphone
and speaker
ConnectivityWired POEdual band wifi 802.11.b/g/n/ac/ax
Power12V DC/PoE (802.3af)6.6W: Max Voltage 12 VDC
StorageAmcrest Cloud, FTP, NAS, MicroSD card (Up to 256GB)32 GB MicroSD Capacity Up to 256 GB MicroSD , Lorex fusion nvr
Outdoor protectionIP67 with metal casingIP65 weatherproof
Smart featuresAI Features: Face Detection IVS: Tripwire/Intrusion  Smart Motion Detection (Human/vehicle filtering)Smart Motion Detection Plus
(person, vehicle, face + animal and package detection)
DimensionΦ4.8” x 4.4” (Φ122mm x 110.9mm)3.44 in × 3.07 in × 3.07 in (87 mm x
78 mm × 78 mm)
Weight1.7lbs.0.9lbs / 0.41kg

The prices difference is not too much. Amcrest with full smart features is tagged with around $30 lower price than lorex. Click the link product’s link below to learn more details in Amazon (#ads). You may also compare with the prices offered by Best Buy.

Now, we shift to varifocal lens add-on security cameras.

2. Varifocal lens add-on cams

The security camera model with a varifocal motorized lens allows you to zoom in/out remotely through your camera software. Unlike a camera with manual varifocal lens which you can adjust the zoom / the view angle manually, you cannot adjust the zoom in / out remotely via the app.

Have a look at the following spec comparison table 2 that represents varifocal lens comparison between Amcrest ip8m-vt2879ew-ai and Lorex Lne9292. Both of these two camera models come with varifocal lens with motorized zoom you can control remotely via your mobile device while you are on the go.

Amcrest ip8m-vt2879

4k @15 fps

Unlike Lorex Lne9292, Amcrest only provides frame rates up to 15fps @4k resolution. See that provides twice as fast fps as Amcrest @4k resolution. However, Lorex is not equipped with 120dB true WDR feature to challenge two extreme bright and dark lighting conditions, except for software-based HDR.

Local memory storage

Amcrest ip8m-vt2879ew-ai comes with available memory SD Card slot you can insert up to 256GB memory capacity. You can either use this camera alone and controlled by using Amcrest pro app or Blue Irish pro software or connect to compliant Onvif NVR system. you can store all the video footage and other snapshot alerts in the local memory storage if you don’t connect it to the NVR unit.

Lorex lne9292 turret camera

With Lne9292 you cannot store data to local memory storage on the camera, but you can use the compliant NVR system. see more detail on the following spec comparison table below.

Table 2. Amcrest vs Lorex Varifocal lens cameras

Varifocal lens cameraAmcrest ip8m-vt2879ew-aiLorex Lne9292
Image sensor1/2.8″ 8MPCMOS Starlight technology4K (8MP) 1/2.8″ CMOS
LensVarifocal Lens 2.7mm ~ 13.5mmMotorized Varifocal lens 2.7mm to 13.5mm F1.5
Zoom5x optical motorized zoom4x optical motorized zoom
View angleH: 113 degree ~ 36 degree/ V: 58 degree ~ 17 degree/
D: 138 degree ~ 36 degree
H: 113 degree ~ 31 degree
WDR 120dBHDR (high dynamic range)
Minimum illuminationUnspecifiedUnspecified
Resolution4K (8-Megapixel / 3840×2160) resolution  4K @15fps.Up to 4K (8MP) @30fps
Night vision2pcs IR LEDs range up to 131.2ft (45m)Color night vision with ambient light; Night vision with IR LEDs range up to 150ft (46m)
AudioOne way audio in with built-in MicrophoneOne way audio in with built-in Microphone
StorageMicro SD Card up to 256GB, NVR, Cloud, NASN/A
PowerPOEPoE Class -802.3af /12V DC
Housing protectionIP67 weatherproof with heavy duty metal housing
IP67 weatherproof with metal aluminum alloy housing
Smart features Face detection; Perimeter protection, tripwire and
intrusion with built-in IVS features Smart motion detection by enabling human and vehicle detection 
Face detection, human and vehicle detection

Now, you judge which one is suitable to meet your business. Click the link below to read more detail and see the current price in Amazon (#ads).

The following paragraphs will discuss the 8 / 16 channel security camera system kits between the two vendors.

4. 8 / 16 Channel camera system

For small offices or homes with up to 4 monitoring zones, both Amcrest and Lorex offer various models of 8 channels NVR system kits with 4pcs of security cameras, and you can add up to 4 more add-on cameras when you need to expand in the future. For businesses should you require larger scale surveillance system, consider 32 channel NVR system such as Lorex and GW Security 32 ch NVR system kit

Let’s take Amcrest Nv4108e-Ip5m-T1179ew4-2tb kit that comes with 4pcs of 5MP turret model outdoor POE cameras and take one of popular Lorex 4AKAD8 Kits active deterrent security camera system kits as comparison.

Amcrest Nv4108e-Ip5m-T1179ew4-2tb

In this security camera kit, Amcrest offers Nv4108e 8 channel 4k NVR system with built-in 8-port POE switch to let you connect up to 8pcs POE security cameras up to 4k resolution. In this bundle, Amcrest also add 2TB hard disk storage as pre-installed hard disk and you can install total capacity up to 6TB hard disk.

Amcrest 8 channel security camera kit with preinstalled 2IB hard disk and 4pcs of outdoor turret model 5MP security cameras is ideal for homes with up to four cameras requirement and you can easily add up to more 4 cameras in the future when you need to expand.

Amcrest Nv4108e-Ip5m-T1179ew4-2tb

This bundle is tagged with the price around $430.0 in Amazon.

Now we need to compare this Amcrest 8 channel security camera kits with similar product offered by Lorex 4AKAD8 Kits.

Lorex 4AKAD8 Kits

If the 5MP resolution offered by Amcrest is not high enough to meet your needs, then your choice is 4k resolution security camera system, twice the resolution offered by Amcrest. Lorex offers 8 channel security camera kit with 4k resolution cameras. Not just higher resolution camera, Lorex offers security camera with an active deterrent feature that can trigger the sirens and spotlights due to motion detection. With siren and spotlight triggered can prevent intruders from further pursuing criminal acts when entering your property.

Lorex 4AKAD8 Kits

Unlike Amcrest that uses IP network cameras that allows you to use UTP network cable for wired POE connection from the cameras to the recording unit (Amcrest NV4108E NVR unit), with Lorex the technology used is analog that uses coaxial cable for camera connections to the DVR unit with BNC interfaces.

Comparison tables

To make it easier for you to choose which of the two bundle kits suit your business needs, the two tables below present a comparison table between Amcrest and Lorex 8 channel security camera kits.

Table 3 represents recording units each of the security kits. The main difference between Amcrest NV4108E and Lorex 4AKAD8 is the recording technology used, see that Amcrest is an NVR (network video recorder) system, while the Lorex is a DVR (digital video recorder) system. We don’t discuss more detail what the difference between NVR and DVR system is, you can find more details by Googling on the net. With NVR you use UTP cable for connecting the network cameras to the recording unit which typically comes with built-in POE port switch. On the other hand, with DVR the connection between each of the analog security camera to the recording unit uses coaxial cable. 

Table 3 Amcrest vs Lorex Recording Unit

Recording Unit SystemAmcrest NV4108ELorex 4AKAD8
Recording typeIP Network (NVR)Digital (DVR) analog
Channels8 channels NVR with built-in 8-port POE switch8 channels DVR with built-in 8x BNC ports
Recording resolutionUp to 4K (8MP) /each channel supports H.265Up to 4K (8.0MP)
Disk storageSupports up to 6TB hard disk Preinstalled 2TB hard diskComes with 2TB preinstalled hard disk Up to 8TB storage
Incoming bandwidthUp to 80MbpsUnspecified

Table 4 below shows you spec comparison between the security cameras included in each of the bundle kit.

Amcrest ip5m-T1179ew is an IP camera with 5MP (1440p) resolution @20 fps with fixed 2.8mm lens and wide 103 degree field of view angle. While Lorex C881DA is analog camera with high resolution 4k, fixed lens 2.8mm and 98 degree view angle.

Table 4 Amcrest vs Lorex security camera

Security cameraAmcrest ip5m-T1179ewLorex C881DA-E
Camera typeIP network cameraAnalog HD (CVI)
Resolution5MP @20fps High resolution, 2560 x 1440P4k (8.0MP)
Lens2.8mm fixed lens2.8mm fixed lens f/1.6
Field of view angle103 degree horizontal98 degree horizontal
Night vision2pcs powerful IR LEDs range up to 98ft (30m)Color night vision with ambient light IR LED
range up to 135ft (41m) 90ft (28m) total darkness
Siren and spotlightN/AYes and light alerts
Compression supportsH.265 / H.264N/A
AudioOne way audio with built-in MicrophoneSpeaker, no microphone
Local memory storageMicro SD Card up to 256GBN/A, need DVR unit with storage
Housing protectionIP67 weatherproof withIP67 weatherproof  with polycarbonate body construction
Price$430.00 (NVR with 4 cameras)$440.0 (NVR with 4 analog cameras)

Now you decide which of these Amcrest and Lorex kits suits your business needs. The two module kits are sold at almost the same price in Amazon, the differences have discussed on the above paragraphs. Click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

Related products

For single or couple floodlight security cameras, Amcrest released ASH26 and Lorex released V261lcd. Which one is better? Click the following link for spec comparison between Lorex V261lcd floodlight security camera vs Amcrest ash26.  

You may also like amcrest vs lorex security camera – comparison for various models of flagship products including dome, bullet, ptz and wifi camera models.

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