Amcrest Vs Lorex Vs XmartO

Lorex  Vs Amcrest Vs Xmarto wireless outdoor security camera system, 6 channel Lorex with wire-free cameras, 8 channel Amcrest with 4x 4MP wifi cameras, and 8 channel Xmarto with 8 wireless outdoor security cameras.


One of the difficulties of installing security camera in a outdoor area is connecting the camera to the DVR – NVR system, or connecting the IP camera directly to the router. Why to the router? because today mostly all the IP cameras are remote viewing capable via your mobile devices from anywhere you are in the world. The IP cameras require video data and power cables you need to run from the camera to the nearest point of connection, the power point and video data (DVR or NVR).


Now, you can select the wireless outdoor security cameras to reduce the hassle of running the video data to the DVR-NVR system. However, you still need to provide the power to the cameras. You cannot eliminate the power to the camera, however Arlo wireless outdoor security camera doesn’t need you to run the power to the camera because the camera is powered by the battery which can last up to 3~6 months of usage. Arlo camera is free of wire, you can easily place the camera anywhere within the network coverage, even you can place the camera on a tree.

Today you can find few models of wire-free cameras instead of Arlo including Motorola Orbit, Reolink Argus, or Lorex by Flir that will discuss here together with Amcrest and xMarto wireless security system.

For business purposes, POE outdoor cameras are preferred due to more reliable connecting to the network instead of connecting wirelessly. With POE cameras you require UTP network cable for data and power connection to the NVR system. Dome model, bullet and POE outdoor PTZ cameras available in the market today.

Many models of wireless outdoor security cameras include the Ethernet port which typically used to configure the camera at the first time connecting to the local network.

Lorex Vs Amcrest Vs Xmarto

This time I would like to discuss three models of wireless outdoor security system kit including Lorex, Amcrest, and Xmarto wireless outdoor security cameras. All of them are wireless outdoor security cameras you can deploy in homes or small offices.

Let’s start from the wire-free cameras by Lorex and then Amcrest and xMarto.

Lorex 6 channel wire-free system

Wire-free cameras is preferred for some reasons including no wires both data and power for connecting the cameras to the NVR system, all the cameras are powered by the battery.

Lorex LHB9016T NVR system is bundled with 6x wire-free LWB3801 cameras ideal for large homes or retail shops or any small businesses. You can place  the wire-free cameras outdoor, no power outlet and no data cable you need to run from the camera to the NVR system. All the included 6x cameras are wire-free with 1080p full HD resolution, higher resolution  than Arlo wire-free cameras which is only 720p resolution.

Lorex 6 channel wire-free outdoor camera system kit
Lorex 6 channel wire-free outdoor camera system kit


  • 6 channel wireless NVR with 1080p recording resolution
  • 264 compression format
  • Easy to setup with Lorex Secure app with mobile devices
  • HDMI and VGA video output
  • SATA HDD storage up to 6TB
  • FLIR Cloud connection with P2P technology
  • 6x wire-free outdoor cameras with 1080p resolution
  • 88 degree field of view angle
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor
  • Wireless range up to 450 ft
  • Battery power with rechargeable batteries
  • Night vision with range up to 40 ft(12m) with IR Cut filter
  • IP65 weatherproof

You can implement this Lorex wire-free system kit without internet connection unless you require remote view connection with P2P technology, easy to configure. The listed features is not as detail as the spec details you can click through the link below:

Click here for Lorex 6 channel wire-free system kit

Up to Feb this bundle system is tagged with the price around $721.00, click the above link to see current price in Amazon.

Amcrest 8 channel with 4 cameras

Amcrest offers various combinations of 8 or 16 channel NVR system including this bundle we discuss here. In this bundle Amcrest offers NV4108-HS 8 channel NVR system without built-in POE switch. If you compare Amcrest with Lorex as discussed above you require a wireless router or wireless access point for wireless network connection for the wireless outdoor cameras.

Unlike Lorex which is wire-free, Amcrest IP4M-1026W requires power connection to the point where the wireless camera will be installed. It’s not battery operated cameras but you need power cable extension (included).

Amcrest 8 channel 4K system
Amcrest 8 channel 4K system

The other spec difference is that the Amcrest camera is twice the resolution of Lorex wire-free camera.


  • 8 channel NVR system with up to 4k recording resolution
  • 265 compression format (up to 60% more efficient than H.264)
  • VGA and HDMI up to 4k resolution video output
  • Audio In/Out port
  • Easy for remote view with QR Code scan with Amcrest Vies app
  • Up to 6TB SATA disk storage
  • 4x Amcrest IP4m-1026w wireless outdoor cameras
  • 4MP resolution @30 fps
  • 118 degree field of view angle with intelligent digital zoom
  • 30 IR LEDs range up to 98 ft(30m)
  • IP67 rated weatherproof with metal housing

With Amcrest you require wireless infrastructure in place such as a wireless outer or wireless access point for wireless outdoor camera connection.

Amcrest 8 channel with four 4mp wireless outdoor security cameras kit is ideal for businesses that require high resolution of 4mp resolution and even it can record up to 8mp (4k) cameras such as Amcrest IP8m-2493 or Lorex 4k cameras when higher resolution is required.

Click here to learn more details Amcrest 8 channel

You may also like new Amcrest IP3M-941 2K resolution camera, a wireless 2K (2304 x 1296 pixels) @ 20fps bulet model camera.

8-Channel Auto-Pair xmartO NVR

Unlike the above Amcrest 8 channel NVR system which still require wireless router, xMarto comes with built-in wireless router so you just need to connect the NVR system direct to the modem. Camera connection is also easy since the system support auto pair technology.

xMarto comes with more cameras, 8x wireless outdoor cameras as opposed with only 6 cameras by Lorex wireless outdoor security cameras kit and only 4 wireless outdoor cameras with Amcrest even though you can add more cameras when required.

smarto 8 channel security camera kit
Xmarto 8 channel security camera kit


  • 8 channel NVR with built-in router
  • High resolution 960p 1.3MP wireless cameras with 4x digital zoom
  • Auto-Pair technology for Plug and Play connection between the NVR and cameras
  • Wifi connection of up to 1000ft in open field and shorter distance of up to 200ft with obstacles
  • All the cameras are wireless outdoor with IP66 rated weatherproof
  • Storage up to 4TB SATA 3.5” HDD
  • Motion detection with email alerts

To list all of the complete features and technical specs click the link below:

Click here for xmartO 8-channel NVR system with built-in router

This system kits with 8 wireless outdoor security cameras is an affordable surveillance system for your homes or small offices with resolution of up to 720p. Try also top 5 8 channel wireless outdoor camera system with nvr

For larger image details for large scale business purposes, you may consider the NVR system which capable of recording up to 4K video recording such as 32-channel NVR system by USG and GW Security with latest H.265 compression technology. With this business grade NVR system you can add high mega pixels of 5MP IP camera with varifocal lens, or any outdoor PTZ HD camera with POE feature. See also comparisons for amcrest vs lorex POE cameras, and also hikvision vs lorex outdoor cameras.

For smaller number of cameras, you may consider 16-channel HD NVR system, see also previous article  GW vs Lorex vs LaView 16 channel NVR system. Typically large scale NVR systems wired system, all the IP cameras are not wireless outdoor security cameras, mostly are POE cameras.

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