Amcrest Vs Zmodo 8 Channel DVR


The resolution and image quality of 720p HD (High Definition) for video recording requirement is generally appropriate for homes and small businesses. You can also view the video footage via mobile devices in clear and sharp quality.

However when you require larger area to cover in more detail image quality, resolution of 720p is not enough. So that’s why many security surveillance vendors such as Amcrest, GW Security, Hikvision and Zmodo offer various models of affordable security surveillance system with larger image quality of either 720p HD or full HD 1080p for both DVR/NVR system and the included IP cameras. Amcrest offers you various models of 8 Camera DVR, an 8 channel DVR system with various combination of HD 1080p IP cameras. Zmodo comes with various models of 8 Channel NVR system for homes and small businesses.

Should you require 16 Channel DVR with 4k resolution, Amcrest introduces new 16 Channel DVR system kits with 8pcs 4k security analog camera.

Click here for Amcrest 16 channel 4k DVR system kit


Many people are wondering whether they should choose DVR or NVR system. Well, it is actually depending on what the current environment in your business already in place, either you already have computer LAN network or just nothing. If your current environment has computer LAN network in place, an easier solution is NVR system which you can install the camera wherever within the LAN network. With IP camera that supports POE then installation is easier with single UTP cable for both video data and power. With 8 channel NVR system, deploying all the 8 cameras in the same network segment with computer data doesn’t impact your business computer network in serious burden.

With NVR, setting up is plug and play with POE camera, easier to deploy and setup. However, for large number of NVR system with large number of high resolution 5MP or 8MP IP cameras (such as 32 channel NVR system), a more detail network assessment is required should you join the surveillance system with the same network segment with your business computer LAN network.

On the other hand, with DVR camera system you need to run coaxial cable from each of the camera to the DVR unit directly and you also need to provide power supply to each of the camera wherever you install the camera. This is the difference with NVR system which usually comes with POE camera that requires you to supply single UTP CAT5e cable (computer network cable) for both video data and power, so it is easy to deploy in location where power outlet is not available. Except you install complete no wires system such as Arlo camera by Netgear, you can place the camera anywhere for example attached to the tree, no power and data installation are needed. See also Arlo Vs Amcrest system.

Amcrest 8 camera DVR

Amcrest 8 camera DVR System

Amcrest Vs Zmodo

Couple of surveillance vendors such as Amcrest and Zmodo offer you affordable 8 camera DVR or 8 channel NVR system come with included HD 720p or full HD 1080p IP cameras. Both security camera systems are popular with high performance and affordable system ideal for large homes or any small businesses. Which bundle is ideal to meet your business need?

Have a look at the following comparison table between Amcrest Vs Zmodo in 8 camera DVR or NVR system to help you understand the differences (if any).


Both are designed with different system, Amcrest comes with 8 cameras DVR system while Zmodo comes with 8 channel NVR system. We have discussed a little above about the difference between DVR and NVR, just small parts of a complete more detail differences between NVR and DVR. Both comes with 8 channel system that supports high resolution of up to 1080p (full HD), much better and larger image quality than standard HD 720p when 720p is not appropriate for your need. Take a look at the below image to show you comparison between image resolution standard in industry.

comparison of image resolution

comparison of image resolution

Easy installation

Remote view is never that easier today with the QR Code scan feature in today’s camera technology. you can create a secure remote viewing of your camera system by scanning the QR code with your mobile devices, from everywhere you are as long as you can access the internet with your DVR or NVR system. Thanks that both security camera bundle come with this easy DIY system. More advanced technology is also introduced today with the P2P (peer to peer) technology that eliminate the complicated of DDNS and router configuration. GW Security comes with this P2P technology such as in its 16 channel NVR camera system.

Compression format

Amcrest 8 camera DVR system transports the data via coaxial cable, no compression is performed to transport the video stream to DVR unit. On the other hand Zmodo with 8 channel NVR system designs the IP cameras with standard H.264 compression format, off course some latency issues arises for compressing and decompressing tasks.

This compression actually has advantages of lower bandwidth required for video data transportation via your LAN network, and moreover the smaller space required to store the video footage. For larger number of cameras with large computer network environment, you may consider a more advanced technology in video compression and the latest compression technology is H.265 which can double data compression ratio up to 60%. It is ideal solution for larger image quality up to 8MP camera with 4K capable resolution of NVR system such as demonstrated by GW Security and USG in 32 Channel H.265 NVR system.

Zmodo 8 channel camera system


Cabling system sometimes creates the headache when you need to place the camera somewhere that is difficult to run the power and data cabling. NVR system with POE camera is sometimes help you by running only a single CAT5e cable from the camera to the NVR or the nearest POE switch within your network. NVR system is preference than DVR system, and in this case Zmodo with 8 channel NVR system is preference for small business than 8 camera DVR offered by Amcrest. Again, it depends which one is suitable for your existing environment.

Storage Space

Analog cameras transmit uncompressed data via coaxial cable, and this takes up more space in DVR storage disks. On the other hand with Zmodo NVR, the IP camera data is transmitted using sPOE cable (USB converted to RJ45 port connection with UTP cable. Zmodo NVR system with pre-installed 1TB can store the video footage up to 180 days, compare with Amcrest system with pre-installed 3TB disk that can store data up to 50 days with lower resolution, and even can only store up to 360 hours (around 15 days) with highest image resolution.

Table 1 comparison between Amcrest Vs Zmodo
Amcrest AMDV10808M-8B-B Zmodo
# channel 8 channel 8 channel
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels (1920tvl) / 1080p  1280×720 pixels (720p)
QR Code scan Yes, free ‘Amcrest View’ app Yes,  free zmodo app – 3 easy steps via Android or iOS mobile devices
Records speed 1080p @30fps real-time Up to 720p @25fps
Compression Uncompressed Uncompressed
Connection cable Coaxial direct to DVR unit, up to 984 ft distance length CAT 5e with built-in 8-port POE Switch NVR, cable can be up to 300 ft distance length
Storage and recording Pre-installed 3TB disk

360 Hours at Highest Resolution (1080p @30fps),

30-50+ Days Using Lower Resolutions and Motion Detection

Pre-installed 1TB, non stop recording over 180 days with auto over write
Data backup USB external disk USB external backup disk
Multi screen display Unspecified View on a monitor via HDMI output
View in Zmodo app on Android or iOS devices
View with any web browser on PCs
Alarm N/A N/A
Included Camera
# and Type 8x Bullet camera 4x Bullet outdoor camera and 4x dome indoor camera
Resolution 2.1MP @ 1920 x 1080p 1MP @1280 x 720p
Compression Uncompressed Uncompressed
Lens Fixed lens Fixed lens
Field of view angle 75 degree  unspecified, the dome model is very wide angle for indoor
Weatherproof IP66 IP65 for bullet outdoor model
Night vision Yes, range up to 65ft IR LED Yes, range up to 60ft IR LED
Power Require power supply POE (Power over Ethernet) 2~4W
Price (Feb 2016) $799.99 $350.00


NVR system with Zmodo security bundle offers you more advantages than DVR system offered by Amcrest including easy installation with plug and play setup with POE camera, single cable for both data and power to reduce cable cluttering, storage space is more efficient and still more. Morover the price is cheaper than Amcrest with price difference up to $450. However, the resolution is lower – 720p as opposed with Amcrest with 1080p resolution.

Cheers, Ki

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