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Annke C800 Zoom vs Amcrest Which One is Better Value

Annke doesn’t release many security cameras with optical zoom, and one of the products that Annke releases with optical zoom feature is the Annke C800 Zoom. Compare with Amcrest which has released various models of security camera products with optical zoom such as Amcrest ip8m-mb2546ew which will be discussed here as a competing product for this C800 security camera.

In this article:

Annke vs Amcrest

Annke started the security camera business in 2006, and continues to grow today. On the other hand, Amcrest was used to be Foscam and then later rebranded in 2016 to Amcrest. Let’s start with c800 zoom and compare it with Amcrest ip8m-mb2546ew.

Annke C800 Zoom

Annke c800 Zoom is one of the Annke’s premium products if your need for 4k resolution security camera with optical zoom feature exists. This security camera is designed with bullet model with smart AI human detection.

Previously, Annke also released few models of Annke c800 series with turret, dome and bullet model and are 4k resolution but all the three series are designed with fixed lens. Unlike the Annke c800 zoom product which is equipped with varifocal lens with 4x optical zoom, making it easier for you to customize the field angle as needed via your mobile device with the free Annke app either local or remotely when you are on the go.

Annke c800 zoom
Annke c800 zoom

4x optical zoom

With varifocal optical zoom ranging from 2.8mm wide view angle up to 12mm Tele view angle when you zoom in all the way to view more detail image in 4k resolution for object in distance with no noise like digital zoom. Amcrest ip8m-mb2546ew is also designed with varifocal lens with 4x optical motorized zoom and 16x software-based digital zoom.    

Night vision

The C800 zoom is designed using Sony IMX274 image sensor with Exir technology which can provide sharp and clear night vision when it is almost totally darkness up to 164ft distance. The same image sensor is also applied to its competitor Amcrest.

If the ambient light doesn’t drop below the minimum illumination spec then the color night vision will still work. To maintain color night vision recoding, you may keep ambient light above minimum illumination, and technically Annke provides a lower minimum illumination spec than Amcrest, meaning that the Annke C800 zoom requires less ambient light for color night vision than Amcrest does technically.

Amcrest ip8m-mb2546
Amcrest ip8m-mb2546

With Amcrest ip8m-mb2546 you can configure either color night vision with the addition of ambient light above minimum illumination or B/W night vision.

Smart feature

C800 zoom supports AI (Artificial Intelligent) human motion detection instead of standard motion detection. And it also support smart behavior feature including line crossing detection and intrusion detection. Amcrest doesn’t support AI human detection but you can customize advanced zone for motion detection. See also Amcrest ip8m-t2669-ai turret 4k security camera which supports AI face detection and perimeter protection such as tripwire and intrusion detection.

Take a look at the following spec comparison table 1 below that shows you spec comparison between Annke C800 zoom and Amcrest ip8m-mb2546ew.

See that video resolution, varifocal lens, WDR feature, and night vision feature are almost the same. However, Amcrest comes with more solid housing protection with IK10 vandal resistant. And Amcrest supports audio In / Out interface.  

Spec comparison table

Table 1 Annke C800 Zoom vs Amcrest

ModelAnnke C800 ZoomAmcrest ip8m-mb2546ew
Image sensor1/2.5″ Sony STARVIS IMX274 Image Sensor1/2.5″ 8Megapixel progressive scan Sony STARVIS CMOS
Minimum illuminationColor: 0.018 Lux @(F1.6, AGC On)0.05Lux/F1.4 (Color,1/3s,30IRE) 0.2Lux/F1.4 (Color,1/30s,30IRE) 0Lux / F1.4(IR on)
Resolution8MP (3840 X 2160) @12.5/15 fps)4K (3840×2160) @15fps / 3M (2048 x 1536) @ 25/30fps
CompressionH.265+/ H.265 /H.264+ /H.264H.265 /H.264
WDR120dB True WDR and 3D DNR support120dB True WDR and 3D DNR
LensVarifocal lens 2.8mm ~ 12mmVarifocal lens 2.7mm ~ 12mm f/1.4
Zoom4x optical motorized zoom4x optical motorized zoom and 16x digital zoom
Field of view angleHorizontal Field of View: 34.5° – 105° Vertical Field of View: 19° – 55° Diagonal Field of View: 40° – 125°Horizontal Field of View: 40° – 110° Vertical Field of View: 23° – 58°  
Night vision4pcs IR LEDs range up to 164ft (50m) , Sony sensor and EXIR tech4pcs IR LEDs up to 164ft (50m) Auto(ICR) / Color / B/W
AudioN/A1/1 channel In/Out
AlarmN/A2 channels In: 5mA 5VDC 1 channel Out: 300mA 12VDC
StorageMicro SD Card up to 128GB local storage and NAS and Onvif NVRNAS, FTP, Local PC, MicroSD card (Max. 128GB)
HousingIP67 weatherproof with metal housingIP67 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistant with metal housing
PowerDC 12V POE (802.3at)DC12V, PoE (802.3af)(Class 0)
Onvif SupportONVIF, PSIA, CGI
Smart featuresAI human detection Line Crossing Detection & Intrusion DetectionMotion detection with advanced customized zone detection
Price Point

See that the price tagged between Annke c800 zoom and Amcrest ip8m-mb2546 is not much different. Both products are Onvif compliant you may connect to other Onvif compliant third party products such as compatible NVR 4k system. Click the product below to shop in Amazon (#ads).

Annke vs Amcrest 8 Channel Kit

Besides selling recording units either DVR or NVR, and add-on cameras, both amcrest and annke offer camera systems in packages, and the most widely sold in the market is the 8-channel security camera kits  with four or eight cameras.

The following paragraph compares two 8 channel security camera kits between amcrest NV4116e Kit and annke h500 kit which are very popular in the market with affordable price. And the price difference between the two kits is not too much.

Annke C500 5MP Kits
Annke C500 5MP Kits

Let’s see how these two security camera kits are compared. You can refer to table 2 below for spec comparison between the two kits.

NVR system

There are differences in the nvr system between amcrest and annke. Annke comes with 8 channels and supports resolution up to 6MP while amcrest with 16 channels supports resolutions up to 4k. If your current needs are only 8 cameras, annke 8 channels is sufficient. However, if in the future you need one or two additional cameras, then it can no longer be connected to the recording unit, it is full channel.

Amcrest’s choice makes more sense considering the nvr used is 16 channels, even though it comes with built-in 8-port POE switch but in the future if you need to add two or more up to 8 cameras then you only need to add separate 8-port POE switch. And the good thing is that amcrest supports up to 8MP (4k) resolution. You can connect the Amcrest ip8m-mb2546ew we discussed above to the system.

Amcrest 16 channel 5MP Kits
Amcrest 16 channel 5MP Kits

The maximum hard disk storage capacity is the same up to 6TB and you can see that preinstalled hard disk is bigger for amcrest.  


The included cameras each kit are almost the same. Annke comes with 8pcs 5MP turret model Annke c500 cameras while amcrest comes with 8pcs of amcrest ip5m-t1179w 5mp turret model cameras. you read more details you can find that amcrest cameras come with true WDR as opposed to digital WDR offered by Annke. The image quality result with true WDR is much better compared with digital WDR (HDR).

The other features are almost the same, however amcrest comes with memory storage slot you can use micro SD card up to 256GB as internal storage.

Take a look at the following spec comparison table below in more detail.

Spec Comparison Annke H800 vs Amcrest

Table 2 Amcrest vs annke kits

Camera kitsAnnke H500Amcrest NV4116e Kit
Recording system8 Channel NVR 6MP system with built-in 8-port POE switch16 channel 4k NVR system with built-in 8-port POE switch
Video outputHDMI & VGA up to 1080pVGA and HDMI
Storage2TB preinstall ; 1x SATA up to 6TBPreinstalled 3TB; supports up to 6TB
Security cameras8x Annke C500 turret8x Amcrest ip5m-t1179w
Lens2.8mm fixed lens2.8mm fixed lens
View angleH: 71.5°, V: 53°, D: 91°H: 103°,
Resolution5MP (2560 X 1920@15 fps)5MP (2592 x 1944) @20fps
WDRDigital HDR with 3D DNR120dB WDR
Night visionColor in ambient light; b/w night vision with 2pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft / 30mColor in ambient light (min illumination 0.008 lux @f1.6 b/w night vision with 2 IR LEDs range up to 98ft (30m)
PowerDC 12 V; PoE (802.3af)12V DC/PoE (802.3af)
AudioBuilt-in microphone – one wayBuilt-in microphone – one way
Local camera memory  N/A, storage on NVR systemMicro SD Card up to 256GB
OutdoorIP67 weatherproof with metal and plastic housingIP67 weatherproof
Price in Amazon$599.99$659.99

Amcrest with 16 channel and 3TB preinstalled hard disk is preference; in addition the true wdr feature for the security camera is also good. Click product’s link below to read more details and other options in Amazon (#ads).

Related products

 For multiple security camera needs, you may also consider Reolink 16Channel 4k kits or Zosi which come with 8 4k security cameras. When the requirement of higher resolution up to 12MP security cameras exists you may consider Reolink rlc-1220 or Annke b1200.

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