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Annke vs Reolink DIY Security Camera System Which One Gives You the Best Value

Looking for a DIY security camera for your home or small business needs at an affordable price? You might consider products from Annke or Reolink. How do these two security camera brands compare?

In this article:

Annke vs Reolink

Compared to Annke, Reolink releases various models of DIY wire-free cameras and home wireless cameras in addition to dozens of security camera kits options that you can choose according to your home or office needs.

If folks ask which one is better between Annke and Reolink products, here we present two comparisons between Annke and Reolink flagship products in color night vision and security camera kits which are popular in the market.

1. Annke vs Reolink Color night vision

Most security cameras are equipped with Infrared LEDs that will switch from full color live view in daylight to black and white night vision when the ambient light drops below the minimum illumination spec. So that’s why most security cameras are equipped with spotlight as an illuminator so that they can still record color night vision.

Annke nc400 vs Reolink Lumus
Annke nc400 vs Reolink Lumus

Annke released the nc400 color night vision camera with spotlight as well as Reolink with its Lumus. What’s the difference between the two models of color night vision cameras? Please refer to table 1 below for spec comparison table between Ankne nc400 and Reolink Lumus.


In terms of camera specs Annke nc400 is clearly superior to reolink lumus, note that the annke 4mp resolution is twice as high resolution as Reolink lumus which is only 2mp (1080p). Annke with a minimum illumination of 0.001lux ensures adequate ambient light can render color night vision, especially coupled with a fairly bright white spotlight.

Another advantage of nc400 is the 120dB WDR (wide dynamic range) feature which ensures good image results even though extreme conditions between bright and dark light are in one frame, compared to lumus which is featuring digital wdr.

Annke cons

There are couple of cons that make Lumus is more advantage, that Lumus is equipped with a local micro SD memory card to be able to store footage and also snapshot alerts that are sent to your email when there is motion detection. Annke is not equipped with memory unless connected to NVR unit with hard disk storage. One more Annke’s con is that there is no audio like Lumus which is equipped with two-way audio with speaker and microphone.

Table 1 Reolink Lumus vs Lorex

ModelAnnke NC400Reolink Lumus
Image sensor1/2.7″ Progressive Scan CMOS½.8” CMOS sensor
Minimum illumination0.001 Lux @(F1.0, AGC On)               Unspecified
Camera resolution4MP (2560 X 1440) @20 fps1080p full HD @15 fps H.264
Lens2.8mm f/1.02.8mm, f/2.0 with IR Cut
View angleHorizontal FoV 102°, Vertical FoV 54°, Diagonal FoV 121°100 degree horizontal; vertical 54
Night visionColor night vision with 1 White Light, Range Up to 100 ft/30 mColor night vision with spotlight On
6pcs IR LED range up to 33ft (10m)
WDRTrue WDR 120dBDigital HDR
SpotlightWarm white light LED180lm, 6500K
AudioN/ATwo way audio with built-in microphone
and speaker
Smart event & alertMotion detection and email alerts snapshot PIR with 100 degree view angle up to
21ft (7m) – motion detection, Email Snapshot, siren and customized voice alerts 
StorageN/AMicro SD Card slot up to 64GB
PowerDC 12 V; PoE (802.3af)DC 5.0V/2A
Data connectionPOE802.11b/g/n
HousingIP67 weatherproof with metal housingIP65 water[roof

Annke nc400 is an add-on camera you can connect to NVR system, or it can also work standalone with compatible software. For homes or small businesses with NVR system together with multiple cameras deployment, Annke nc400 is good for color night vision. Click the product’s links below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

You may also like other featured security cameras to compare between Annke and Reolink security cameras outdoor.

2. Annke vs Reolink 8CH kits

Although only requires 4 camera connections, vendors usually provide a recorder system that has 8 channel camera capabilities, so that in the future when more cameras are needed, it is not necessary to replace the recorder system with a more channel one. See also other model Lorex 4k vs Reolink security camera kit.

Annke 8 channel 4k security camera kit
Annke 8 channel 4k security camera kit

Annke Kits

Even though it only comes with 4 cameras Annke equipped it using an 8 channel recorder, of course it was very appropriate considering camera needs at the future could be increased so there is no need to bother replacing the NVR with another one with more channels.

Always try to choose NVR with more channel than your current needs, so that in the future you don’t know that as your business grows, the need for more camera will also increase. If the current requirement is for 4 cameras, you need to look for an 8 channel NVR, when the current need is 8 cameras, it is better for NVR system with 16 channels in anticipation of future needs.

In this Annke security system kit is also equipped with 4 cameras with 5mp resolution @ 15 fps, two times greater resolution than the full HD 1080p camera resolution in general. Greater resolution is better as in the Reolink system kit which we will compare later that comes with 8mp camera.

At first glance we see what are the strengths of this kit below.

  • Annke 4 camera security system
  • Comes with 8 channel 8MP POE NVR system with built-in 8-port POE Switch
  • Support latest H.265+ compression format
  • Local storage with SATA interface up to 6TB Hard disk, preinstalled 2TB
  • Easy to setup with Plug & Play PoE Security System
  • Comes with 4pcs 5MP @15fps outdoor bullet model POE cameras
  • Night vision support with 2Pcs EXIR array LEDs range up to 100ft (30m)
  • Smart Motion-Triggered Alerts, accessed via free Annke Vision app
  • IP67 weatherproof with metal and plastic housing
  • Onvif cameras
  • 2-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee
  • GDPR Compliant & Worry-Free Warranty
  • Cameras don’t support audio IN to listen  

We do not need to discuss in more detail from each of the highlighted items above, we will compare it with other kit product from Reolink.

Note table 1 below which represents a comparison between annke vs reolink 8 channel POE NVR system.

Reolink 4k 8 Channel Security camera system


Note that both NVR systems have almost the same features, but in the case of synchronous playback there is a slight difference.

Annke can only provide 4 channel @ 1080p synchronous playback capability while reolink can do 4 channel @ 4mp synchronous playback. Although the two NVRs have the same resolution support up to 8mp cameras, there is a difference in the ability of synchronous playback.

Besides, the storage capabilities of Annke are slightly larger than reolink, although they are equipped with the same 1x SATA port. Reolink provides additional external 1x e-SATA port to increase storage capacity.


Even though both models of NVR system come with the same number of 4pcs cameras, but the camera features are slightly different.

Regarding the completeness of the camera even though both products are the same, they come with 4 cameras, but different features. Reolink comes with 4k resolution camera compared to Annke which only comes with 5mp resolution camera. Of course the image results are different, 4k resolution produces almost twice the image compared to a camera with 5mp resolution.

Table 1 below shows you spec and features comparison for annke vs reolink 8 channel poe nvr system kits, security camera system with 4 cameras.

Table 1 Annke vs Reolink

Security kit Annke 8 channel Kit Reolink 8 Channel Kit
NVR  system 8-channel NVR system Built-in 8-port POE Switch 8-channel NVR system Built-in 8-port POE Switch
Resolution 8MP / 4k (3840 × 2160) 8MP / 4k (3840 × 2160)
Synchronous Playback 1-ch@8MP; 4ch@1080P 1CH @8MP; 4CH @4MP
Storage 1x SATA interface up to 6TB disk with preinstalled 2TB 1x SATA interface up to 4TB disk with preinstalled 2TB External eSATA 1x
Cameras 4pcs 5MP bullet model POE cameras 4pcs 8MP bullet model POE camera
Lens 4.0 mm ½.7” Progressive scan CMOS 4.0 mm ½.5” CMOS sensor
FOV 75° 97°
Night vision 2pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft 18pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft
Housing IP67 metal and plastic housing IP66 metal housing
Onvif Yes, both NVR and Camera No
Price $435.99 $549.99

We see with the difference in synchronous playback, camera resolution and also the wider view angle of the reolink camera, there is a considerable price difference of around $ 100. Now you decide which of the annke vs reolink is suitable to meet your business need. Click each of the product links below to learn more details including links to shop in Amazon (#ads).

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