Anran 4 Camera Wireless Security System NVR

For large homes or small offices the requirement of 4 camera wireless security system with dvr is appropriate. Anran offers 4 channel wireless outdoor security camera system with dvr, dvr / nvr system bundled with various models of wireless outdoor cameras with 1080p resolution.

Anran 4 channel

4 channel NVR / DVR system with 4 cameras is appropriate, you can place one or two cameras indoor and two cameras are outdoor you can place one camera at the porch and one camera at backyard.

Should you require more than 4 channel, you may consider 8 channel. See also Anran and Xmarto offer 8 channel too. For medium scale security system you may consider 16 channel system such as LaView 16 channel security camera system.

1080p resolution

As today the resolution of mobile phones and tablets come with at least 720p and mostly are 1080p at least and many high end models are ready with 4K resolution, viewing video with 1080p resolution is satisfaction. Cameras with 720p resolution is appropriate but cameras with 1080p full HD resolution or higher is much better.

Many vendors offer 4 camera wireless security system with dvr, or nvr system that support 1080p resolution camera. Anran, Smonet are few of them that offer 1080p resolution wireless outdoor security camera system.

Wifi system

Home users prefer plug and play devices, particularly those users with lack of networking experiences. It is therefore Anran 4 channel nvr system comes with wifi module with Auto-pair technology. All the cameras are paired with the NVR system before shipping to the customers to assure they are working plug and play out of the box.

Comes with 12” monitor

The good thing is that the module comes with its 12” monitor to help you view and playback the video with larger screen instead of your small screen mobile devices.

Anran 4 channel 1080p with 4 cameras
Anran 4 channel 1080p with 4 cameras

Overall, Anran 4 channel wireless camera security system with 4 cameras is ideal for home users, retail stores, or small offices that require 4 spots to monitor. For large scale monitoring system, you may consider Lorex or GW Security 32 channel kit.


  • 4 channel wireless NVR system with 1080p resolution
  • Plug and play system with auto pair technology
  • It comes with 12” monitor with wifi adapter for local wireless connection to the system
  • 4 channel playback on screen simultaneously
  • Supports H.264 compression format for saving storage
  • It comes with 4 wireless outdoor bullet model cameras
  • Cameras support night vision with 36pcs IR LEDs range up to 60 ft(20m)
  • Wireless outdoor IP66 rated weatherproof

You can connect to existing internet connection via 10/100Mbps Ethernet port on the monitor and your home surveillance system is ready for remote access when you are on the go using mobile devices.

This Anran bundled with 4 camera wireless security system is tagged with affordable price around $390.00. Now compare with the following Smonet wireless outdoor security camera system with four cameras as well.

Smonet 4 Channel 1080p

With nearly the same price as you can get for Anran 4 channel 1080p wireless NVR kit, you can get Smonet 4 channel with 4 camera wireless security system.

Smonet 4 channel wireless system
Smonet 4 channel wireless system

Have a look at the feature comparison table between the two wireless NVR system kits, see that nearly the same feature except the included disk storage and monitor.

With Anran your system comes with NVR unit with built-in 12” monitor, but Smonet doesn’t. on the other hand, Smonet comes with pre-installed 2TB SATA disk but Anran doesn’t.

Table 1 Anran vs Smonet

Wireless NVR KitAnran 4 channelSmonet 4 channel
Resolution1080p 4 channel1080p 4 channel
Wireless auto pairYesYes
With MonitorYes, 12” monitor built with NVR unitNo, just wireless NVR system
StorageNot included HD, 1x SATA port up to 4TB storagePre-installed 2TB


1x SATA port up to 4TB

Included camera4x wireless bullet model cameras4x wireless bullet model cameras
Camera resolution3.6mm lens 1080p4mm lens 1080p
Night visionYes, 36 IR LEDs range up to 65 ft (20m)Yes, range up to 60 ft(20m)
Remote viewYesYes,

With Anran, you need to purchase the SATA hard disk for storage and you get the bright and sharp 12” monitor. Smonet comes with pre-installed 2TB SATA hard disk, you to connect to separate monitor to view the video.

Both 4 camera wireless outdoor security system are ideal solution for large homes, retail store or small offices.

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