Anran vs Xmarto 8 Channel wireless Security Camera

Lots of 8 channel wireless security camera system kits in the market today, 8 channel wifi system bundled with 8 wireless camera including Xmarto, Anran, OOSSXX; Zmonet, Zosi and still more affordable made in Chinese products. The 8 channel wireless security camera systems kit are popular among other security camera system kits with higher number of channels.

Anran vs Xmarto

The last two models we will discussed here are Anran and XMarto wireless security system with 8 wifi cameras. Wireless camera system is practical since you don’t need to provide video data medium from camera to NVR system. Many models of home wifi camera system connect directly to your existing home wireless network such as best value Reolink C2 with dual band support or affordable cheap Yi Home 1080p camera.


When your existing internet network at home is wired system, no wifi network available you may consider Xmart0 8 channel wireless security system that comes with built-in router. just connect to your cable modem then you have a wifi network ready for your wireless camera to connect to NVR system.

The NVR system is 960p resolution with 8 channel, and it comes with Auto-Pair technology that allows you plug the NVR system to the power and plug the cameras to power as well and then all system will play, really plug and play NVR system.

Wifi system is really easy to install without hassle of running data cable from each of the camera to NVR system. For general NVR system with POE support you may need to do some efforts to run the UTP cable from each of POE camera to NVR system. See also best 16 channel dvr Lorex vs Laview and GW Security system and best 16 channel security camera system kit available in the market today.

Back to Xmart0 8 channel wifi system with included 8 wireless camera, it is one of affordable wifi camera systems available in market today.

xmarto 8 channel wireless  security nvr
Xmart0 8 channel wifi NVR 

NVR features

  • 8 channel 960p wireless NVR with built-in router
  • Comes with two external antennas for wider range
  • Auto pair technology
  • Cover up to 1,000 ft open area and up to 200 ft with obstacles
  • 1 SATA HDD up to 4TB (no pre-installed disks)
  • Motion detection and alerts


  • 4x 4mm lens wifi camera + 4x 6mm lens wifi cameras
  • Resolution is 960p @25 fps
  • 3 LED arrays range up to 80 ft
  • IP66 weatherproof and anti-thunder
  • Wireless standard of 802.11b/g/n

Xmart0 is one of best value 8 channel wireless security camera, ideal for outdoor placement, all the included cameras are IP66 rated weatherproof and anti-thunder.

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Anran 8 Channel

Another top rated model of 8 channel outdoor wireless camera system is offered by Anran. This system kit is offered with the tagged price around $600, with pre-installed 2TB HD actually. You don’t need to purchase separate HD for storage.

This bundle comes with eight 960p wireless outdoor cameras and support night vision with range distance up to 60 ft(20m), shorter distance range than the cameras offered by xMarto.

Anran 8 Ch wireless NVR with 8x960p cameras (~$600)

NVR features

  • 8 channel 960p wifi NVR real time viewing with 12 inch screen
  • Built-in router with two external antennas; just connect to the modem
  • SATA disk port available up to 4TB; 2TB pre-installed HD ready
  • 264 dual stream video compression
  • Motion detection, video blank, video loss
  • P2P; QR Code scan for easy remote view configuration


  • 8x 960p wifi outdoor camera
  • 36pcs IR LED range distance up to 60 ft(20m)
  • IP66 aluminum body construction

Both Xmart0 and Anran offer the same recording resolution (960p), slightly higher resolution than standard HD (720p) camera, and both are designed with built-in router so you can connect the Ethernet (internet) port to the modem to connect to the internet.
Xmarto cameras offers longer distance night vision (100ft) than Anran which is only 60 ft.

Both the included wireless camera models don’t support PTZ features like those business class outdoor PTZ camera. See also few popular top 5 models of camera with optical zoom, camera that support optical zoom for clear and sharp image detail result compared with digital zoom.

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For your vehicle you may also consider the most popular dual lens dash cam – Auto Vox M3 front and rear dash cam  and KDlinks R100 dual dash cam.

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