Antaivision Fisheye Video Camera

Wondering which gift you would like to choose for your sister who has newborn baby? Try Antaivision fisheye video camera – one of best and cheap wireless security camera products for homes.

What this product does

Antaivision fisheye video camera is designed in a small compact model with desktop form factor, it’s only 70mm footprint and 142mm tall, and can be placed on the table with panoramic 180 degree view angle almost full view no dead zone covering the whole room. It is very reliable, full HD 1080p and reasonable price for a gift or for monitoring your baby – one of cheap wireless security cameras.

With full view of 180 degree, the camera can be placed on the wall steady and reliable no moving part like those home wireless PTZ camera with narrow field of view angle and panning capability to view the full view with rotating mechanically that is prone for malfunction for long period of time.

This product is for indoor, should you require outdoor wireless home camera you may try wire-free product – the Motorola Orbit or Arlo wire-free cameras.

Clear image detail

There are few models of top rated wireless IP fisheye cameras in the market and most of them are 960p resolution. Antaivision comes with 1080p resolution for sharper and more image details than 720p or 960p resolution cameras.

It also supports high quality infrared night vision and motion detection alerts. You can add memory micro SD card storage to support motion detection recording as soon as the camera sensor detects the motion in the room and sends alerts to you.

Mobile view

Antaivision fisheye video camera is very smart with mobile app you can download, and the app can support up to 60 cameras. Each camera can be remotely viewed up to 6 users at most. It’s a good product for baby monitoring, never miss how your baby grows with this camera – one of cheap wireless security cameras.

Antaivision fisheye video camera


  • Super wide 180 degree wide angle, panoramic view camera
  • Clear and sharp image detail with 1080p resolution
  • Supports infrared for clear night vision
  • Motion detection and alerts
  • Two way audio with built-in speaker and microphone
  • Support micro SD Card for local video recording storage up to 128GB
  • Single band wireless 2.4Ghz adapter

Currently the price for this product is tagged around $59.00 in Amazon and the good news is that up to Nov 2017 the customer rating is 5.0 star (50 reviewers), price will drop in line with times as new introductions of products with more features and newer technology.

You may also like imilar product Zmodo sight 180 with super wide angle with 1080p resolution, ideal for indoor homes.

Click here for Zmodo Sight 180 camera

Yi Home 1080p camera

Another product you may also consider for a gift is Yi Home 1080p wireless camera, another one of cheap wireless security cameras good product with nearly the same price when you compared with Antaivision is Yi Home 1080p wireless camera. Yi Home 1080p is also designed with desktop model, however it is not a fisheye camera. It doesn’t give you panoramic 180 degree view but only 111 degree field of view angle.

Yi Home 1080 camera


  • Desktop model wireless home camera
  • Full HD 1080p resolution for clear image detail
  • Support night vision with 940nm non-invasive sensor
  • Smart motion detection
  • Micro SD card storage up to 32GB
  • Built-in wireless 2.4Ghz adapter (802.11b/g/n)
  • Comes with Yi home app
  • Cloud service is available

Yi Home 1080p with Yi Cloud services is one of best value wireless home camera you may consider for homes, reasonable price with 1080p resolution.

Click here for Yi Home 1080p camera

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