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Arlo Pro 2 vs Amcrest Wire-free Camera System Which One is Better

arlo pro 2

One of the main obstacles in placing security cameras outdoor is the difficulty of installing the power outlet near the camera and network cable, so the placement of the camera must be around the porch so it is protected from rain and heat and close to the power outlet. For this reason, Netgear offers Arlo Pro 2 wire-free camera – a wifi camera with a battery power that makes it easy to place your camera anywhere without the hassle of running the power supply and network cable.

Today, you can find lots of wire-free camera system from different vendors including Amcrest, Reolink, and still more. We’ll compare Arlo Pro 2 with Amcrest smart home wire-free camera system.

Arlo Pro 2 kit

Arlo Pro 2

Like the previous original Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2 is a wire-free full HD (1080p) wireless outdoor camera. What is the difference between standard Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2? The main differences between the two are shown in the following table 1.

Table 1 Arlo Pro 2 vs Arlo Pro

ModelArlo Pro 2Standard Arlo Pro
Upgrade to non-stop recordingYes, when plug-inNo
Activity ZoneYes, when plug-inNo

Note: Netgear offers new generation arlo pro 3

Arlo Pro 2 vs Arlo Pro

There are three main spec and feature differences between the two models, the recording resolution, the capability of upgrading to record continuously and the activity zone feature. The other features and specs are the same.

Arlo pro 2 is a wire-free wireless outdoor security camera, it is powered by rechargeable battery in addition of DC power you can plug-in to the power line in case you require continuous recording and or customizing activity zones.

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The Arlo Pro 2 is not designed with memory local storage; however you can connect USB hard disk to the base station for recording footage. In addition you have a free rolling 7 days cloud storage.

Similar to Amcrest smart home, the add-on camera is not equipped with a memory card slot like some types of IP camera in general, for local memory storage you can use USB disk storage up to 2TB FAT32 which is connected to the USB port on Amcrest Smarthub. In addition, Amcrest also provides free 1 year Amcrest Smart home cloud storage.

Most business class outdoor security cameras do not come with internal memory storage because they are supposed to connecting to the recording unit. However many cameras are designed to be able to work standalone in addition of connecting capability to recording unit  such as Amcrest IP4m-1056, Reolink and Lorex 4mp security cameras, or the newer models of 8mp cameras – Amcrest IP8m-2493, Hikvision and Lorex 4k cameras.

Advanced features

The ease of Arlo wire-free camera system isn’t without the impact of the unlocked of couple of advanced features. Under wire-free conditions there are only two motion detection features:

  • Passive infrared technology, much better image result with the addition of light
  • Adjustable up to 23 feet

Arlo with battery power will lock advanced features because they will drain battery power quickly. Unless you are using power plug-in, the following advanced features will be unlocked:.

  • Video based technology
  • Up to 3 activity zones
  • 3 second preview
  • Adjustable sound detection

So Arlo with wire-free you lose couple of main features of a security camera. But this camera result is wonderful both wire-free or plug-in, smart feature in identifying human and animal, motion detection sensitivity is also adjustable.   


  • Wire-free wireless outdoor camera with Full HD 1080p resolution @15fps
  • 130 degree wide field of view angle
  • Night vision supports
  • Two way audio supports with built-in Microphone and speaker
  • Motion and audio detection with alerts
  • Activity zones feature
  • IP65 rated weatherproof
  • Free 7-days rolling cloud storage


  • With battery powered, advanced features are lock. Plug-in will unlock the advanced features

Now we need to compare Arlo with Amcrest smart home camera system to see how good Amcrest is compared with Arlo.

Take a look at the following spec comparison table to help you understand the technical spec differences (if any).

Recording resolution is the same @1080p, the frame rate is slightly different. Arlo doesn’t specify clearly the frame rate, however the technical staff mention that it records @15 fps to save the battery power. Amcrest records 1080p resolution @20 fps.

Amcrest smart home wire-free camera kit
Amcrest smart home wire-free camera kit

To save motion detection video snapshots, local storage is needed at the smarthub / hub station or you save it in cloud storage for easier playback remotely using your mobile device. One thing that is advantageous with Arlo in terms of storage is free 7-days cloud storage. Compare with Amcrest which provides 1 year of free cloud storage and after that you have to subscribe or just have a USB disk on smarthub.

Table 1 Arlo vs Amcrest

ModelArlo Pro 2 KitAmcrest Smart Home Kit
Camera modelArlo Pro 2Amcrest Ab2wfcam
Camera resolution1080p @15fps  with H.264Full HD 10080p @20 fps with H.265 / H.264
View angle130 degree110 degree Horizontal, 130 degree diagonal
Night visionSupport  with 850nm LEDs range up to 25ft with IR cut-filterSupport night vision with range up to 16ft
AudioTwo way audio with built-in Mic and speakerTwo way audio with built-in Mic and speaker
AlertMotion detection with 3-seconds look back recording triggered event within your customized activity zoneMotion detection with alerts via email or push notification to your mobile device
Power  2440mAh rechargeable battery with battery level indication Plug-in availableRechargeable battery (battery capacity is not specified) or DC 5V 1A Power Supply
Base stationArlo Pro 2 base stationAmcrest Ab2whub smarthub
Base station  wifi802.11n up to 300ft range802.11b/g/n, 50m(164ft) Open Field, 2 X 2 MIMO
StorageConnect USB drive to Arlo base station. and free 7-days cloud storage for motion triggered recordingConnect USB 2.0 disk up to 2TB free 1-Year subscription to Amcrest Smart Home Cloud via Amcrest Smart Home app
Siren100+dB smart security sirenN/A
Price (Jun 2020)$249.99 (Arlo kit with 2 cameras)$199.99  (kit with 2 cam)

Click the product link below to learn more spec details and link to shop in Amazon (#ads)

Learn more details Arlo pro 2 in Amazon

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