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Most Popular Arlo Ultra 2 vs Eufycam Which One Gives You Best Value

One of most popular wire-free cameras offered by arlo is the arlo ultra 2 due to its flagship 4k video resolution while other previous arlo series are 1080p or 2k resolution. How this arlo ultra will compete with affordable eufycam 2c pro?  

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Arlo Ultra vs Eufycam

The price difference between two products that is quite large always presents a big question from the customer how good the specs and features offered are compared to competing products offered at lower price. We see that the Arlo ultra is sold at a price 30% more expensive than eufycam so customers hope to see what the differences between these two products are,

Which arlo ultra to compare to eufycam, since there two models of arlo ultra series available in the market so far?

Arlo ultra vs arlo ultra 2

There are two series of arlo ultra available so far: arlo ultra and arlo ultra 2, however today you can only find the latest series arlo ultra 2 which is the enhancement version of the original model arlo ultra. So what are the enhancement spec and features offered to arlo ultra 2.

Take a look at the following table 1 below, you can see that the main difference is arlo ultra 2 comes with dual band wifi with wider range coverage than original arlo ultra that comes with single band wifi. The second difference is that with arlo ultra 2 you have free 3-months trial arlo secure with 4k video resolution 30-days cloud storage.

Arlo ultra 2 cameras

Other specs and features are the same, so what is available in the market today is the enhancement model of arlo ultra 2 instead of original arlo ultra.

Table 1 Arlo ultra vs arlo ultra 2

Arlo ultra seriesOriginal Arlo ultraArlo ultra 2
Up to 4k video resolution with ½” 8MP image sensorYesYes
Auto track and up to 12x digital zoom features on motion detection; HDR features.YesYes
180 degree diagonal field of view angle  YesYes
Color night vision with spotlight; B/W night vision with IR LEDsYesYes
Powered by rechargeable battery; AC adapter 5v/2A 100~240V AC, 50/60HzYesYes
Wifi connectionSingle band 802.11b/g/nWider range coverage with selectable dual band 802.11a/b/g/n
4K trial to Arlo SecureN/AYes

What about eufycam? There are few models of eufycam wire-free cameras available in the market today and the most popular model is eufycam 2c pro.

Table 2 below shows you spec comparison table between arlo ultra 2 and eufycam 2c pro.


Arlo ultra camera features higher video resolution with maximum video resolution of up to 8mp, twice as high resolution as the eufycam. Besides that, arlo ultra is also equipped with super wide angle lens which is much wider than eufycam and again, arlo provides features that eufycam does not have, when it detects human motion enters the zone detection arlo performs auto tracking following the person and zooms in automatically so that it can see the person closer and more detail.

From the camera lens and video features, this arlo ultra is superior to the eufycam.


Both of these camera models require a base station that connects all cameras connected to the base station to connect to home wifi network which is also connected to the internet which allows video footage to be stored in cloud storage.

Arlo ultra base station supports both 2.4ghz and 5ghz radio bands, so does the arlo ultra 2 camera. The camera features longer distance connection to the base station and selectable either using 2.4ghz or 5ghz radio bands. if the camera is located at longer distance to the base station, selection of 2.4ghz is better. However, this band is relatively crowded as opposed to 5ghz band which is clean from othe signal interference.

Eufycam 2c pro wire-free camera system
Eufycam 2c pro wire-free camera system

Again, regarding the connectivity feature arlo offers better spec and features.


In order to play back video footage, every time there is a motion detection trigger to record events, storage is needed. If there is no storage, does your camera still work normally? Your camera can still do a live view and every time there is an event due to motion detection it will send image snapshot to your mobile device, however the bad thing is that it cannot record important events that should have video clips as evidence that can be played back later if needed at another time.

With arlo ultra you require to subscribe arlo secure plan to store all video footage events triggered by motion detection that is stored up to 30-days in the cloud you can access from anywhere as long as you can connect to the internet.

With eufycam, this is a good news that eufy comes with base station that is embedded with built-in 16GB memory storage to store all video footages triggered by motion detection. The best part is you don’t need to subscribe a monthly basis to store video footages for playback later at the other time as needed.

With built-in local memory storage, eufycam is more advantage without subscribing cloud storage.   

Other spec and features are almost the same including battery powered, audio and weatherproof. See also long lasting battery blink camera vs arlo wire-free camera and more economical wyze cam vs arlo.

Table 2 Arlo ultra 2 vs eufycam 2c pro

Camera modelArlo Ultra 2Eufycam 2c pro
Image sensor½”  8MP image sensor4MP image sensor
Video resolution4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p2k
Video featuresAuto track and zoomHuman Detection Face Detection
Field of view angle180 degree diagonal135 degree diagonal
Zoom12x digital zoomN/A
SpotlightYesYes, triggered by human motion detection and manually triggered via app
Night visionColor night vision with spotlights on High powered 850nm LEDs with IR cut filterColor night vision with spotlight; B/W night vision with IR LEDs
AudioFull duplex audio with dual Microphone Array with noise and wind cancellationTwo way audio with built-in speaker and microphone
PowerRechargeable battery; AC adapter 5v/2A 100~240V AC, 50/60HzRechargeable battery, 180-day battery life for one charge
NetworkingDual band 802.11a/b/g/n wifiSingle band 802.11b/g/n
WeatherproofYes, indoo outdoorIP67 weatherproof
Base stationYesYes
StorageArlo secure plan with cloud storage16GB EMMC on base station, 3 Months Usage
Price in Amazon (Aug 2022)$479.99 (2-pack and base station)$319.99

Arlo ultra with 4k resolution and super wide view angle, auto tracking and zooming is richer features, however the price is more expensive. Eufycam with local built-in memory storage is more advantage and the good thing is cheaper than arlo. Click the product’s link below to learn more details and you may get best deals in Amazon (#ads).

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