Arlo VMK3200-100NAS wireless outdoor security cameras

VMK3200-100NAS is very popular home wireless outdoor security cameras combination of indoor Arlo Q and outdoor Arlo wire-free cameras.

Why Arlo

Arlo wireless outdoor security cameras are patented wire-free IP camera, no clutter of wires like those traditional IP cameras with UTP network cable or analog camera with coaxial cable and power cable, for example Amcrest and Lorex security system kits or 16 channel Amcrest and Hikvision Kits . With the elimination of network and power cable clutter, you can place the camera outdoor easily. No hassle of running the network cable and providing power outlet outdoor. You can place the camera in area where providing power and network cable is not possible such as on a tree. You can place the Arlo camera in the best position to get the best viewing angle possible to meet your business need.

Outdoor Indoor

Arlo VMK3200-100NAS consists of three wire-free Arlo wireless outdoor security cameras plus Arlo Q HD indoor camera. Arlo provides video resolution of HD 720p, appropriate resolution for homes that can be viewed via the palm of your mobile devices either Android or iOS Smart-phones, either locally or remotely from all over the world when you are on the go. Arlo is IP66 weatherproof rated, so you can safely place the camera outdoor without worrying of getting caught in the rain or snow.    

720p and 1080p

For businesses such as in the parking area or in plants, resolution of 720p probably is not enough for you when you require to get larger image detail to view. In this case you may consider outdoor PTZ camera with 3MP or 4MP high resolution with multiple times optical zoom factor to let you zoom in with much better image detail without noise. See also HD Outdoor dome model cameras.

Arlo Q is not like the original Arlo with wire-free, it’s like other home cameras such as Amcrest ProHD or Vimtag or Foscam R2. It is designed for indoor, need a power input either AC adapter or Arlo Q Plus with POE supports. With POE support, the Arlo Q requires a single CAT5e or CAT6 UTP network cable for both video data and power cable. Unlike original Arlo with 720p resolution, Arlo Q offers higher resolution up to 1080p.

Arlo VMK3200-100NAS

Combination of outdoor and indoor is ideal for large homes or small businesses such as retail stores and small office. For larger scale of businesses you may consider 16 channel HD NVR system.

Arlo Vs Amcrest 8 Channel

Arlo cameras are more expensive compared with some models of IP camera systems or DVR systems to provide similar tasks for large homes or small businesses. Have a look at similar models of security camera system such as Amcrest Tribid HDCVI 8 channel DVR system and compare it with Arlo camera system.


Arlo VMK3200-100NAS is different technically with Amcrest HDCVI surveillance system. Arlo camera is technically an IP camera while Amcrest cameras in this bundle are analog cameras. With Arlo, you need the included base station to work something like wireless NVR system, even though new generations of Netgear wireless routers support Arlo cameras.

Amcrest 8 camera DVR
Amcrest 8 camera DVR System

Amcrest Tribid HDCVI is a 8-channel DVR with coaxial cable infrastructure, however you can still add up to two ONVIF IP cameras to connect to the DVR system with computer network infrastructure and work side by side with the analog cameras in this Tribid HDCVI system.


Arlo VMK3200 kits consists of three original Arlo IP cameras with resolution of 720p weatherproof outdoor camera, wire-free camera plus one Arlo Q indoor 1080p camera. If you compare with Amcrest cameras you will find that all the included 8x cameras are analog cameras with HD 1080p resolutions and IP66 rated heavy duty metal housing weatherproof cameras for outdoor or indoor.

Both models come with cameras with night vision support. Each of Amcrest cameras consists of 27 IR LEDs illuminating up to 65 ft distance as opposed to only 25 ft on Arlo. On the other hand, Arlo cameras offer wider viewing angle up to 130 degree compared with Amcrest cameras which only offers view angle up to only 75 degree.


For small businesses, Amcrest offers local storage up to 3TB pre-installed, this space can store your full 8x cameras full resolution @1080p continuous recording for 360 hours. Or you can manage low resolution and motion detection to store the recording up to 30~50 days.

Amcrest doesn’t offer you free cloud storage. On the other hand Arlo offers you free lifetime rolling 7-days cloud storage, and when this is not enough you may upgrade.

Take a look at the following spec and features comparison table between Arlo and Amcrest to help you understand the differences if any.

Table 1 Spec comparison table Amcrest Vs Arlo

 Arlo VMK3200-100NASAmcrest Tribid HDCVI 8 Channel Kits
ModelWireless outdoor indoor IP security camera with Smart base stationHDCVI outdoor analog security camera with 8 channel DVR
Included Camera3x Arlo wire-free 720p weatherproof

1x Arlo Q 1080p wireless / POE camera

8x 2.1MP 1920x1080p IP66 heavy duty metal bullet camera – BNC connection
Night visionYes,

Arlo: 850 nm LEDs: illuminates up to 25 ft

Arlo Q:  
Yes, 27x IR LEDs distance up to 65 ft (20m)
Viewing angleArlo: 110 degree

Arlo Q: 130 degree

75 degree
CompressionH.264 formatUncompressed
StorageArlo Q: SD Card slot for local storage as backupDVR storage – preinstalled 3TB HDD
Cloud storageFree lifetime rolling 7-days cloud storage – upgrade options availableN/A
Remote viewYes, Arlo free appYes, QR Code scan DVR with Amcrest view app

To learn more spec details and current prices in Amazon:


Arlo wireless outdoor security cameras offer you easy to install surveillance system for homes or small businesses with wire-free 720p resolution outdoor cameras plus 1x 1080p indoor camera. Amcrest offers you more economical solution with DVR system and 8x analog HD 1080p resolution of IP66 rated weatherproof cameras, however you need to do hard works with cabling.

You may also like other wireless camera system – consider one of this top 5 8-channel NVR wifi camera system or Zmodo 8 channel wifi camera system.

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