Arlo vs Reolink Wire-free Cameras

Arlo is known for its debut product as “wire-free” outdoor camera, cordless camera because the video data connection uses wifi connection to the base station while it is powered by the battery, so practically a camera without cable. However, Arlo is sold at a price that is more expensive than other camera products that can also meet the same wire-free needs, like Reolink.

Arlo vs Reolink Wire-free

Before we compare Arlo vs Reolink, each product should be briefly discussed in order to be able to compare which Arlo product compared to which Reolink product, in order to get a fairly product comparison.


We do not discuss all Arlo products, except for outdoor ones. There are 3 models of Arlo outdoor wire-free cameras that have been on the market for a while plus another new Arlo Ultra 4k resolution.

Arlo Pro 2 System
Arlo Pro 2 kit

1. Arlo 1st Generation

This product is the first debut in Arlo wire-free series cameras with resolution 1280×720 (720p), with 110 degree wide view angle. It supports night vision with 850nm IR LEDs range up to 25ft, not so far it is just like those top rated baby video monitor camera such as Morvelli wifi home camera.

  • 720p resolution with 110 degree view angle
  • Powered by 4-lithium battery for wire-free camera and wifi connection
  • Wire-free with 802.11n connect to base station
  • IP65 weatherproof

  2. Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro is the next generation of Arlo 1st G outdoor, when you compare with Arlo 1st G it is slightly wider view angle and rechargeable battery rather than standard battery, and audio.  

  • Resolution 1280x720p, 130 degree view angle
  • 850nm IR LED range up to 25ft with IR cut-off filter, same range compared with Arlo 1st G
  • Rechargeable battery – 2440mAh with battery life indicator
  • Wire-free with 802.11n, single band connect to Arlo base station
  • 2 way audio with built-in microphone and speaker
  • IP65 weatherproof housing

3. Arlo Pro 2 – the newer version of Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro 2 has the same features as Arlo Pro except the resolution is higher, it is 1080p. in addition, it is now capable of digital zoom in (8x).

All the three models have the same range of 25ft night vision like those home wifi camera or baby video camera. The Arlo Pro 2 comes with addition of 8x digital zoom and plug-in power option instead of rechargeable battery to unlock advanced option.

Another new model is the Arlo Ultra, which is 4k resolution camera that must be connected to Ultra Smart hub, it cannot connect to standard Arlo base station. Ultra Smarthub can be backward compatible with all Arlo models.

Reolink Wire-free Cameras

After Arlo hit the market with wire-free camera products, Reolink introduces similar products, of course at a much cheaper price than Arlo. And one more advantage of Reolink is that you don’t need to purchase dedicated base station, compared to Arlo products that require a dedicated base. Reolink wire-free can connect to your existing WiFi network.

There are many wire-free products released by Reolink, the Reolink Argus series for outdoor and Reolink Keen for indoor. We limit it to Reolink wire-free outdoor products from the Argus series including Argus Eco, Argus Pro and Argus Pro 2. We don’t include Argus Go nor Argus PTZ for the purpose of this comparison with Arlo.

The Reolink Argus Eco series is a bullet wifi camera model with power from solar cells or rechargeable batteries, completely wire-free. It would be more economical to use power from solar cells. As general all the three products have similar features we can highlight in the following lists.

Reolink Argus Pro 2 wire-free cameras
Reolink Argus Pro 2 wire-free cameras


  • Wire-free cameras with 1080p resolution @15 fps
  • Fixed lens with 6x digital zoom.
  • Night vision support with range up to 33ft (10m), Argus Pro 2 with starlight can view color night vision, the other two you need appropriate ambient lights for color night vision
  • Two way audio with built-in Microphone and speaker
  • PIR detection and alerts
  • Local memory storage up to 64GB micro SD card or Reolink Cloud storage
  • Wifi 802.11b/g/n standard @2.4Ghz band
  • 5200mAh rechargeable battery or Reolink solar cell panel or DC 5v/2A power
  • IP65 weatherproof

All the three Argus series have the same features except few things differences, take a look at the following features comparison table. Argus Pro 2 with starlight provides ambient light to support color night vision, but the other Argus Pro and Eco don’t come with starlight for color night vision. However, with sufficient ambient lights you might get color night vision.

Table 1 Reolink Argus series differences  

Model Argus Pro 2 Argus Pro Argus Eco Bullet
Field of view angle 130 degree 130 degree 100 degree
Starlight night vision Yes N/A N/A
Rechargeable battery-powered Removable Removable Non-removable
PIR (passive infrared) detection Distance ~ 30ft (9m); 120 degree horizontal detection angle Distance ~ 30ft (9m); 120 degree horizontal detection angle Distance ~ 30ft (9m); 100 degree horizontal detection angle
Night vision 6pcs 850nm IR LEDs range up to 33ft (10m) with starlight for color night vision 6pcs 850nm IR LEDs range up to 33ft (10m) 4pcs 850nm IR LEDs range up to 33ft (10m)
Price $119.99 $74.99 $74.99

To learn more spec details and shopping link in Amazon click the following product’s link to learn more spec details and link to shop in Amazon.

Among the three Argus series discussed above, Reolink Argus Pro 2 is the most expensive one, but still cheaper than the Arlo Pro 2 add-on camera. Besides that Arlo can’t work without a base station, two cameras with a base station system is tagged around $ 325.

Now we compare Arlo Pro 2 with Reolink Argus Pro 2. This comparison is expected to represent Arlo vs Reolink wire-free in general.

Comparison table

Knowing the products above will make it easier for us to make a comparison between Arlo and Reolink. Consider the following table 2 below to make it easier for us to see the technical difference between Arlo Pro 2 and Reolink Argus Pro 2.

Table 2 Arlo vs Reolink wire-free

Model Arlo Pro 2 Reolink Argus Pro 2
Resolution 1080p 1080p @15 fps
Zoom 8x digital zoom 6x digital zoom
Field of view angle 130 degree 130 degree
Night vision 850 nm LEDs: illuminates up to 25 feet with IR cut-off filter 6pcs 850nm IR LEDs range up to 33ft (10m) with starlight for color night vision
Alerts Motion and audio detection Motion detection with SD Card memory in the camera
Power 2440mAh rechargeable battery with battery level indicator Solar panel Plug-in option 5200mAh rechargeable battery Solar: Can be powered by Reolink Solar Panel DC Power: Can be powered by 5V/2A power adaptor
Storage Arlo cloud: free last 7 days cloud storage; local storage with USB disk to base station   Local Storage: Supports up to 64GB micro SD card Cloud Storage: Supports Reolink Cloud
Price $145 (add-on camera only, you need Arlo base station) $119.99 includes Solar cell panel

Reolink Argus Pro 2 with spotlight provides you color night vision, Arlo Pro 2 doesn’t come with color night vision. The next generation of Arlo Ultra comes with spotlights allows you view color night vision. With color night vision you can easily recognize the faces clearly, like most Lorex POE cameras that mostly comes with color night vision technology (CNV).

Click here for Arlo Pro 2 or click here for Arlo Pro2 System

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