Auto Vox M6 Front and Rear Dash Cam

Following its success in Auto Vox M3, a new model of Auto Vox M6 front and rear dash cam is introduced with richer features.

What this product does

Like its predecessor Auto Vox M3 dash cam, the M6 is also featuring the same dual lens and the same resolution of both front and backup cameras. See also Kdlinks R100 dash cam or DBPower dash cam for comparison which has higher resolution front and rear view cameras than M6.


The front view camera offers 1080p full HD resolution with 165 degree field of view angle, while the backup camera offers 720p resolution with wider view angle – 170 degree field of view angle. Both models have the same resolution and field of view angle.

165 and 170 degree view angle is a super wide view angle of a camera, nearly the same as those fisheye camera with 180 degree panoramic view such as Antaivision fisheye video camera or any other popular fisheye video cameras in the market.

The other feature for backup camera is that it is IP68 rated weatherproof, you can install it on the rear license plate. It comes with 6 high intensity LED to illuminate rear view to help you reversing the vehicle when it is dark.

Motion detection

The good thing with Auto Vox M6 is that it supports motion detection, the vehicle will trigger recording when motion object is detected within 3 meters even when you leave it. The M3 model doesn’t feature motion detection.

Auto Vox M6 front and rear dash cam
Auto Vox M6 dash cam

Touch screen

Another wonderful feature is the touch screen that is not supported in the M3 model. With touch screen operation interface you can easily navigate menu setting by touching the screen with fingertip.

Take a look at the following spec comparison table between Auto Vox M3 and M6.

Table 1 Auto Vox M3 vs M6

ModelAuto Vox M3Auto Vox M6
ResolutionFront: Full HD 1080p;

Rear: HD 720p

Front: Full HD 1080p;

Rear: HD 720p

Field of view angleFront: 165 degree;

Rear: 170 degree

Front: 165 degree;

Rear: 170 degree

Night VisionYes, with 6 high intensity LEDs for backup cameraYes, with 6 high intensity LEDs for backup camera
Motion detectionN/AYes, records when it detects motion within 3m
WeatherproofYes, IP68 rated weatherproof for rear camYes, IP68 rated weatherproof for rear cam
Screen5 inch IPS4.5 inch touch screen

Even though M3 screen is slightly wider than the Auto Vox M6 screen, M6 offers touch screen feature for menu navigation.


  • Rear view mirror model dual lens dash cam
  • Full HD 1080p resolution front view camera and 720p HD rear view camera
  • Wide view angle 165 degree front view camera and 170 degree rear view camera
  • Night vision support for backup camera to help you easily reversing vehicle in darkness with 6 high intensity LEDs
  • Auto displaying parking image when you engage the R gear to help you backing up in a safety manner
  • Easy to install by snapping it to your existing rear view mirror using rubber stripe and is OEM design
  • Motion detection feature by recording automatically when motion is detected within 3 meters

For more detail spec and manufacturer’s description, click the link below that also gives you link for purchasing in Amazon.

Click here for Auto Vox M6 front and rear dash cam

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Auto Vox X1

Auto Vox introduces new model of front and rear dash cam, the widest mirror dash cam with 9.88 inch touch screen. Resolution of front camera is 1296p full HD and backup camera is 720p with smart view angle switch between driving and parking. The rear view camera will work automatically, while you’re driving the camera shows you normal wide angle and switch to closer backup image while parking.

Auto Vox X1 front and rear dash cam
Auto Vox X1


  • Full touch 9.88 inch screen with crystal image view
  • 1296p full HD @front camera and 720p @rear view camera
  • Smart rear view angle switch between normal driving and parking
  • Super night vision with crystal video quality with AHD technology
  • WDR (wide dynamic range) for clearer recording
  • Lane Departure Warning System to alarm you when your vehicle is veering into another lane
  • G-Sensor feature
  • GPS tracking playback

With richer features and better spec Auto Vox X1 is tagged with twice as much money as Auto Vox M6.

Click here to learn more detail Auto Vox X1

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