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Best 16 channel security system Lorex Vs LaView Vs GW Security

For small businesses, 16 channel security camera system is more than appropriate to meet your business need instead 8 channel camera security system.

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Today there are lots of 16 channel security camera system that are available on the market, either products from small vendors which sometimes become popular because of the more economical price they offer and good performance to the products offered by large vendors such as Lorex, LaView and Hikvision. We will feature 3 products of 16 channel NVR systems from Lorex, LaView and GW Security vendors and see which one is suitable to meet your business.


Recording resolution is one of parameters you need to take account in selecting which product to choose that demonstrates how sharp and how detail the result of the camera image and how good is the video footage you can get. Typically resolution of video footage of the camera that can be viewed via mobile device in good quality is 720p HD.

You will have difficulty in getting clearer image detailed when you have to zoom in, especially objects that are at a considerable distance from the camera. For this reason, you should choose a system that can support a very high camera resolution up to 4k or more.

4K resolution camera charts

Look at the comparison of the image resolution chart above that presents how the camera’s resolution system affects the quality of the image detail that you can get. The higher the resolution of your camera system, the sharper and clearer the image details you get.

1. Lorex NR9163 4k

NR9163   is one of best 16 channel security system offered by Lorex with recording resolution is up to 4k @30 fps real time you can connect up to 16 IP cameras to the built-in 16-port POE switch.

You can connect the system to the internet via Ethernet port so your system can be viewed remotely using Smartphone or any mobile devices, Android or iOS based products. You can also view and playback locally using VGA or HDMI monitor.

Lorex 16/32 channel NVR system nr9163 series
Lorex 16/32 channel NVR system


  • 16 channel NVR unit with built-in 16-port POE switch
  • Resolution up to 8mp /4k @30 frame per second (fps) per channel
  • Local storage with 2x SATA hard disk up to 12TB
  • Playback Channel: 1CH/4CH@4K, 8CH@4MP, 16CH@2MP
  • Mirror hard drive recording
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • Pentaplex operation – view, record, playback, back up & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • Support H.265, H.264 compression
  • Motion detection and alerts
  • Automatic firmware upgrade via internet
  • Support PTZ camera can be controlled remotely

With high resolution up to 4k / ultra HD, this DVR system is ideal for small to medium businesses that demand high quality image detail such as parking areas, airport or any process plant and warehouses.

To learn more spec details, manufacturer’s description, current price and rating click the link below and you can purchase in Amazon too.

Click here for Lorex NR9163 16 channel DVR system

2. LaView LV-N9916C6E

Laview LV-N9916C6E is one of the best 16 channel DVR (NVR system actually) offered by Laview available in the market today. Laview LV-N9916C6E is a 16-channel NVR system which comes with built-in 16-port POE like the one offered by Lorex above.

With Lorex NV9163 you can connect up to 8Mp ip camera, but with LaView LV-N9916C6E can connect up to eight 6MP IP cameras, slightly bandwidth difference.

laview 16 channel nvr
Laview 16 channel NVR system


  • 16 channel NVR system
  • Comes with built-in 16 port 10/100Mbps POE switch
  • Recording resolution up to 6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P IP cameras
  • Two way audio with RCA port audio IN and OUT
  • 16 channel synchronous playback
  • 4x SATA interface up to 6TB each HDD
  • LaView net app free download
  • Customized Motion detection and email alerts
  • Easy to setup with POE connection for data and power
  • Support QR Code scan for easy remote view
  • ONVIF compliant

With ONVIF compliant you can connect any third party IP camera with ONVIF compliant to the system, support up to 6MP such as Hikvision 4MP cameras either dome or turret dome camera, or any 5MP varifocal cameras.

LaView LV-N9916C6E is offered with various 16 channel NVR kits and one of them comes with 8x bullet model 1080p IP cameras. Click the link below to learn more details Laview LV-N9916C6E 16 channel NVR system.

Click here for LaView LV-N9916C6E with 8 cameras

LaView LV-N9916C6E is capable recording up to 6MP resolution camera, it’s very sharp for business purpose. However, should you require higher resolution up to 8MP resolution or as known as 4K resolution you may consider GW Security GW2216E or Lorex as discussed above.

3. GW Security GW5516NP

In industrial purposes, 16 channel 1080p DVR / NVR system is not enough and even 5MP resolution in some cases is not enough. GW Security offers 16 channel NVR system which capable of recording up to 8MP (4K) resolution camera @30 fps. The good thing is that this system supports the latest H.265 compression format which is 60% more efficient than standard H.264 compression to save the network bandwidth.

You may connect ultra HD resolution camera like Q-See 4K (8MP) Camera IP Ultra-HD with H.265 (QCN8090B), or you may also consider Lorex LNB8005 (POE) (8MP) 4K UHD IP bullet model camera. You can get magnificent image detail with high resolution UHD camera, very sharp and quality detail is assured.

GW Secucrity 16 channel
GW Security 16 channel


  • 16 channel NVR system
  • Resolution up to 8MP (4K resolution)
  • Supports H.265 compression format
  • Built-in 16-port POE switch
  • Supports VGA and HDMI up to 4K resolution output
  • 8 channel audio input, 1ch audio output
  • 16 alarm input, 1 output
  • 3x USB 3.0 ports
  • 2x SATA ports up to 8TB, total up to 16 TB
  • Motion detection with multiple trigger / alarm event
  • Supports QR Code scan for remote view
  • ONVIF compliant

This is high end model of NVR system, one of best 16 channel DVR / NVR system with ultra HD resolution for industrial purposes. The price is also much more expensive than standard 720p or 1080p DVR/NVR.

Click here to learn more detail GW Security GW5516NP 16 channel NVR

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For larger area to cover you may require 32 channel NVR system or 64 channel. Generally 32 or 64 channel NVR system can connect up to 5MP camera resolution or even there are some NVR models that can support up to 4K video quality from 4K or 8MP IP cameras such as GW and USG H.265 32 channel NVR system which come with new H.265 video compression technology that can provides compression ratio up to 60%.


Lorex NR9163 is one of best 16 channel DVR units with affordable price, however resolution is only up to 960H, ideal for small businesses. I will not compare it with NVR system Laview and GW Security, it’s not fair because the last two products are high end products for businesses that require high detail image resolution.

Laview vs GW Security

Laview 16 channel is currently offered with camera kit ranging from 4, 8 and 16 cameras. GW Security is also having various combinations of dome, bullet and PTZ cameras offered with 16 channel NVR.

Table 1 is spec comparison between GW Security and Laview 16 channel NVR system, not to show all spec details in comparison table.

Table 1 GW Security vs Laview 16 channel NVR

ModelGW Security GW5516NPLaView LV-N9916C6E
Recording resolutionUp to 8MP (4K) @30 fpsUp to 5MP @30 fps
Compression formatH.265H.264
Audio8CH IPC audio input, 1CH audio output;1Ch audio input and 1Ch audio output
Alarm16 alarm input, 1 alarm output16 alarm input, 4 alarm output
Storage2x SATA ports up to 8TB, total up to 16 TB4x SATA interface up to 6TB each HDD
USB ports3x USB 3.0 ports3x USB 2.0
Price in Amazon$1,095.00 includes 8x 1080p IP cameras$1,249.00 (not includes camera)

See that the main differences are maximum recording resolution and compression format each of the NVR system can support. In critical network environment and high detail image quality are required, GW Security and Lorex 4k are the preference choice knowing that they can support up to UHD (4K) resolution for H.265 latest compression format which is 60% more efficient than standard H.264 compression.

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