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16 channel surveillance system

Sometimes our business needs are not always in line with an adequate budget to get affordable surveillance system that suits the business needs. A tight budget is usually the reason for finding prices that are in line with the budget without having to sacrifice the system performance needed and usually the consideration of low prices is the reason for small to medium businesses that require 8 channel security systems up to 16 channel DVR security systems. For large business or enterprise class businesses commonly starts from the 32 channel security system.

Video resolution

One of the important features needed in selecting the surveillance system is the mega pixel the camera resolution can meet your business needs. For business needs 1080p (full HD) resolution is usually the lowest requirement that are mostly deployed in 16 channel DVR security system. While for business needs that require a wider and more detailed image usually requires camera resolution ranging from 4MP to 4K. However, the technology today is developing by introducing higher resolution camera system with  affordable price to suit small businesses budget.

As a clearer picture to understand the resolution need the following figure gives you a better picture how bigger mega pixel gives you larger image and more detailed image.

4K resolution comparison
4K resolution camera charts

Best Value 16-Channel DVR

The following are few models of 16 channel surveillance system kit in 2020 which are popular in the market and become one of the best products in each category.

1. Swann 16 Channel DVR Security System

For the needs of small to medium businesses where high camera resolution is not something critical needs, Swann offers an economical 16 channel surveillance system package with video recording capability up to 1080p and equipped with 12pcs of 1080p full HD cameras.

Swann 16 Channel DVR Security System
Swann 16 Channel DVR Security System

The good thing with this camera system is that you still can view and records video full color at night when the camera detects motion and heat like cars or human with bright sensor light up to 32ft (10m). Only when the system is triggered the bright sensor to illuminate the frame in case of motion detection. For full color, you may consider the Starlight color night vision camera such as Hikvision Colorvu cameras.

There are still 4 more BNC ports you can add other 1080p security cameras to have full 16pcs cameras in the system.


  • 16 channel SWANN 1080p HD DVR-4580 with built-in 16-BNC port interface
  •  Comes with preinstalled 1TB hard disk for local storage. You can also push the footage to your Dropbox cloud storage
  • Compatible with Alexa enabled smart devices including Echo Show, Echo Spot and 4k Fire TV
  • Comes with 12pcs of 1080p weatherproof cameras with 90 degree view angle
  • Spotlights to record color night vision up to 32 ft when motion and heat detection is triggered  


  • No audio

When the camera does not detect motion and heat, night vision is not in color but as in general in black and white up to a distance of about 100ft. When the camera detects motion and heat, the system activates a bright spotlight that also functions as an active deterrent and the camera records in color up to 32ft.

This Swann 16 channel dvr security system kit is new in 2020 and the price is around $479.0 in Amazon. Click the link below to learn more spec details and link to shop in Amazon.

Click here for Swann 16 channel DVR

2. Ezviz 16 Channel DVR Kit

Ezviz is consumer version brand offered by Hikvision which is mostly targeted to businesses. Ezviz offers 16 channels DVR system kit that consists of 16-channel DVR unit plus 8pcs TVI cameras at a more economical price, suitable to support your home surveillance system or part of your smart home environment.

Ezviz 16 Channel DVR Kit
Ezviz 16 Channel 3mp DVR Kit

What if compared to Swann in product as discussed above? Note that the number of cameras offered by Swann is 12pcs, 4pcs more than Ezviz offered but the Ezviz camera resolution is 3MP, it is higher than Swann which is 1080p. However, with Ezviz you cannot record and view in color night vision like Swann that is capable of recording in color night vision when motion is detected. And Ezviz longer distance IR illumination for night vision.


  • 16 channel DVR for smart home IoT environment, up to 3MP recording resolution
  • Comes with preinstalled 2TB Hard disk for video footage
  • Motion detection and alerts supported
  • Support voice control and IFTTT
  • One pressed button for firmware update when it is available
  • Comes with 8pcs 3MP TVI cameras @18fps, 16 cameras option is available
  •  Night vision up to 100ft black and white recording and view, up to 65 ft for total darkness
  • IP66 weatherproof housing


  • Cameras – no audio

With higher resolution than Swann, this Ezviz 16 channel DVR kit is ideal for smart home environment with voice control such as Alexa and is tagged with the price around $510.

Click here to learn more details and SHOP Ezviz 16 channel

When 3MP resolution is not enough, you can consider the higher resolution security camera system offered by Dahua and Amcrest below.

3. Dahua HDCVI 16-Ch

When the requirement of higher resolution exists, then your choice is 16-channel surveillance system that can record up to 4k or 4 times that of 1080p resolution. Dahua offers 16 channel DVR security systems that can record up to 4k (8mp) resolution with the included 12pcs of 5MP HDCVI IR eyeball camera, twice as high resolution as Swann cameras as discussed above and much higher resolution than Ezviz.

Dahua 16 channel surveillance system
Dahua 16 channel surveillance system

In this package, Dahua offers 16 channels Pentabrid digital video recorder unit that records up to 4K resolution @7fps all channels. With Pentabrid recorder you can connect any types of CVI, TV I, AHD, CVBS, IP cameras to the recorder using coaxial cables. You still can use existing coaxial cable infrastructure to work, no need to replace current coaxial cabling.


  • 16 channel 4k Pentabrid (CVI, TV I, AHD, CVBS, IP) recorder with H.265+ support
  • Support face detections up to 12 face pictures/ sec processing with 10 databases up to 10,000 face images in total
  • Record rate up to 4K @7fps all channels
  • Comes with 4TB hard disk, 1 SATA port, up to 10TB each disk
  • Includes 12pcs of HDCVI IR Eyeball cameras (HAC-HDW1500M ) with 5MP (2592 x 1944) @20 fps
  • 2.8 mm fixed lens ½.7mm CMOS with 98 degree view angle
  • Night vision with 12pcs IR LEDs range up to 98ft (30m)
  • IP67 weatherproof  with metal aluminum casing


  • No audio for cameras

When you compare with Swann as discussed above, see that the resolution offered by Swann is only up to 3MP while Dahua offers resolution up to 4K. However the camera offers by Swann features spotlight to help record in color night vision when motion and heat are detected.

Click the product link below to learn more spec details including link to shop in Amazon. With pentabrid Dahua 16 channel DVR security system and 12pcs of HDCVI 5MP cameras, this bundle is tagged around $1,194 (Apr 2020 in Amazon).

Click here for Dahua HDCVI 16 channel DVR

4. Amcrest UltraHD 4K 16CH DVR

If 5MP resolution is not enough to meet your business need, you may consider to choose the higher resolution system. Amcrest offers you 4K solution both the 16 channel dvr security system and the 4k bullet model HDCVI cameras.

Amcrest UltraHD 4K 16CH DVR
Amcrest UltraHD 4K 16CH DVR

Like Dahua, Amcrest AMDV8M16-H5 in this package is also a16-channel surveillance system with Pentabrid technology. While the included HDCVI cameras are 4k resolution model, twice as high resolution as Dahua cameras, however the number of cameras offered in this package is only 8pcs.


  • 16 channel DVR security system (Amcrest AMDV8M16-H5) with Pentabrid technology
  • Resolution up to 4k @7fps all channels uncompressed 
  • Comes with built-in 2TB hard disk, can be expanded up to 10TB
  • ASC technology for reliable long distance signal transmission up to 700m (2,296ft) at 4K
  • 8pcs of 4K @15fps HDCVI security cameras
  • 3.6mm fixed lens with 87 degree view angle
  • Night vision with 12pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft (30m)
  • IP67 weatherproof with rugged design


  • No audio

This Amcrest 16 channel dvr security camera system with 8pcs of 4k HDCVI cameras is tagged with the price around $720.0 in Amazon (Apr 2020). To have a full 16-port you need to add other 8pcs of cameras. One unit of this HDCVI camera is around $50.0, for 8pcs cost around $400.00.

Click here to Shop Amcrest 16 channel DVR kit

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If NVR system is prefered instead of 16 channel dvr system, you may also consider Laview vs Reolink vs Lorex 16 ch camera system. For larger scale businesses, you may consider 32 channel security camera system – see also Amcrest or Hikvision 32 channel security camera system kit.

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