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What kinds of security camera system do you need to make you feel safe to protect your property against any possible uninvited guests? Maybe you hope to get early warning and detail information on who uninvited guests are entering your property and at the same time knowing his face clearly and is capable of following the object while moving around.

With security camera product and security services from Amaryllo you can get all of that information including warnings when there is fire spot around to help you take action. We’ll discuss briefly Amaryllo auto tracking camera products and compare them with competing products including Bioxo and Dahua.

Amaryllo biometric auto tracking ptz camera

Amaryllo Auto Tracking Camera

In general, the security camera points to a particular view angle that is limited to certain width of the view angle the camera can support. On security cameras with fixed lenses only provide one point of view angle and if there is a zoom feature you can adjust it either manually or customized with motorized / digital zoom feature remotely using your mobile device with the app / software that comes with the camera or any compatible app.

Biometric Cameras

Amaryllo introduces few models of auto tracking camera including Amaryllo Ares; Amaryllo Triton with light bulb ceiling mount plug profile; Amaryllo Zeus auto tracking with light bulb ceiling mount plug profile; and Amaryllo Apollo with desktop model. They are not just auto tracking camera but they also biometric camera that can recognize / detect human, vehicle or animal objects accurately to avoid false alerts.  

For standard small business camera system, try this best 16 channel surveillance system kit.

Amaryllo Ares

We’ll focus to Amaryllo Ares which is one of those biometric auto tracking ptz cameras and compare it with Sunba, GW Security, Imporx and others.

Full HD @30 fps

This camera has a 1080p full HD resolution as well as three other Amaryllo models. For home needs with 1080p resolution @ 30 fps is sufficient and you can view it on your mobile device with the installed app clearly and sharply. You can also playback the footage knowing that this camera comes with built-in 8GB memory, and affordable Amaryllo cloud storage is also available.

Biometric features

Standard cameras generally support motion detection whether triggered by human, animal or vehicle movements. Amaryllo can recognize faces, humans, vehicles and pets accurately so as to avoid false detection. How often we get the false alerts due to security camera detect pet motion, but not with Amaryllo. And the good thing is that this camera can spot possible fire to allow you take action in case big fire accident.


  • Wireless Outdoor PTZ 360 degree auto tracking camera
  • Full HD 1080p @30 fps resolution with 4x digital zoom and 108 degree view angle
  • Biometric features to recognize human, faces, vehicle and pet accurately to avoid false detection
  • Comes with built-in 8GB memory storage and option to subscribe Amaryllo 365-days cloud storage with 256-bit military grade encryption
  • Up to 4 Wireless access network with 2.4GHz radio band 802.11b/g/n and 2×2 MIMO antennas
  • Two way audio with built-in Microphone and speaker
  • Motion and audio detection with smart detection for human, faces, vehicle, pet and also fire
  • Comes with 4x IR LEDs for night vision, and 2x Flash LEDs as active deterrent
  • IP66 rated weatherproof


  • Only 4x digital zoom and costly ($399)

When you compare with other models of PTZ camera which typically comes with motorized optical zoom, this camera comes with only 4x digital zoom. The pros are auto tracking and biometric features including fire spot alerts.

Click the link below to learn more spec details and link to shop in Amazon.

Click here to SHOP Amaryllo Ares biometric auto tracking camera

Now, let’s compare with two competing auto tracking cameras offered by Bioxo and Dahua.

2. Bioxo Auto Tracking Camera

Amaryllo auto tracking camera we have discussed above comes with only 4x digital zoom, no additional optical zoom like normally any other outdoor PTZ POE camera. This camera is ideal for home environment, or indoor offices. However, for large area to cover such as large parking area, or high security process plant environment Amaryllo is not appropriate covering long distance area to cover specifically for night vision. Bioxo is one of made in China products offers few models of affordable auto tracking PTZ camera with 20x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom feature. Compare this Bioxo with the above Amaryllo biometric auto tracking camera which only feature 4x digital zoom, no optical zoom while the price difference is a bit different.

Bioxo auto tracking camera with 20x optical zoom

Not just the 20x optical zoom, it also features long distance night vision up to 490ft, and the camera is built with IMX 291 Sony CMOS sensor with the same 2MP (1080p) resolution @25 fps. In addition, Bioxo camera is equipped with built-in surge and lightning protection. So it is very safe to be installed at the height of the tower with extreme weather exposure, rain, snow, and heat of the sun because the body is IP66 rated weatherproof.


  • Well built auto tracking camera with 1080p resolution @25 fps
  • Built-in ½.8” Sony IMX 291 CMOS image sensor
  • Features 20x optical motorized zoom plus 10x digital zoom
  • 8pcs IR LEDs with night vision range up to 490 ft(150m)
  • Accurate and quick Humanoid motion detection and alerts with its Built-in innovative AI algorithm CPU and track it within your customized electronic fence
  • Local memory storage up to 128GB and is Onvif to allow you connect to any compatible Onvif NVR system, Blue Iris etc
  • POE support or DC12V3A
  • Audio Out
  • Metal shield housing with IP66 rated weatherproof with Built-in surge protection and lightning protection device to prevent 4000V instantaneous current effectively


  • No detail manufacture’s spec and manual

Amaryllo auto tracking camera is ideal for home usages knowing that it comes with only 4x digital zoom.

You can’t get good image quality for zooming in distant objects with digital zoom. Compare with Bioxo which is equipped with 20x optical zoom, you can record distant objects by zooming in to 20x optical with very clear and sharp as if the object was in front of your camera.

Click here to SHOP Bioxo auto tracking camera

3. Dahua Auto Tracking Camera

For home surveillance system requirements, Amaryllo Ares auto tracking camera is appropriate to meet your needs. However, for business needs with a very large area property to cover such as parking area, airport, mining and marine projects, it is necessary to have an auto tracking camera equipped with great optical zoom factor. See also Dahua vs Reolink vs Hikvision security cameras.

Dahua SD59225U-HNI auto tracking Camera 2MP 25x Optical zoom Starlight CMOS

Bioxo can meet those needs, however if you are worried about the continuity of the product support in the future, knowing that until now Bioxo does not have an official website that represents the Bioxo brand, so it is a good idea to consider reliable products from Dahua that have complete series of auto tracking cameras and one of them is SD59225U-HNI auto tracking camera. It has the same 2MP resolution as Bioxo, however Dahua comes with higher (25x) optical zoom factor and is designed with built-in Sony Starlight CMOS sensor which demonstrates high quality image results in very low light conditions, even it is capable of capturing color details in low light down to 0.005 lux. So in ambient light you can still view and record video in color until it is completely darkness and the camera switches to black and white view.

This Dahua SD59225U-HNI auto tracking camera is one of IVS (Intelligent Video System) series for smart moving detection and analyze moving objects. And it also support Tripwire analytics including pre-determined line crossing, people counting, facial detection, and other smart feature.


  • High speed auto tracking camera with Intelligent Video System (IVS) for smart and analyze moving object detection
  • 1080p resolution with maximum frame rate up to 50/60fps @1080p
  • Comes with high quality 2MP Starvis CMOS sensor for high performance very low light conditions with minimum illumination 0.005Lux for color view.
  • Varifocal lens 4.8mm~120mm with 62.8° ~ 2.6°  view angle
  • 25x optical motorized zoom and 16x digital zoom
  • 4x IR LEDs with range distance up to 492ft (150m)
  • Smart features including Tripwire, intrusion, abandoned / missing objects, face detection, heat map, line crossing
  • Pan / Tilt range: pan 0° ~ 360° endless; Tilt: -15° ~ 90°,auto flip 180°
  • PTZ Mode: 5 Pattern, 8 Tour, Auto Pan ,Auto Scan
  •  Local memory storage micro SD Card up to 256GB
  • POE+ and IP66 weatherproof
  • TVS 6KV lightning protection rating provides lightning protection, surge protection and voltage transient protection.


  • More expensive, but still friendly budget compared with Hikvision products

See that the highlight features of this Dahua auto tracking camera is superior compared with both Amaryllo Ares and Bioxo. What about the price? With the list of rich features this camera is tagged around $560 in Amazon. For business requirement, this is affordable product with high quality features you may consider. Click the product link below to learn more spec details, manufacturer’s description and link to SHOP in Amazon.

Click here to SHOP Dahua auto tracking camera

4. YoLuke Wireless PTZ Camera

If the auto tracking feature is not a necessity for your business needs, maybe you can consider a PTZ camera product released by YoLuke. When compared to other products with similar features, this YoLuke wireless PTZ camera is sold at a very economical price of around $ 280.

YoLuke PTZ camera with rich features and specs at an economical price you can compare with other ptz security camera products that have 5MP resolution and 20x optical zoom. Actually this product in its specifications is a PTZ camera with auto tracking feature, but up to now this feature has not been able to run as expected and is still in technical troubleshooting by them. However without auto tracking feature this product is one of best value for money products in the market.

YoLuke wifi 5MP PTZ camera with 20x optical zoom

You may compare it to the Amaryllo Ares which is only designed with 1080p (2MP) resolution and is not equipped with optical zoom, only digital zoom with the app, while the price is much more expensive than YoLuke (more than $100 higher price).

You can consider this Yoluke ptz camera for the needs of your large home’s front or backyard, or retail shop, warehouse or large business area that requires the whole 360 degree monitoring.


  • 5MP (2560×1920) @20 fps high resolution PTZ wireless security camera with H.265 compression format supports
  • Varifocal lens with range of 4.7mm ~ 84.6mm focal length and 20x optical motorized zoom
  • Panning horizontally up to 355 degree and up to 90 degree tilting vertically and supports up to 128 preset, 8 patrols and up to 16 presets /patrol
  • Night vision with 6pcs IR LEDs array, range up to 200ft (60m)
  • Standard 802.11b/g/n Wifi connection up to 270ft distance @2.4GHz radio band and external antenna
  • Two way audio with built-in speaker you can speak and listen via mobile devices with app
  •  Supports local memory micro SD Card storage up to 128GB
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • Onvif support and your 3rd party software (such as iSpy, Milestone, and Blue Iris) as well as Dahua and Hikvision NVR system


  • Doesn’t support auto tracking feature
  • doesn’t support biomotric features like face recognition, heat map as offered by Amaryllo Ares

With this 5MP, 20x optical zoom features, this Yoluke ptz camera is tagged with affordable price around $280.00 in Amazon. Click the link below to shop this security camera in Amazon (#Ads).

Click here to SHOP Yoluke wireless PTZ camera in Amazon

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