Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System With DVR

Which one is best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr or NVR that is reasonable to meet your business need? Which one is best outdoor security camera system with reasonable price?

Wireless outdoor system

The requirements of surveillance security camera system for homes or small businesses are those products with easy to install, easy to manage, high quality products, secure and reasonable price. You may add more features requirement to meet your business, and typically richer features more expensive such as the one offered by Amcrest 4k and Lorex 4k system. One important feature is that the camera must be safe for outdoor placement as well as indoor. The camera should be weatherproof with solid housing, water proof and dust proof is also better.

Wireless Connection

The easiest way for connecting the camera to the network is no wire if possible. So that’s why the camera with wireless connection is very essential to eliminate hassle of running data cable from the camera to the NVR system. So that’s why selecting surveillance security system with wireless connection is reasonable for homes or small businesses to reduce complication of running network cable.

Today you can find some models of wire-free camera system in the market such as Arlo Pro wire-free camera system, or new model offered by Motorola – Motorola Orbit wire-free camera and still more.

You can find lots of security camera system kit in the market with reasonable price you may consider, now which one is best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr appropriate to meet your need? Wireless home cameras connect directly to your wifi system or NVR system (not DVR system actually, but DVR is common term even though it is different) and some models today feature NVR with built-in wireless router. Now which one best outdoor security camera system to meet your business need? The last two products are popular Amcrest and Lorex security systems.

Which one to select?

The following products list top 10 best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr products you may consider, top 10 best outdoor security camera system with reasonable price and become top rated products 4 stars up in Amazon.

1. Onwote NVR system

Unlike the first two products that requires monitor or HDTV for high resolution HDMI connection, Onwote NVR system comes with 10.1 inch LCD monitor and preinstalled 1TB HDD for storage to allow you store the footage for playback the footage later.

The NVR system supports up to 720p full HD resolution, and is designed with built-in wireless router and is auto paired technology.

Onwote 4 channel NVR with 10.1 inch monitor


  • 4 channel Wireless NVR system
  • Comes with built-in wireless router and is auto pair technology
  • Supports up to 6TB HDD storage, preinstalled 1TB HD
  • Supports up to 720p resolution
  • Comes with 10.1 inch LCD monitor
  • Includes 2 pcs 3.6mm lens camera and 2 pcs 6mm lens cameras
  • 75 degree Field of view angle
  • All wireless cameras support night vision with 6 LED arrays range up to 80 ft
  • IP66 rated weatherproof


  • up to only 720p resolution

The price tagged for this product is $300, and currently the customer rating is excellent and becomes one of best outdoor security camera systems. For homes, this security kit is one of the best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr you may consider to purchase.

Click here to learn more detail Onwote 4 channel NVR

2. Yeskam 4-Channel Wifi Security system

The three products listed above are three of best outdoor security camera systems with HD 720p resolution cameras. Let’s see another high rated 4 channel NVR system with full HD (1080p) resolution. Yeskam offers surveillance kit with 4 channel NVR system with 4x full HD 1080p wireless outdoor cameras. The NVR system comes with pre-installed 2TB HD and is ready with auto pair technology.

All the three cameras are IP66 rated weatherproof outdoor with solid metal case. And longer distance infra red illumination in darkness up to 100 ft.

Yeskam 4 Channel wifi NVR


  • Wireless NVR 1080p with auto pair technology
  • 4-channel NVR with built-in router
  • Support VGA and HDMI video output
  • Supports manual, time schedule and motion detection recording modes
  • SATA HD storage up to 6TB, pre installed 2TB
  • 2x USB for mouse and HD backup
  • Remote view via mobile
  • ONVIF compliant
  • 4x 1080p wireless outdoor camera
  • Fixed 3.6mm lens camera
  • Infrared array range up to 100 ft
  • IP66 rated weatherproof with solid metal case housing


  • up to only 720p resolution cameras

This Yeskam 4 channel wireless NVR system is tagged with higher price than the above three products knowing that resolution is higher and preinstalled HD is 2TB. Current rating is excellent, click the link below to learn more details.

Click here for Yeskam 4 channel NVR

3. Reolink 4 Channel RLK4-21o

The last 4 channel surveillance kit of best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr you may consider is Reolink RLK4-210 wireless NVR kit. Like the one offered by Yeskam as discussed above, Reolink offers 4 channel 1080p wifi NVR system with 4x 1080p wireless outdoor cameras. The NVR system is preinstalled with 1TB SATA disk that can be expanded up to 4TB hard disk.

The included cameras are 4x Reolink RLC-210W wireless outdoor 1080p camera with night vision supports up to 100 ft range.

Reolink 4 Channel 1080p wireless NVR


  • 4 channel wireless NVR full HD 1080p resolution
  • Support 1x e-SATA port, space up to 4TB and preinstalled 1TB disk
  • HDMI video output for local monitor and access
  • Remote access with Reolink app for mobile devices, Reolink client for Windows and Mac
  • Real time motion detection and alerts
  • 4x Reolink RLC-210W wireless outdoor cameras
  • 80 degree field of view angle
  • Supports night vision with 36 pcs IR LEDs range up to 100 ft (32 m)


  • up to only 4 channel with 1080p resolution

With full HD 1080p resolution of both NVR and 4x included cameras, you will get sharp and clear image details compared with 720p system. For resolution up to 4k resolution you may consider the last product – Amcrest 4k security camera system.

 Click here to learn more details Reolink RLK-210

4. Lorex

All the above four security system kits require you to provide power outlet to the cameras, you need to run power outlet nearby where you place the camera. Even though you don’t need to provide data cable from camera to the NVR unit since the cameras are wireless models. Like Netgear Arlo wire-free camera system, Lorex offers you wire-free camera system.

Lorex 6 channel wire-free outdoor camera system kit


  • 6 channel wire-free security camera system
  • 1080p full HD resolution, up to 32Mbps data throughput
  • Storage 1x 6TB
  • FLIR Cloud service available
  • P2P technology
  • Comes with 6pcs wire-free lwb3801 1080p cameras, power by rechargeable battery
  • Long life up to 4 mouths battery
  • Camera range up to 450 ft
  • DSSS (Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology
  • Night vision range up to 40 ft with PIR motion sensor
  • IP65 weatherproof


  • Only up to 1080p resolution cameras

For easy to install security camera tasks, this Lorex wire-free security system is ideal for homes or small offices or apartments. No hassle of running power and data cable from the camera to the NVR unit.

Click here to learn more Lorex wire-free system  

5. Amcrest

As discussed above, Lorex offers you wire-free security camera system, however the resolution is up to only 1080p resolution. To support up to 4k security cameras, Amcrest offers you NV4108-HS high bandwidth data throughput up to 80Mbps for 8 channel simultaneously. Lorex also has few models of 4k security camera system such as Lorex NR9082 with 8x lnb8111b 4k security camera. See also Amcrest vs Lorex 8 channel 4k surveillance system.

Amcrest 8 channel 4K system

You may connect up to 8pcs wireless or wired cameras to the system. You require existing wireless network in place for connection to the NVR system.


  • Amcrest’s NV4108-HS 8-Channel NVR System resolution up to 4K @30 fps including 6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/2MP/1080P/720P @ 30 fps
  • Data throughput up to 80Mbps
  • Support storage up to 6TB
  • Feature-Rich OSD: Camera Name, Time, Motion Detection, Video Loss, Lock, and Record Status Icons
  • QR Code scan for easy remote viewing
  • Includes 4x Amcrest IP4m-1026W wireless outdoor cameras
  • 118 degree Wide field of view angle with Sony IMX322 progressive scanning image sensor and the Ambarella S2Lm chipset
  • Night vision range up to 98 ft
  • IP67 weatherproof with metal housing


  • Doesn’t come with built-in POE switch for wired cameras, but you can connect to the network for POE cameras

With the included 4x 4mp wireless outdoor Amcrest IP4m-1026w cameras you still can add more 4k security cameras such as Amcrest ip8m-2493 dome outdoor cameras connected to your network. This Amcrest 8 channel security system kit is tagged around $550 in Amazon and becomes one of best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr kits in the market.

To learn more details click here for Amcrest 8 channel security kit

To be continued to the next 5 products of the best outdoor wireless security camera system available in the market today.

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