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Professional Grade Best PTZ Outdoor Camera For Businesses

If you want an outdoor security camera that capable of performing security surveillance of the entire area of ​​360 degrees of property, then you need an outdoor PTZ camera. The question is which one is the best outdoor PTZ camera for your business needs?

If you want a security camera to do surveillance that can cover the whole 360 degrees of your business property, then you need an outdoor PTZ camera. The question is which one is the best PTZ outdoor camera for your business needs?

PTZ Outdoor Camera

One of the main purposes of surveillance system is to provide an early warning of the intruder attempt at the outer ring of your property. It is therefore you need to place the camera outdoor at a very strategy location which is typically exposed to harsh environment including rain, winds, extreme temperature changes and probably prone to lightening strikes.

It is therefore your security camera must withstand to those extreme environments. At least your camera must be weatherproof, at least comes with IP66 weatherproof rated, it is better comes with solid build housing with vandal resistant and lightening protection features.

Which one is the best ptz outdoor camera to meet your business environment? Before you purchase the product make such an assessment what spec and features of the ptz camera that meet your business. Finding the best product is like targeting the flying object, there always come new product introductions with better spec and features. What you need is the best product that is suitable to meet your business and is suitable with your budget.

The best product for your home property needs is certainly not adequate if it is used for business property needs such as for large offices, process plants that require high level of security.

Here are the best products for large homes, small businesses and offices with high security level. Let’s start with the product for homes or small businesses.

1. Reolink RLC-523wa

Reolink releases many DIY security camera products that are sold at very affordable prices compared with similar products from other vendors, while the specs and features are sufficient to meet the homes or small business need. One of the products that was released and became one of the best-selling products is the Reolink RLC-523wa, one of best ptz outdoor camera products with wifi connection, ideal for homes or small businesses.

reolink rlc-523
Reolink RLC-523 Wifi PTZ camera

Wifi camera

With a wifi connection, indeed it is very practical to place outdoor in a strategic location without having to think about the difficulties that may arise if you have to run a network cable in connecting to your home internet network. With dual band wifi support is ideal for connecting to the latest wifi routers knowing that all comes with dual band technology, so you can utilize the cleaner 5GHz radio band instead of more crowded 2.4GHz radio band which is prone to signal interfaces. 

5MP Resolution with AI features

The Reolink rlc-523 comes with 5MP (2k) camera resolution, while the twin version Reolink rlc-823 with a wired model comes with double resolution (4k). Camera with 2k resolution is sufficient for your home needs, however if 2k resolution is not sufficient you can take the 4k version (rlc-823) but this series is not wifi model.

One thing that makes this camera worth considering is the support for AI technology that allows it to only detect human and vehicle motion so that it can reduce false alerts. You can adjust the sensitivity level of motion detection by selecting the motion detection radio button or Smart detection.

From the camera setting select Setting > Detection Alarm > Sensitivity, you can either select ‘Motion detection’ or ‘Smart detection’ radio button. With selection of ‘Smart detection’ you enable the ptz outdoor camera to detect motion smarter, detecting only human and vehicle.

Night Vision

The Reolink rlc-523 and its twin rlc-823 are both equipped with 3 spotlights that can illuminate the surroundings to render color night vision. When the camera detects motion, the spotlight turns on so that it adds light to produce full color images. You can turn off the spotlight, so it uses b/w night vision with IR LEDs, while the default setting is ‘auto’.

Go to menu and select Advanced > Spotlight > Click Night Mode > select Close radio button to turn off the spotlights. Or you can setup the spotlights to turn on when you live view. Instead of click the ‘Night mode’, you select Auto-On for Live View.

This camera also supports time lapse, but this feature cannot be enabled when the camera is connected to a recording unit (NVR), so it must work stand alone with the Reolink app that you can control via your Smartphone.


  • 5MP resolution @20 fps wireless PTZ camera with auto tracking feature
  • Varifocal lens f=2.7~13.5mm F=1.6~3.3 support 5x Optical zoom and 16x digital zoom
  • Comes with 3x Spotlights 945 lumens and 5700 Kelvin color temperature, turned On with event detection or Live view
  • Color night vision with spotlights ON or B/W night vision with 4pcs 850nm IR LEDs range up to 190ft (60m)
  • Two way audio with built-in speaker and microphone and support local memory storage micro SD Card up to 256GB
  • Comes with dual band 802.11a/b/g/n wifi and Ethernet Port
  • 360 degree panning with Pan Speed 2.5°-150°/s and 90 degree tilting with Tilt Speed 1.5°-60°/s Preset: 64
  • IP66 weatherproof with aluminum metal housing    
  • Only IP66 weatherproof feature, doesn’t support lightning and surge protection, no IK10 vandal resistant
  • Doesn’t support richer alerts such as perimeter protection, face capture, advanced behavior protection  

For the requirements of more sophisticated PTZ camera with richer features including face capture, perimeter protection and lightening protection features, this product is not your choice. However, for home needs, this reolink rlc-523 is one of the best outdoor ptz cameras you may consider.

To read more spec details and current price (around $259.99 Jan 2022 in Amazon), click the product’ link below in Amazon.

Click here to learn more details Reolink RLC-523 in Amazon (#ads)

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What if for businesses? Which best ptz outdoor camera?

2. Amcrest IP4M-1083

One of the more sophisticated outdoor PTZ cameras was released by Amcrest after previously being successful with Amcrest ip4m-1063, today Amcrest released a new, much more sophisticated series, the Amcrest ip4m-1083. What the reolink rlc-523 can’t do the Amcrest ip4m-1083 can.

Amcrest IP4m-1083 PTZ Camera
Amcrest IP4m-1083 PTZ Camera

32 x Optical zoom

The ip4m-1083 comes with Sony Starvis CMOS 4MP resolution, slightly lower resolution than Reolink, but a very real difference is the zoom factor. Amcrest ip4m-1083 comes with 32 x optical motorized zoom compared to Reolink which is only 5x optical zoom.

This PTZ camera product is certainly very suitable to meet industrial surveillance needs to cover a very wide area, especially with its 32 x optical zoom range feature, image quality remains sharp and vivid even with full 32 x optical zoom.

Night Vision

When compared to the reolink rlc-523 that we discussed above which the camera is equipped with spotlights to render color night vision, amcrest is not. Amcrest uses Sony Starvis CMOS sensor which is famous for being able to provide good camera performance in low light conditions. Moreover, this camera also has a true 120dB wdr feature which can compensate for being able to outsmart the camera, which at the same time there are two extreme light conditions very bright light and shadows in the frame.

See also Hikvision Colorvu vs Dahua color night vision cameras.

Better housing protection

The placement of PTZ cameras outdoor is exposed to extreme harsh environmental conditions, the camera is exposed to heat, rain, snow and can even get a lightning attack if placed at a height such as on a tower. Amcrest already provides better protection for these conditions such as IP67 weatherproof, IK10 Vandal proof and also 6KV Lightning Protection knowing that this product comes with solid metal aluminum housing.

With the 32x optical zoom feature, of course, it is very suitable to place this ptz camera at a height to be able to cover a large area more freely. For this reason, the camera needs to have a lightning protection feature. Reolink rlc-523 only comes with 5x optical zoom so placing the camera on the porch is OK.

Smart Alerts

Reolink rlc-523 does not have complete smart alerts feature like amcrest ip4m-1083 does. In addition to human and vehicle detection as in the RLC-523, the IP4M-1083 has more complete smart alert Deep IVS (intelligent video system analytics) features including face detection, tripwire and intrusion. You can manage all the deep IVS rules via web browser interface, not from Amcrest View Pro app.

In an area with a high level of security, sometimes we need to make a kind of tripwire which if someone enters or crosses the line, an alarm is sent to the security department to get special attention. With this camera you can create such a rule with the tripwire protection feature. Even you can setup which direction the human will cross the wire get the trigger, from the left side or right side or from both sides. You cannot find that tripwire feature in reolink. Most professional ptz cameras offer this tripwire feature.

There are still more smart features you can configure to add higher level of security in business properties.


  • High speed PTZ outdoor camera with 4MP resolution @30 fps, designed with Sony Starvis CMOS image sensor for much better low light performance
  • Long range varifocal lens 4.9 mm ~ 156 mm with Max. Aperture F1.35 ~ F4.4
  • 32x optical motorized zoom and 16x digital zoom
  • Comes with 120dB true WDR
  • 4x IR LEDs with range up to 492.13ft (150m)
  • 360 degree endless panning, speed up to 200 degree /s, tilting up to 90 degree with speed up to 120 degree
  • Presets up to 300, 8 tour, 5 patters and 5 scan
  • IVS rules and Smart event trigger including human and vehicle detection, video tampering, scene changing, network disconnection etc
  • AI features including tripwire and intrusion, face detection
  • Support micro SD Card 256GB, NAS, Local PC, NVR
  • POE support
  • IP67 weatherproof, IK10, 6000V lightening proof, surge and voltage protection
  • Very heavy security gear

Amcrest ip4m-1083 is professional product and the price is also more expensive than standard PTZ camera in general (MSRP $899.99), however the retail price is less expensive in Amazon (#ads). Click the product’s link below to see current price and read more spec’s details in Amazon.

Click here to learn more details Amcrest PTZ camera

For businesses, this camera is one of best ptz outdoor camera products available in the market today that support AI and IVS feature.

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