Best PTZ Outdoor Camera

There are various models of PTZ Outdoor camera available in the market you can purchase, choose the best PTZ camera to meet your business need. PTZ camera is one of the best solution to cover larger area that allows you to control the camera easily including panning horizontally up to endless 360 degree, and tilting vertically up to 90 degree and more detail objects by zooming in.

Why PTZ Outdoor

One of the main purposes of surveillance system is to provide an early warning of the intruder attempt at the outer ring of your property. No wonder that the effective way to place a security camera is outdoor, exposed to harsh environment including rain, winds, extreme temperature and probably lightening.


Your camera must withstand to those extreme environments. At least your camera must be a weatherproof – IP66 rated camera. Some models of outdoor camera come with vandal resistant and strong housing. Some models of PTZ camera features POE for easy cabling system for both video data and power. With POE features the camera connects easily to join the NVR system with built-in POE switch such as GW and USG 32 channel NVR systems.

Which one is the best product to meet your business environment, you need to assess your requirements and select the PTZ outdoor camera suitable to your environment and requirements. The following are some models you may consider to select, the best PTZ camera to meet your business needs.

  1. Sunba 601-D20X 1080P HD POE

SUNBA introduces various models of PTZ camera especially outdoor POE camera and of most popular in its middle range product is Sunba 601-D20X, besides its Auto tracking product Sunba 805 series. See also comparison Sunba and GW Security auto tracking camera.

Sunba 601-D20x is a full HD 1080p resolution, very clear and sharp image detail even though you zoom in to the maximum zoom the camera can go with its 20x optical zoom. With optical zoom the quality of image is free of noise as opposed with digital zoom.

Field of view angle depends on what the zoom factor you use ranging from 2.9 ~ 55.4 degree with variation of focal length ranging from 4.7~94mm. The shorter the focal length the wider the field of view angle.

sunba speed dome camera

Sunba 601-DX20 Speed dome camera (~$320)


  • Sony CMOS sensor, ½.8 inch 4.7~94mm lens with 20x optical zoom
  • High resolution of full HD 1080p
  • Night vision with 4 Osram lights, Infrared/IR-Cut ranging up to 350m (1,148 ft)
  • PTZ speed dome, panning speed 0.01 – 300 degree/s ; Pan 360 degree endless, Tilting speed 0.01~120 degree/s; Tilt -10 – 90 degree (10 degrees upward tilt and 90 degrees downward)
  • Audio In only
  • 10/100Mbps RJ45 network interface with POE support
  • IP66 rated weatherproof with Aluminum shell body
  • Energy Efficient Mode: half IR on with low-zoom level, full IR with fully zoomed in


  • doesn’t support two way audio
  • no vandal resistant

This is one of best PTZ outdoor camera introduced by Sunba in additions of other PTZ auto tracking camera. This product is tagged with the price around $330 in Amazon. to learn more details about the product click the link below:

Click here to learn more Sunba 601-D20x, current price and rating

There are lots of PTZ models that Sunba offers including Sunba 805-D20XB with 20x optical zoom, 1080p HD resolution, includes the audio and high speed of up to 300 degree panning. See more details Sunba 805-D20XB spec and description.

  1. JideTech PTZ Dome Camera

Unlike the other models of PTZ camera which is typically designed to mount on the wall or on the tower, Jidetech middle speed PTZ dome camera. Unlike Sunba that offers you high speed PTZ camera with 20x optical zoom, and the price is tagged around 320. For lower budget you may consider 2.5” JideTech PTZ IP camera which is tagged with the price around $135.00 in Amazon or any other retail shops.

For homes or small businesses is appropriate should you require middle speed PTZ camera with 3x motorized optical zoom camera.

JideTech PTZ dome camera 3x optical zoom (~$135)


  • 2.5” metal housing PTZ camera
  • Full HD 1080p (1920×1080) recording resolution @30 FPS
  • Motorized lens 2.8~12.0 mm with 3x optical zoom
  • 0~355 panning with speed 120 degree /s; 0~90 degree tilting speed 45 degree /s
  • Support night vision with 3pcs IR LED range up to 30 m(98 ft)
  • POE supports with POE injector
  • Built-in Surge and Lightning Protection
  • Onvif compliant


  • No memory storage
  • No audio
  • Require POE injector
  • no vandal resistant

JideTech PTZ camera here is tagged with reasonable price you can afford for most home users or small businesses, it cost around $135 in Amazon. Click the link below for more spec and manufacturer’s description, current price and rating.

Click here to learn more JideTech PTZ camera


  1. Dericam Wifi Outdoor PTZ camera


For homes or small businesses, instead of POE connection you may consider this wireless outdoor PTZ camera – Dericam PTZ wifi camera. This is an affordable product worth of try, excellent customer rating in Amazon.

Unlike SUNBA 601-D20X that connects to the internet network with UTP CAT5e or CAT6 cable, Dericam Wifi outdoor PTZ camera connects to the internet network wirelessly. You can connect to the camera to view, playback via wifi either at home with your mobile devices or remotely via your 3G/4G LTE based mobile devices.

This PTZ outdoor camera is built up using Aptina AR0130 image sensor with 1.3MP high resolution of 1280x960p @25 fps. The good thing is the focal length is ranging from 2.8mm up to 12mm providing 4x optical zoom with auto focus. Compared with Sunba 601, Dericam has lower resolution and optical zoom is only 4x.

dericam outdoor ptz camera

Dericam wifi outdoor PTZ camera (~$150)

This camera is also featuring night vision with 22pcs IR-LEDs to illuminate up to 65 ft in darkness with black and white video recording.


  • Wifi outdoor PTZ camera with very secure connection to the camera
  • 1.3MP (1280x960p) resolution @25 fps with high-end image sensor Aptina AR0130
  • Night Vision Range up to 65 feet with 22pcs Strong IR-LEDs
  • 4x Optical Zoom Lens (f=2.8~12mm) Auto-focus
  • 355 degree Horizontal Pan and 90 degree Vertical Tilt Rotation Range Create a Complete 360 degree Coverage.
  • Multiple storage options with preinstalled 16GB memory, FTP server, ONVIF compatible NVR system, ,Synology NAS and Blue Iris Software
  • IP65 rated weatherproof housing ideal for outdoor


  • lower resolution
  • no audio
  • shorter IR distance

For homes or small businesses, Dericam Wifi Outdoor PTZ camera is ideal with appropriate resolution and 4x optical zoom. This product is one one of best PTZ outdoor camera for outdoor placement something like on the porch. Moreover with PTZ capability you can pan endlessly 360 degree to cover the whole area.

Click here the link below to learn more about spec details, current price and perfect customer rating above four stars.

Click here for Dericam outdoor PTZ camera

  1. Anran PTZ camera with 4x optical zoom

Another top rated and one of best PTZ outdoor camera products in the market is Anran wireless PTZ outdoor camera. Anran is getting better rated and is hitting other competing products. Compared with Dericam which resolution is still 1.3MP, Anran PTZ is higher resolution which is 1080p (1920×1080) @15 fps.

Night vision range is also longer distance up to 160 ft as opposed with only 65 ft for Dericam, however still much shorter than Sunba that can reach up to 350m (1,148 ft).

Anran 1080p wireless PTZ 4x optical zoom 


  • Full HD resolution of 1080p @15 fps
  • Built-in 2.0MP CMOS with varifocal 2.8~12mm lens
  • 4x auto focus optical zoom
  • H.264 compression format
  • Built-in 6x strong IR-cut lens for night vision up to 160 ft(50m) range
  • Support audio interface In Out
  • Built-in 16GB memory storage
  • P2P and QR Code scan ready for easy remote connection
  • Wifi connection
  • ONVIF 2.0


  • lower speed of 1080p @15 fps

With the built-in memory card you can install this wireless PYZ outdoor camera in the porch or patio, and is standalone without NVR system even though you can connect to any ONVIF NVR system together with other cameras.

Click here to learn more detail Anran 1080p PTZ camera

  1. Amcrest IP2M-853E

Another premium product is offered by Amcrest – Amcrest IP2M-853E. It’s not wireless PTZ camera but POE PTZ camera for solid network connection to the network. Resolution is the same as Anran at point 4 above, however the frame rate per second is higher – it’s a 30 fps instead of normal @15 fps, smoother. The zoom is also different, Amcrest offers 12x optical zoom plus 16x digital zoom.

Unlike the previous model of  Amcrest IP2M-850  which is very expensive, Amcrest introduces more economical model with better looking design.


  • Speed dome POE PTZ camera with full HD 1080p resolution @30 fps
  • Varifocal lens 5.4~64.0 mm focal length with range of field of view angle 58 degree (wide) up to 5 degree (Tele)
  • 12x optical motorized zoom in addition of 16x digital zoom
  • High speed dome camera panning endless 360 degree up to 300 degree /s
  • High speed tilting 15~90 degree up to 300 degree /s
  • H264 compression format
  • Local micro SD memory storage slot up to 128GB
  • Audio interface In Out
  • ONVIF compliant



  • more bucks to spend

With full HD resolution @30 fps high speed dome PTZ camera you can connect to ONVIF NVR system such as Amcrest or HIkvision 4k NVR security system together with other 4k /8MP security cameras.

Click here to learn more detail Amcrest IP2M-853 and purchase in Amazon

Amcrest IP2M-853 is one of best PTZ outdoor camera in the market with high speed dome panning and tilting.



For small businesses, Sunba 601-20X PTZ outdoor camera is appropriate, one of the best PTZ camera for large homes or small businesses. For higher resolution with longer distance IR night vision you may consider Sunba 805 series. For higher optical zoom factor you may consider Q-See caemra or Imporx. For lower budget, Dericam and SequPlug are ideal solution for large homes outdoor camera.


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