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Best Value Blink Doorbell vs Eufy Which One is Better

Amazon introduces more economical Blink products in addition of popular Ring products, you know that blink and ring are now under Amazon umbrella. Like its popular blink outdoor camera with its two years battery life, blink offers affordable blink doorbell which also comes with the same two years battery life.

Blink Doorbell

If currently you’ve already had blink products such as blink cam outdoor 3rd generation, or blink floodlight cam, while blink synch module 2 is already in place, you can purchase add-on blink doorbell and connect to local storage in sync module. See also Wyze cam floodlight vs blink.

Sync Module

Do you still require sync module to have this blink doorbell to function normally such as playback the video footage when you miss the real time alerts at when it detected the motion? Obviously synch module with usb disk storage installed is required if you don’t opt to subscribe blink cloud plan. The good thing with the sync module is you can connect up to 10 blink devices to single blink sync module. 

Blink Video Doorbell

If you don’t have a synch module in place, the blink doorbell still can perform its motion detection alerts, two way communication in real time, and live view. Blink doorbell, like other blink products doesn’t come with built-in memory storage to store the video footages like eufy.

I’ll compare it with eufy doorbell series which come with built-in memory storage on the next following paragraphs.   

So which eufy doorbell model is ideal as an alternative product for blink doorbell, since there are few models of eufy doorbell available in the market today?

Eufy Doorbell

When it comes to choose eufy doorbell as the alternative products for blink, you need to get better insights of the product. There are two types of eufy doorbell, battery powered and wired doorbell for the power source perspective. While for the number of camera lens perspective there two types of eufy doorbell, the single lens and dual lens series.  To enhance the higher security level of your door, you may also consider wifi door lock, eufy offers few models of eufy door lock you may consider.

With battery power doorbell, eufy comes with built-in battery that can last for 180 days, or you can use existing doorbell wiring. With battery powered doorbell, you can place it anywhere on the door and no worries of providing power source near the device. The eufy wired doorbell model is enriched with 3-second pre-buffer video clip before event is triggered, but the battery model isn’t.

Eufy wired doorbell

While for dual lens model, there are two lenses with different point of view. One lens is pointing to front view like doorbell in general, while the second one is aimed to view the lower angle to detect the package put on the floor.  

See also comparison between eufy vs arlo doorbell camera.

Blink doorbell vs Eufy

For the sake of fair comparison, eufy wired doorbell with single lens should be taken to compare with blink. To make the comparison between the two products the following table 1 below is used to get better insights to make up your mind selecting the suitable one.

Video resolution

Does video resolution matter? Yes absolutely it does; the security camera with higher video resolution the better the image quality and looks more vivid and more details. See that eufy doorbell comes with twice as high resolution as blink. Moreover, with 4:3 aspect ratio will give you lower view and the landscape view is still wide enough to cover couple of persons in front of the door. However, you still cannot see the package placed below the door, but the dual lens version can.

With the addition of HDR feature, eufy doorbell demonstrates better image balance result in challenging bright light and shade in front of the door which is typically backlight behind the person.

Both blink and eufy are equipped with IR LEDs for black and white night vision when there is not much ambient light available. With the video resolution perspective, eufy with double video resolution and hdr feature is more advantages than blink.


Memory storage is absolutely essential to playback the video footage later when you miss the motion detection event in real time, and video footage can be used as evidence later when you need to dispute in the court.

With blink doorbell you have two options to store the video footages; you can subscribe cloud storage with blink service plan or connect to the available Sync module 2 with usb disk storage installed. The good thing with sync module is you can connect up to 10 blink devices including couple of blink indoor and outdoor cameras, and doorbell.

You can also subscribe blink subscription plan that stores your unlimited video footages on the cloud for 60-days including live view and extended live view. You can access the video footage easily anywhere your mobile device with the blink app installed and get the internet access.

What about eufy? With eufy doorbell, it doesn’t need to connect to the home base or such kind of synch module, it connect direct to your home wifi network. Each of eufy doorbell models comes with built-in memory storage. And this eufy wired doorbell is equipped with built-in 4GB memory, embedded on the board. While the battery power version comes with built-in 16GB memory on board. Thus you don’t need separate storage like home base or synch module or cloud storage to save all the video clips so later you can playback when needed.

Event detection

Blink doorbell is designed like security camera in general that respond to motion detection and trigger alerts and sent to your mobile device. You need to customize the alerts sent to your mobile device with the blink app installed. By default the blink doorbell is disarmed, meaning that the doorbell system will not response to any detected motions, so you need to enable the system to do so by selecting the ‘Armed’ button. You can snooze the alerts for not sending to your mobile, however the system still records any detected motions.

On the other hand, eufy wired doorbell features a bit smarter than blink with its smart human body and face detection rather than standard motion detection, so only important motion detections will sent alerts to your mobile device. And the best part is that eufy wired doorbell features 3-second recorded clip just before the alert triggered. This is similar feature like the one offered by Ring video doorbell 4 series. See also ring vs arlo doorbell.         

Have a look at the following table 1 below for more details spec comparison between blink and eufy doorbell.

Table 1 Blink doorbell vs Eufy

Doorbell modelBlink DoorbellEufy wired doorbell
ResolutionFull HD 1080p @30 fps; View captured images
in 640 x 360 nHD
2K Resolution (2560×1920) HDR Distortion Correction with 4:3 aspect ratio
Field of view angle135° horizontal, 80° vertical160° diagonal
Night VisionIR Night visionB/W IR Night vision
Power Options2 AA 1.5V lithium metal (non-rechargeable) batteries. Or connect to existing chime wiring:
16-24 VAC
Existing Doorbell Wiring (16-24VAC, 30VA or above)
Smart DetectionMotion detectionHuman Body and Face Detection; 3s Pre-buffer
 Audio Two way audio with built-in mic and speaker Two way audio with built-in mic and speaker
Video Storage LocationCloud storage with Blink service plan OR
install Sync module 2 with USB flash disk connected (sold separately)
4GB, On Doorbell
Doorbell ChimeNot included1. Free indoor chime. 2. Alexa Echo device as a chime.
Require HubYes for local video footage via USB flash disk Sync module 2 connects up to 10 devicesDoesn’t require home base
Network ConnectivitySingle band wifiSingle band wifi
Outdoor protectionIP54 Weather resistantIP65 weatherproof
Doorbell Dimensions130 mm x 42 mm x 34 mm4.8 in x 1.7 in x 0.9 in
Weight91 grams1.1 pounds
Works with Alexa / Google assistantYesYes
Price$49.99 (Stand alone)  / $148.99
(includes doorbell, outdoor camera and
sync module)
$149.99 (includes doorbell and chime)

Both products are tagged with almost the same price in the market; however blink is bundled with doorbell + blink outdoor cam + synch module. While with eufy doorbell kit, it comes with doorbell and chime.

Click the link below to read more details each of the product, see current price and get best deal in Amazon (#ads).

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