Best Value POE PTZ HD Cameras

Here are top 5 best value for money POE PTZ cameras including Anran, Reolink, Azone, Globin and Sunba PTZ HD Camera products in the market.

Why PTZ camera

With a standard dome or bullet model camera you can only survey one area within the camera’s coverage, in some degree of camera’s field of view angle. With Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera you can cover wide range of territory to monitor with multiple angles and perspective. PTZ camera is typically installed outdoor and mostly supports POE for both data and power connection to the POE switch.

PTZ outdoor camera is ideal for parking area, garages, rooftops, warehouse yard, plants and more. New introductions of PTZ cameras offered by vendors each months such as Amcrest just released IP2m-853e the wired model and IP2m-858w the wireless model of PTZ camera and also Reolink and more. See also Amcrest IP2m-853, and Reolink and GW Security.

Optical Zoom

Most PTZ outdoor cameras feature optical zoom to allow you zooming in the object in the distance to the closer look without sacrificing the image detail as opposed with the camera with digital zoom.

Top 5 best value models

Here are the top 5 POE PTZ cameras, or the wireless PTZ HD camera with affordable price compared with other premium models offered by other vendors.

1. Anran PTZ camera

Should you prefer camera with wifi connection to reduce complication and hassle of running data cable from the camera to the router or recording (NVR/DVR) unit, Anran PTZ HD camera can be consider.

This camera is ideal for homes, backyard or front yard covering up to 160 ft for night vision. So far the rating is excellent in Amazon, it’s a 4.9 stars with tagged price around $250.

Anran 1080p wireless PTZ 4x optical zoom
Anran 1080p wireless PTZ 4x optical zoom


  • wifi PTZ HD camera single 2.4Ghz band
  • HD resolution 1080p @15 fps with H.264 compression
  • Built-in 1/3 inch 2mp CMOS sensor with 90 degree view angle
  • Varifocal lens 2.8~12 mm, 4x optical motorized zoom
  • Built-in 6pcs IR LEDs range up to 160 ft with IR Cut filter
  • Panning 355 degree horizontal and tilting 90 degree
  • Storage 16GB SD Card (included)
  • Audio interface: 1*audio in/audio out
  • P2P and QR Code scan supports with CamHI app
  • IP66 rated weatherproof


  • Lower frame rate @15 fps
  • Only 4x optical zoom

Frame rate is only 15 fps @ 1080p resolution is only 4x optical zoom. For stand alone usage this product is good with the inclusion of 16GB memory storage for playback and motion detection  footage.

Click here to learn more details Anran wireless PTZ HD camera

For wired POE connection, the camera that uses UTP cable to deliver data and power supply, the following POE PTZ camera products can be consider including A-Zone, Reolink and Sunba.

2. A-Zone PTZ camera

A-Zone PTZ HD camera is designed like other premium grade POE PTZ cameras with 6pcs IR LEDs. However, this model is not a POE camera.  You still need to provide data and power supply to the camera separately.

If you compare A-Zone with Anran you can see that they deliver the same resolution, however the frame rate is different. A-Zone offers 1080p resolution @30 fps as opposed with Anran which frame rate is only 15 fps.

A-Zone AZ-HD51F-210x Speed dome PTZ camera
A-Zone AZ-HD51F-210x Speed dome PTZ camera


  • 4.0 inch middle speed dome HD PTZ camera
  • High resolution 1920*1080p @30 fps
  • Varifocal lens 5.1~55 mm, 10x optical motorized zoom
  • Panning 355 degree and tilting ~90 degree
  • Night vision 6pcs IR LEDs with IR Cut filter
  • Supports P2P technology for easy to configure remote view
  • Full metal body construction with IP66 weatherproof
  • Lightning Protection: Transient voltage 6000V


  • No audio
  • No memory storage
  • No POE

The price tagged is around $230 and so far the rating excellent nearly 5 in Amazon, affordable price for homes or small businesses and performs good.

Click here to learn more detail A-Zone PTZ camera

3. Reolink RLC-423

Reolink RLC-423 is one of best value product offered by Reolink in POE PTZ Camera products in addition of its wifi PTZ model Reolink RLC-423W wireless PTZ camera and also Reolink RLC-422W 4mp PTZ camera. The first two products as shown above are built-up using full HD lens with 1080p resolution, RLC-423 comes with higher resolution – 5MP (3072*1728 pixels) @20 fps.

Reolink RLC423 POE PTZ camera
Reolink RLC423 POE PTZ camera with 4x optical zoom (~$220)

The lens is the same with 4x optical motorized zoom as Anran but is not better than A-Zone with 10x optical zoom.


  • POE PTZ camera
  • ½.9 inch 5mp (3072*1728) image sensor
  • 264 compression
  • Recording resolution 5mp / 1729p @20 fps
  • Varifocal lens 2.7~12 mm with 4x optical motorized zoom
  • Field of view angle 98 degree (wide) ~ 33 degree (Tele)
  • 6pcs IR LEDs range up to 190 ft
  • Panning endless 360 degree speed up to 180 degree /s; tilting ~90 degree speed up to 90 degree /s
  • Audio IN interface
  • POE support


  • 4x optical zoom only
  • No Out audio but IN audio interface only
  • No memory storage

The good thing with this product is that the price is reasonable (around $220) compared with other competing products with 5mp resolution. See also new product offered by Amcrest – the same 5mp resolution with dome fixed lens Amcrest IP5m-1176e compared with Hikvision.

Click here to learn more Reolink RLC-423

Similar product you may also consider is Globin PTZ camera which is also tagged with the same price as Reolink.

4. Alptop AT-500PE

One of PTZ camera products that you might not have heard about its band before is camera products from Alptop, the products that are sold at very economical prices but good product performance. One of the PTZ models that Alptop offers is the AT-500PE with 20x optical zoom, which the price is tagged for around $ 250 on Amazon, much cheaper than similar products offered by Amcrest.

The resolution offered is quite high at 5MP besides the 20x optical zoom feature and night vision capability of up to 300ft range. With a price of $ 250 this product can beat other PTZ camera market with 20x optical zoom that commonly sold above $ 300.

Alptop AT-500PE POE PTZ Camera
Alptop AT-500PE POE PTZ Camera


  • 5MP igh resolution PTZ camera with 1/2.8” 5.0MP SONY IMX335 Image sensor
  • supports H.265 / H.264 compression format
  • Varifocal 4.7mm~94mm motorized zoom lens with 20x optical zoom auto focus and range of f1.6~f2.8 aperture
  • Support long range night vision up to 300ft with 6pcs array LEDs
  • POE Standard: 802.3at, 48V. Support up to CAT5 cable/CAT5 Above
  • Onvif 3rd Party support list: Blue Iris, iSpy, Synology, Tiny Cam, Security Spy, XProtect,VLC, etc
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • Danale app for easy usage with your mobile devices


  • No audio
  • No memory storage

The price tagged is almost the same as Reolink RLC-423 which is around $250, all the four products as listed above have almost the same price in Amazon.

Now the last POE PTZ camera products with best value for money for outdoor purpose is Sunba series.

5. Sunba 601-d20x

Sunba 601-d20x is one of best value POE PTZ outdoor camera products in the market with long distance IR range up to 1,000 ft with full HD 1080p resolution @30 fps. It comes with 20x optical motorized zoom vavrifocal lens.

Sunba 601-d20x is a high speed PTZ camera with horizontal panning speed up to 300 degree /s ideal for larger scale business such as airport, parking area, process plant and mining industries.

Sunba 601-D20X POE PTZ Camera with 20x optical zoom
Sunba 601-D20X POE PTZ Camera with 20x optical zoom (~$330)


  • 5 inch high speed dome POE PTZ camera
  • ½.9 inch SONY CMOS sensor
  • HD 1080p resolution @30 fps
  • Varifocal lens 4.7~55.4mm providing you 20x optical motorized zoom
  • View angle 2.9 degree (Tele) ~ 55.4 degree (wide)
  • OSRAM + Laser light + Array light + Optical lens
  • Night vision range up to 1,000 ft(350m)
  • 360 degree endless panning speed ~300 degree /s
  • 10~90 degree tilting speed ~120 degree /s
  • POE support
  • P2P cloud remote view via mobile device
  • IP66 rated weatherproof with aluminum shell housing


  • No audio
  • No memory storage

Sunba 601-d20x is one of best value POE PTZ camera you may consider with tagged price around $330.

Click here to learn more details Sunba 601-D20x

All the five products as shown above are top rated PTZ HD cameras, affordable and reasonable POE PTZ camera products for either homes or small businesses.

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