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Best Value Wyze Floodlight Camera vs Blink Which One is Better

Today you may find lots of floodlight cameras in the market, and two of them are Wyze floodlight camera and blink floodlight camera which are tagged with low budget. These two cams are DIY floodlight cams for consumers with affordable prices.

Wyze Cam with Floodlights

Wyze cam v3 is the main camera to build wyze cam spotlight and wyze floodlight camera. Wyze cam floodlightis not specifically designed for new wyze cam series like eufy floodlight camera or lorex floodlight cam, or amcrest floodlight camera. So technically with wyze floodlight camera is basically the wyze cam v3 unit with the addition of wyze floodlight mount.

Please notice that today you can find new model of Wyze floodlight cam pro, a 2.5K HD resolution with three units of floodlights. Check here Wyze floodlight cam Pro. And you may also like to see reolink products, the Reolink dual lens Floodlight camera, with stunning 4K resolutions and come with models: the wifi and POE connectivity models.

Starlight CMOS

The image sensor embedded in a camera takes a main role in providing stunning image quality. The image sensor contains very tiny electronics chips of light sensitive parts that capture lights and color spectrum and together with other tiny parts mechanical and software that later convert them into image.  The type of the image sensor used by wyze cam is the Starlight image sensor that is famous with its best performance in low light condition; moreover wyze cam v3 is built with wide aperture (f/1.6) to absorb more lights to the image sensor faster. The more light absorbed by the image sensor the better image results.

Wyze floodlight camera
Wyze floodlight camera

With starlight cmos image sensor, in ambient lights the camera is still capable in rendering color night vision video recording until finally the light condition is completely darkness to switch to black and white night vision using IR LEDs.   


Most floodlight cameras available in the market today come with floodlight brightness up to 2,600 lumens; even though few models do up to 3000 lumens such as arlo floodlight camera with the addition of outdoor magnetic charging. This floodlight is dimmable and you can schedule it to turn on and off, or triggered by motion detection.

Each left and right floodlight consists of 20pcs white LEDs, total of 40pcs white LEDs to produce 2600 lumens brightness and you can adjust the brightness as necessary. You can adjust the direction each of the two floodlights by slightly rotating it left, right, up and down to fit your desire direction. This is in contrast to the most popular arlo floodlight camera which comes with the single bar floodlight pointing to one coverage direction, you can rotate via its single axis.  

This outdoor floodlight camera comes with three individual PIR sensors you can customize the coverage up to 270 degree. All of the adjustments can be done from the wyze app via mobile device.

This floodlight camera mount comes with another usb power port you can use to connect to additional wyze cam v3 to cover wider view angle of your property.    

Full HD Resolution

Most home security cameras commonly come with full HD (1080p) video resolution, it’s appropriate and still sharp when you live view or playback the video footage via mobile device with the app installed. Indeed higher resolution is better, more details and sharper, however for camera installed on the front yard or backyard that is not too large, 1080p resolution is appropriate. 1080p security camera under $100 is worth to purchase. You may compare with other products with 2k resolution such as arlo, you see that the price is > $200.

Wyze cam floodlightwhich is tagged under $100 is worth to purchase, and similar product you may consider is blink floodlight camera which is also cheap product with the price is cheaper that wyze. I would compare this wyze floodlight camera with blink down below.  

Wyze cam vs Blink

When the budget for floodlight security camera is under $100, from my point of view wyze cam floodlightand blink floodlight cam are worth considering. Both of these two products are suitable for installation on the terrace, in the hallway or backyard. Like Wyze floodlight camera that consists of floodlight mount and wyze cam v3, blink floodlight cam does the same with floodlight kit and blink outdoor cam.

Blink floodlight cam
Blink floodlight cam

Take a look at the following spec comparison table down below between wyze and blink floodlight cameras.

The camera

Both of these two products come with the same video resolution up to 1080p full HD, as I said that this resolution is suitable for homes with not too broad coverage. When you need to cover large business area, long distance area to cover, camera with 1080p resolution is not suitable knowing that the image quality will be noisy except the camera features multiple optical zoom factors such as Hikvision and dahua business class PTZ camera. See also best value ptz outdoor camera.

Like popular arlo floodlight camera, wyze doesn’t require a base station. You can install single wyze cam and connect direct to your home wifi network. In contrast to blink, blink requires blink sync module to connect to home wifi network. The good thing is that you can connect up to 10 blink cameras and control from a single blink app via your mobile phone.  

Wyze is embedded with starlight cmos that allows you to view color night vision when there is still ambient light around, and with floodlight on will definitely records and live in color. Even though you still can live view in black and white night vision with IR LEDs when no ambient light is available.

Blink will automatically switch to black and white night vision with IR LEDs when the night comes, and color vision only if the floodlights are on.


In contrast to wyze that comes with 2600 lumens brightness floodlight, blink comes with only one fourth as bright as wyze. This is reasonable since blink floodlight is powered by d-cell battery, not plug-in power like wyze. Wyze is automatically turns on when the dusk begins to come and vice versa the floodlight will turn off when dawn begins to break. However, you can also schedule the floodlight to turn on and off or triggered by the motion detection.

On the other hand, blink floodlight will work only if the motion detection is triggered, and when you need to live view at night.

Playback video footage

To be able to playback the footage, the camera requires storage to storage all the video streams and footage. Wyze floodlight camera gives you option to install the micro SD card into the camera as local storage, or you can subscribe cloud storage. with local memory storage you can insert micro sd card up to 256GB and when the storage is full, the new footage will overwrite the old ones. This solution is better than arlo which doesn’t give you local memory storage in the camera, except the arlo floodlight connects to arlo sync hub with disk storage or you subscribe to cloud storage. See also eufy floodlight cameras with local memory storage.

Blink floodlight cam doesn’t support local memory storage in the camera, however you can add flash disk on the blink synch hub and store all video footages on the sync hub. Or, you can also subscribe cloud storage.  

Comparison Table   

Have a look at the following spec comparison table down below between wyze cam floodlight and blink floodlight cam.

Table 1 Wyze Floodlight Camera vs Blink

ModelWyze Floodlight CameraBlink Floodlight Camera
Image sensorCMOS Starlight image sensorCMOS image sensor
LensGlass lens with f/1.6Standard lens
Field of view angle130 degree diagonal110 degree diagonal
Resolution1080p full HD @20 fps1080p up to @30 fps
Floodlight2 Floodlights 2600 lumen, dimmable / Controls: Schedule, Motion Trigger700 lumens 12pcs LEDs lighting and 5000K color temperature
Night visionColor with starlight night vision or floodlight,  B/W night vision with 4x 940nm long range visible IR LED,Color night vision with floodlights ON HD with IR Night vision in darkness
SirenBuilt-in 105dB siren you can trigger manually with your mobile phoneN/A
AudioSimultaneous 2-way talk, built-in ECM microphone and 80dB speakerTwo way audio with built-in microphone and speaker
StorageAvailable micro SD card slot up to 32GB with overwrite  Free cloud storage for 12-seconds footage and saved for 14-daysCloud storage with an optional Blink Subscription Plan or you can store locally to Blink Sync Module 2 and USB flash drive up to 256GB USB 2.0 / USB 3.0
Wifi connectivitySingle band 802.11 b/g/n @2.4GHzStandard wifi 802.11b/g/n @2.4GHz
Need hub connection?NoYes, Blink Sync Module 2, connect up to 10 Blink cameras
Works withAlexa; Google Assistant;Alexa
Smart featuresVideo clips sent to your mobile phone triggered by motion / sound detection; you can customize detection zone and sound sensitivity settings, Smoke and CO alertsYes, supports all Alexa products: fire TV and Tablets; all echo models, Doesn’t support Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant
Smart planPerson detection; full motion recording; Vehicle, pet, and package detection with Cam Plus servicesMotion detection, detection zone up to 20ft
Time lapseSupportN/A
OutdoorYes, IP65 weatherproofYes, weatherproof
PowerPower Adapter: Indoor 5V/1A Outdoor Power Adapter (sold separately)powered by 2x AA 1.5V non-rechargeable lithium metal batteries; 4-D cell battery for floodlights
Dimension2.1 in x 2.0 in x 2.3 in / (52 mm x 51 mm x 58.5 mm)Camera: 71 x 71 x 31 mm, Floodlight: 140x 263 x 97mm
Price in Amazon (Dec 2022)$99.99$114.99 (2 camera kit with Blink Sync hub)

With wyze floodlight cam, the floodlight brightness is up to 2,600 lumens you can control the brightness. On the other hand, with almost the same price you get two blink floodlight camera kits but with less brightness. Both products are available in Best Buy or in Amazon.

Click the product’s link below to learn more details and get best deal in Amazon (#ads).

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