Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

There are various models of wireless home security camera available in the market you can find today from the shelves of electronic / camera stores in near you. Now, which one is the best to meet your business need?


Typically in small business environment that does not have computer network in place, a surveillance CCTV system with DVR unit is implemented. The good thing is no complexity IP addressing by connecting each of the analog CCTV cameras directly to the DVR unit using coaxial cable with BNC connection. For larger businesses where computer networking system already in place with network cabling, surveillance system with NVR system is typically a preference choice where each of IP camera connect to the NVR unit using CAT5e.


Mostly IP cameras support POE that allow the camera powered by POE Switch / POE injector, so a single CAT5e / CAT6 UTP cable is used as video data and power to the LAN or directly to the NVR system that comes with built-in POE switch. For example a 32-channel NVR system by GW and Q-see, or the new NVR model that supports H.265 compression.

In homes with wifi network in place you need a cheap wireless home security camera that connects wirelessly to your existing wifi network. Most today wireless home security camera can be viewed via your mobile devices locally or remotely when you are on  the go. Or you may consider 4 channel DVR system for large homes with more cameras such as affordable Amcrest and Lorex 4-channel DVR system.

Popular Models

Should you have a wireless network in place already, and your wireless router supports WPS (wifi protected setup) you may consider compact single device wireless home security camera from various vendors including Amcrest, Lorex, Fujikam and still more.

1. Amcrest ProHD 1080p

Amcrest IP2M-841 is one of best seller home wireless security camera, a dome model camera with stunning resolution of full HD (1080p). capable of recording up to 1080p full HD resolution @30 fps, this camera is ideal for single location to cover in home or can also be part of ONVIF NVR system such as GW & LaView 16 channel NVR system or any Amcrest NVR system.

Amcrest Pro HD

Amcrest full HD IP2M 841

Main features

  • Capable of recording up to full HD 1080p @30 fps real time.
  • Record to internal storage microSD Card or to NVR system or to Amcrest cloud recording service
  • Comes with Amcrest View app to allow you easily setup via your mobile devices
  • Two way audio controlled directly via mobile devices iOS or Android as well as remote pan-tilt-zoom
  • Wide 90 degree angle of view support night vision up to 32 ft distance
  • Intelligent motion detection, email alerts and snapshot
  • Featuring Sony image sensor with Ambarella processor

For more cameras requirement you may consider 8 channel Amcrest DVR system with bullet cameras for small businesses, however this system is wired, it’s not wireless system.

Click here for Amcrest ProHD spec details and current price

Note that Amcrest introduces new version of this product – the Amcrest IP3M-941 with 2K resolution. The resolution of this newer version camera is double, 2304×1296 pixels @20fps or as known as 2K camera. The wifi connection supports dual band either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz band. It is recommended to select this newer version, price is almost the same.

Click here for newer version Amcrest IP3M-941 spec details and current rating

Amcrest offers you small NVR system including this IP camera into the bundle, affordable NVR system with 8pc 4k security cameras – click the manufacturer’s description Amcrest 8 Channel 4K NVR System kit.


2. Arlo VMS3130

Unlike Amcrest as shown above which still have wire (power cable), the Netgear Arlo is a wire-free camera even no power cable like IP camera in general. Powered by dry battery your camera is completely free of wire. It’s a weatherproof camera ideal for outdoor placement, easy to install DIY with magnetic mounts. It requires a base station specifically designed for Arlo, however new models of Netgear wireless routers are Arlo ready – no more Arlo base station.

Arlo wireless security camera

Arlo indoor – outdoor wireless camera

Main features

  • HD resolution camera (720p)
  • Remote viewing with free Arlo’s app
  • Wire-free design with magnetic mount
  • Night vision up to 25 ft distance
  • Motion detection with email-alerts
  • Weatherproof camera – ideal for indoor or outdoor
  • Cloud storage service
  • Powered by battery – life for 4 ~ 6 months

For more detail spec click here for Arlo spec details

This is one of most popular wireless home security camera ideal for home, large homes or even for small businesses. You may compare Arlo 4 bundle camera with Amcrest HDCVI analog camera. Click here for comparison Amcrest Vs Arlo outdoor camera.

There couples of newer models of Arlo camera – Arlo Q Plus and Arlo Pro with siren.

3. Fujikam 361

Fujikam or AKA Vimtag 361 wireless home security camera is one of the best wifi cameras that delivers HD (720p), not as high resolution as Amcrest as discussed above. Resolution is the same as Arlo HD 720p, and is easy to install connecting to your local wireless router by pressing the WPS button for secure connection.

Fujikam FI-361 wireless home security camera

Fujikam / Vimtag 361

Main features

  • HD resolution of 720p with fixed lens of 3.6 mm
  • Easy to install and connect to your wifi network with WPS button
  • 3dBi external antennas
  • Night vision with 12 IR LEDs up to 10 meters distance illumination
  • QR Code scan and P2P for easy remote monitoring
  • Remote Pan and Tilt and up to 3x digital zoom
  • Supports two way audio
  • Internal storage SD Card up to 32GB

Unlike Arlo that provides cloud storage services, Fujikam / Vimtag 361 doesn’t provide cloud storage. And the good thing is that Fujikam / Vimtag supports P2P technology – the latest remote devices connection technology, easy to view remotely by scanning the QR Code from your mobile devices.

Fujikam and Amcrest are competing tightly in some online retailers such as Amazon, both are best seller products in home security camera. See also comparison between Vimtag / Fujikam 361 Vs Amcrest.

The new version of this product is Vimtag P1 Premium, not much features different. There are couple of enhancements including better night vision and internal wifi antennas.

4. NestCam 1080p


Unlike Arlo and Fujikam that come with HD 720p resolution, Nest Cam comes with higher resolution of 1080p. With high quality glass lens and image sensor, the capability of providing 8x digital zoom you still get the high quality image detail.

The good thing with Nest Cam is it’s 130 degree wide field of angle, nothing missed to cover in your room and with the addition of two way audio with built-in Mic and speaker lets you talk and listen via your mobile devices with the included app.

nest cam

Nest Cam 1080p camera

Main features

  • High resolution of 1080p HD with all-glass lens
  • Supports night vision
  • Motion detection with alerts to send to the phone and email
  • Two way audio you can listen and talk through the app
  • Supports night vision
  • Cloud storage

To learn more spec and manufacturer’s description, click the following link and see current price and rating as well.

Click here for Nest Cam

You may also consider the newer version of Nest Cam Outdoor which is ideal for outdoor including camera, cableand adapter are all weatherproof.

Click here to learn more detail Nest Cam Outdoor

5. Reolink C2


Unlike the other two models above, Reolink C2 is a dual band wireless home security camera ideal for today’s home wireless AC routers that support dual band higher speed and support latest wireless AC technology.

Reolink C2 is affordable 4MP dual band wifi home camera with 2×2 R MIMO dual band antenna, and the good thing is the 3x optical zoom lens.

reolink c2 4mp camera

Reolink C2 dual band 4MP wireless PTZ camera


  • High resolution of 4MP 2560 x 1440 resolution
  • 8~8mm varifocal lens providing 48~92 degree viewing angle, 3X motorized optical zoom
  • Support night vision with 8pcs IR LEDs covering up to 65 ft distance
  • Powerful panning up to 355 degree horizontally and tilting up to 105 degree vertically
  • Local and remote view capability with mobile devices with mobile app and client software for Windows and Mac
  • Local storage up to 64GB micro SD Card, Reolink NVR

This is one of best wireless home security camera with dual band and optical zoom. Current customer rating is excellent in Amazon.

Click here to learn more Reolink C2

Cheers, Ki Grinsing

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