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GW Security 32 Channel NVR kit vs Amcrest

In a project to install surveillance security system up to 32 cameras, it is better to consider 32 channel dvr / nvr system kit from the same vendor such as GW Security, Amcrest, Lorex and still more that have released various models  to the market that consist of up to 24 or 32 high resolution 4k security cameras. We’ll discuss one of popular GW Security 32 channel dvr / nvr system kit and compare this with Amcrest 32 channel nvr...

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Amcrest vs Hikvision 32 Channel NVR System

When the requirement of high resolution 4k security camera system exists to support your business, select the NVR system that supports 4k cameras available in the market such as Amcrest, Hikvision, Lorex etc. With high resolution 4k security camera (aka 8MP cameras) you can get high resolution image detail 4 times as high resolution as 1080p so that’s why it is known as 4k ultra HD resolution security cameras. Amcrest vs Hikvision Why Amcrest or Hikvision? Still lots not to mention but both...