Reolink Argus 3 vs Ezviz C3X Color Night Vision

reolink argus 3

Reolink releases Argus 3 another series of color night vision outdoor wire-free security camera. How does Reolink Argus 3 compare with Ezviz C3x dual lens color night vision camera? Argus 3 After introduces Reolink Lumus color night vision security camera with spotlight, Reolink adds another series of color night vision camera with spotlight – the … Read more

Victure Floodlight Camera vs Ezviz Lc1c

Victure fc940 becomes top rated in floodlight security camera with affordable price, wire-free security camera with color night vision. How good is it compared with Ezviz Lc1c floodlight security camera? Victure Floodlights Camera Victure fc940 is a new series of floodlight security camera with color night vision with bright floodlights triggered by motion detection and … Read more

Hitosino 4MP Color Night Vision Turret Camera

hitosino oem camera

Hitosino released an OEM product from Hikvision Colorvu Ds-2cd2347g1-Lu and of course, with the same specs and features as the original Hikvision released. And there are many other Hikvision OEM products similar to other models that Hitosino released. How good is it compared with Amcrest ip4m-1048ew color night vision? What this product does In order … Read more

Annke C800 4K Turret Camera vs Swann


Annke and Swann released many products with tight competition and of course sold with more economical prices than products from other big vendors with specs and features that were not much different. Annke C800 4k turret camera is Annke’s flagship product with 4k resolution in the middle class product, while Swann with the Swnhd-887 is … Read more

Annke BR200 Color Night Vision

Annke br200 analog camera

Annke introduces new Annke BR200 full color night vision security camera with strobe and siren as active deterrent. Annke BR200 So far, security cameras generally provide B / W night vision by using IR LEDs array that are turned On when the minimum light around the camera is below the minimum illumination. Today, many security … Read more

Lorex 8ch Active Deterrent Camera System vs Reolink

Lorex 8 channel nvr system kit

Lorex released a new 8-channel security camera system bundled with 8pcs of active deterrent security cameras with 4K resolution for crisp and detailed image quality. Forget your 1080p security camera and replace it with a 4x as high resolution as standard 1080p security camera. What this product does Should you have a security camera system … Read more

Amcrest IP4m-1046 Color Night Vision vs Hikvision

amcrest ip4m-1046 color night vision

In addition to the releasing of the Amcrest ip4m-1048e turret model camera, Amcrest also released Amcrest ip4m-1046e bullet model color night vision security camera series, as Hikvision did with its Colorvu series. This time we will discuss the comparison between the Amcrest bullet model color night vision security camera and the Hikvision DS-2CD2T47G1-L Colorvu series … Read more

Amcrest IP4M-1048EW-AI Color Night Vision

Amcrest ip4m-1048

Amcrest introduces two models of color night vision security camera, the Amcrest ip4m-1048e turret model and Amcrest ip4m-1046e bullet model camera. We’ll focus on the turret model and compare it with its competitor Hikvision Colorvu camera. What this product does It feels really dissatisfied if our live view security camera shows in black and white … Read more