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Reolink C2 Dual Band Wireless PTZ Camera

Reolink is dedicated itself to focus in producing affordable surveillance security system ranging from IP camera with various models including wireless indoor cameras, outdoor wireless or POE camera, NVR system and still more. One of new released wireless PTZ camera offered by Reolink is affordable Reolink C2 wireless dual band PTZ camera. What this product does So far we can find 2K resolution wireless home security cameras such as Amcrest 2K Ultra Shield camera, newer version of Amcrest IP3M-941 wireless...

PTZ POE HD Camera 0

Popular PTZ HD POE Camera

What we can do with a PTZ camera? With Pan-tilt-pan (PTZ) camera you can control remotely the way you direct the camera, panning horizontally, tilting vertically and zooming. This is a good thing used in a professional TV studio thing like a camera robotic in recording the events. High resolution Now, PTZ camera would be ideal if it can produce high quality image and video when you perform zoom in the maximum zoom the camera can perform, so that’s why...

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5MP IP Varifocal Security Camera

GW Security and USG offer various models of 5MP IP security camera you can select, varifocal security camera to allow you adjusting the focal length to fit your angle of view. Why 5MP with varifocal lens The requirement of 5MP IP camera in businesses and industrials is reasonable since larger mega pixel IP camera provides you larger image and more details video data to view.   High resolution details Zooming in larger image is still sharp and good detail as...