Clefilter Top Rated Fisheye Video IP Camera

Clefilter offers two models of hidden video cameras – fisheye dome camera and bulb fisheye hidden camera which become top rated IP cameras in fisheye video camera in Amazon.

Clefilter Fisheye video camera

Fisheye video camera gives you a 180 degree panoramic view, and when you mount it on the ceiling it provides you the whole down view 360 degree panoramic view. ideal for surveillance security monitoring the whole area of the room, in homes or offices.

Standard home wifi cameras with PTZ function can panning the whole room, but bullet model cameras typically gives you up to only 100 degree view angle. See also top rated Keekon IP cameras.

You may find costly business grade fisheye camera with high mega pixel resolution such as Geovision GV-FE5302 fisheye camera with 5MP resolution which is tagged around $300, or Axis 0556-001 business grade fisheye video camera which is tagged with more than $700, now you can install similar product with very reasonable price under $80 offered by Clefilter. It’s worth for home or small office for security monitoring.

Clefilter offers two models of video camera, the bulb model hidden video camera and ceiling mount fisheye video camera. Both models are tagged with reasonable price and the result is like a pro video camera. no wonder both cameras become top rated IP cameras in Amazon nearly 5 stars average.

Dome model Hidden Camera

Unlike business grade dome model fisheye camera such as Geovision or Axis, Clefilter offers plastic housing dome model fisheye video camera, it can be a hidden camera you can mount on the ceiling like a smoke detector on the ceiling.

Dome model hidden fisheye video camera
Dome model hidden fisheye video camera

Ideal for rooms or offices to let you monitor the whole 360 degree panoramic view. resolution is 960p appropriate to view via your mobile devices either Android or iOS Smart phone or tablet. Monitor your room day and night and even you can play back the footage, the camera comes with TF memory Card up to 128GB.


  • Super wide angle camera – provides you 360 degree panoramic view with fish eye video camera lens
  • HD 1.3MP (1280x1024pixels) resolution @25 frame per second
  • Day and night vision with infrared night vision, automatically light on when it is getting dark
  • Two way audio with built-in microphone and speaker
  • Motion detection and email alerts
  • Memory TF card for local storage (memory not included)
  • Wifi connection with single 2.4Ghz band
  • Loop recording
  • Power port E27 with AC 100~240V

With HD 960p resolution you can find a sharp and clear vision on your smart phone, view and play back locally or remotely when you are away.

Clefilter Dome model hidden camera and fisheye video camera becomes one of best seller, top rated IP cameras in Amazon with nearly 5 star rating and the good thing is reasonable price (sep 2017 costs $70). Click the link below to learn more details this product.

You may also compare with another top rated wireless home camera with reasonable price.

Bulb IP camera

Clefilter offers another model of fisheye video camera with bulb IP camera model with adjustable light. this is ideal fisheye camera to work as hidden camera to monitor your home, your nanny how good she treats the baby and still more.

Resolution is the same as the dome model, 1280x960p resolution ideal and sharp enough to view via mobile devices – Android or iOS mobile devices. you can mount on the ceiling or on the wall.

bulp ip camera
Bulb IP camera – fisheye video camera


  • Super wide angle – 360 degree panoramic view ideal to view entire room in homes or small offices
  • Supports night vision with IR Cut filter
  • Fisheye image sensor 1.4mm; 1/3” progressive scan CMOS
  • HD 1280x920p (1.3MP) resolution @25 fps
  • Two way audio supports with built-in microphone and speaker
  • Motion detection and alerts
  • Free Android and iOSN app for remote access via mobile devices
  • Support micro SD Card memory storage 16GB ~ 128 GB
  • Wireless connection with single 2.4Ghz band

With a bulb model, it works perfectly as the hidden camera for spying activities within the entire room. This product becomes one of best and top rated IP cameras in Amazon with affordable price $80.00 in Amazon.

Both dome and bulb model of fisheye video cameras are affordable products with excellent rating in the market.

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