Dahua IPC-HDW4631C-A 6MP vs Hikvision vs Amcrest

Dahua IPC-HDW4631C-A is one of best value for money 6MP mini dome outdoor POE camera available in the market today. How it is compared with Hikvision and Amcrest turret model cameras?

What this product does

Dahua IPC-HDW4631C-A is a turret model mini dome POE outdoor camera similar model with Hikvision  ds-2cd2355 with 6mp high resolution @20 frame per second (fps), slightly higher resolution than Hikvision and Amcrest 5mp camera. 6mp resolution is rare resolution, generally the resolution is 5mp or jump to 8mp resolution IP cameras aka 4k or Ultra HD resolution cameras such as Hikvision 2cd2385 or Lorex 4k security camera.

H.265 support

6mp is high resolution that might cause your network over loaded when lots of cameras stream together at the same time to the NVR recording unit. So that’s why the camera is applied with H.265 compression technology to reduce the bandwidth requirement up to 60% more efficient than no compression data.

The NVR system should support the H.265 as well such as Amcrest and Hikvision 16 channel 4k NVR system.

Dahua IPC-HDW4631C supports either H.265 or H.264 compression format so does Hikvision, but Amcrest doesn’t support H.265.

Adjustable FOV

Generally cameras with fixed lens demonstrate a single field of view angle, Dahua comes with three adjustable angle of view, 110°/81°/55°. Of course it’s not like motorized optical zoom cameras which allows you customized the field of view by system such as Hikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-Izs and Lorex Lnd3374 4k security cameras.

Night vision

All the three products support night vision with the same range of illumination up to 98 ft, around 30 meters long distance enough to cover in darkness.

Now take a look at the minimum illumination rows on the tables. Both Dahua and Hikvision offer 0.01 Lux for color night vision before switch to black and white @ 0.0 Lux when the IR LEDs On. On the hand Amcrest offers lower light up to 0.008 Lux with color before finally switch to black and white with IR LEDs On.

Audio built-in

Dahua IPC-HDW4631C and Amcrest ip5m-t1196 come with built-in microphone for audio In to allows you hear the voice in one way, no speaker for two way communication like those home indoor model cameras. Hikvision doesn’t come with audio either one or two way.

Dahua IPC-HDW4631C ~$77.00


  • Fixed lens 2.8mm 6mp (3072×2048) resolution @20 fps
  • Adjustable angle of view H: 110°/81°/55°
  • Night vision support range up to 30m (98ft)
  • 265 &H.264 dual codec
  • 3D noise reduction
  • Audio built-in
  • Metal casing with IP67 rated weatherproof
  • POE (802.3af), 12vdc
  • Up to 4 privacy masking areas

Dahua IPC-HDW4631C is tagged with lower price than Hikvision and Amcrest is tagged with the cheapest price. Which one is suitable to meet your need? Now take a look at the following spec comparison table to help you decide which one is suitable to your business.

Comparison table

Table 1 represents spec comparison table between Dahua and Hikvision, while table 2 represents spec comparison table between Dahua and Amcrest.

Hikvision ds-2cd2355 ~$132.99

Table 1 Dahua vs Hikvision

ModelDahua IPC-HDW4631CHikvision ds-2cd2355
Lens2.8mm fixed lens2.8mm fixed lens
Resolution6mp (3072×2048) resolution @20 fps5mp (2560x 1920) @20 FPS
Field of view angleAdjustable FOV 110°/81°/55°80° view angle
Minimum illumination0.01Lux/ F2.0 (Color), 0Lux/ F2. 0 (IR on)Color: 0.01 lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON), 0 lux with IR
Night visionIR range up to 98 ft (30m)IR range up to 98 ft (30m)
Compression formatH.265; H.264H.265, H.265+, H.264+, H.264
POEYesYes, 12vdc 802.3af
AudioBuilt-in audion/a
Storagen/aBuilt-in Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC slot, up to 128 GB
Recognitionn/aFace detection
OutdoorIP67 rated weatherproofIP67 rated weatherproof
Price (Jun 2020 Amazon)$69.99$145.99
Amcrest ip5m-t1179ew 5MP turret camera
Amcrest ip5m-t1179ew

Table 2 Dahua vs Amcrest

ModelDahua IPC-HDW4631CAmcrest IP5m-T1179ew
Lens2.8mm fixed lens2.8mm fixed lens with 16x digital zoom
Resolution6mp (3072×2048) resolution @20 fps5mp (2592×1944) resolution @20 fps; 4mp (2688 × 1520) @ 25/30 fps
Field of view angleAdjustable FOV 110°/81°/55°103° viewing angle
Minimum illumination0.01Lux/F2.0 (Color), 0Lux/F2.0(IR on) 0.008 Lux @ F1.6
Night visionIR range up to 98 ft (30m)2pcs powerful IR LEDs range up to 98 ft (30m)
Compression formatH.265; H.264H.265
AudioBuilt-in audioOne way audio with built-in Microphone
Storagen/aMicro SD Card up to 256 GB
Recognitionn/aZone detection with 4 areas region on interrest
OutdoorIP67 rated weatherproofIP67 weatherproof with metal + plastic housing
Price (Jun 2020 Amazon)$69.99$59.99

To learn more spec details, including current price and rating in Amazon click the link below for each of the products.

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