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Dahua vs Lorex Products Are They the Same Which One is Better?

Which one is better Dahua vs Lorex? Of course this is a general question, a brand has many product variations, however usually there are special features when compared to similar products from other brands. In general, Dahua security camera products with nearly the same specs are sold at more economical price points than similar products from Lorex. So, how Lorex vs Dahua perform?

In this article:

Dahua vs Lorex

Early in 2018, Dahua acquired Lorex company. So far Dahua had been the primary OEM supplier of Lorex products.

Let’s compare one of featured products from each of bullet, dome and ptz models from each of Dahua and Lorex, we start to take one of the bullet models from each of these vendors.

1. Lorex vs Dahua Bulet Model

We take the Ipc-Hfw2831t-Zas-S2 one of the Lite series of network cameras offered by Dahua and compare it with one of the featured products from Lorex – the Lorex Lnb9272s one of Lorex Noctural series camera. Both are bullet models with optical zoom and come with built-in 4k cmos sensor.

To make it easier to see the differences and similarities of the two products, table 1 gives you a practical description of the comparison between the two products as your reference to make a decision which unit is suitable to meet your business needs.

dahua vs lorex bullet camera
Dahua vs Lorex bullet outdoor cameras

Color night vision

In general, both are designed with 4k resolution @ 30 fps and with varifocal lens that can provide up to 5x optical zoom. Pay attention to the minimum illumination spec specified by each vendor. Dahua offers lower low light conditions to be able to provide color night vision before finally reaching total darkness and then switch to black and white night vision.

Lorex Lnb9272 which is one of nocturnal series cameras are designed specifically for longer distance infrared illumination. See that the Lorex IR range is up to 350ft as opposed to 196ft. Lorex with its CNV (color night vision) technology with ambient light (down up to 0.7Lux) provides color night vision. By adding ambient lighting around the camera will automatically trigger CNV technology. On the other hand Dahua with lower light down to 0.09Lux still provides color night vision.

If with the absence of audio and 196ft IR distance is sufficient, Dahua is more economical compared with Lorex knowing that Dahua comes with 5x optical zoom and vandal resistant metal housing in addition of weatherproof.

Table 1 Dahua vs Lorex 4K Cameras

ModelDahua Ipc-Hfw2831t-Zas-S2Lorex Lnb9272
Resolution4k (3840×2160) @ 25/30 fps4k (3840×2160) @30 fps
Camera  1/1.8” 8MP progressive CMOS; 3.7mm ~ 11mm8.51 MP Sony Exmor R CMOS image sensor, 2.8mm ~ 12mm
FoV112°-46°(H) field of view102°-39°(H) field of view
Zoom5x optical motorized zoom + 16x digital zoom4.4x optical zoom
Minimum illumination0.004Lux/F1.9( Color,1/3s,30IRE) 0.09Lux/F1.9 Color,1/30s,30IRE) 0Lux /F1.9(IR on)0.02lux @ F2.5 (B/W) 0.7lux @ F2.5 (Color)
Night vision4x IR LEDs range up to 196ft (60m)High power IR LED range up to 350 ft (100m), Color Night Vision in ambient light
AudioN/ABuilt-in Microphone
HousingIP67, IK10(optional), with metal housingIP67 weatherproof with aerospace-grade aluminum housing

Now, we switch to dome model comparison for Lorex vs Dahua dome / turret / eyeball security camera model.

2. Lorex vs Dahua Dome Cameras

Generally, dome models are placed on ceiling with a certain ceiling mount holder, either for indoors or outdoors, although dome models with PTZ feature are usually more compatible with outdoor tower to easily cover 360 degree view and is exposed to harsh environment.

Now we take Dahua IPC-HDW2831T-ZS-S2 – one of Lite series of eyeball model @4k resolution with varifocal lens, and compare it with one of Lorex nocturnal IP camera series – the Lorex Lne8964 turret model camera which is also @4k resolution. Now take a look at the following table 2 that shows you spec comparison between Lorex and Dahua.

Lorex vs Dahua dome outdoor cameras
Dahua vs Lorex dome outdoor cameras

Camera feature

Both cameras offer the same resolution of 4k @ 15 fps, or 2k @ 30 fps realtime. Dahua uses the Starlight image sensor, while Lorex uses the Sony Exmor sensor which both cameras provide sharp and clear image quality in low light, especially night vision. With ambient light both provides color night vision, Dahua with minimum illumination down to 0.008Lux still in color views and so is Lorex with its’ CNV technology.

And the WDR feature that allows your camera to provide both bright images as good as dark images, even though not like as naturally as the way your eyes can see the bright and the shade clearly. See that Dahua offers wdr up to 120dB, compared to Lorex which is only up to 90dB.

Pay attention to other features which are nearly the same, just slightly different including night vision range, optical zoom and Dahua is advantageous with the availability of micro SD card slot for local memory storage.

Table 2 Lorex vs Dahua Dome Turret / Eyeball

ModelDahua IPC-HDW2831T-ZS-S2Lorex Lne8964
Resolution8MP (3840 × 2160) @15 fps, and supports 2688×1520 @25/30 fps4k @15 fps or 2k @30 fps
LensStarlight Image sensor 2.7mm ~ 13.5mmSony Exmor R™ CMOS sensor 2.7mm ~ 12mm
FoV113°–31° view angle102°–39° view angle
Zoom5x optical zoom4x optical zoom; 16x digital zoom
Minimum illumination0.008 Lux@F1.5Unspecified
Night vision2pcs IR LEDs range up to 130 ft(40m) Auto(ICR)/Color/B/WColor Night Vision technology High power IR LEDs up to 250ft
Memory storageMicro SD Card up to 256GBN/A
HousingIP67 weatherproofIP67 with high grade aluminum housing

With richer features and lower price, Dahua is preference technically. However, you may not find the product in the market such as in Amazon. Click the product link below to learn more spec details, current price and rated and link to SHOP in Amazon.

The third camera model to compare is PTZ outdoor camera between Dahua and Lorex as we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

3. Dahua vs Lorex PTZ camera

Let’s take one of Dahua Pro series – the Dahua Sd5922u-hni auto tracking PTZ camera and compare it with one of Lorex PTZ featured products – the Lorex Lnz44p12. So far Lorex doesn’t produce auto tracking PTZ camera like Dahua that offers multiple series of auto tracking PTZ cameras with affordable price compared with other vendors.

Dahua vs Lorex ptz cameras
Dahua vs Lorex ptz cameras

Not Comparable

So actually these two products are not comparable; given that there are different specs almost in all aspects including differences in resolution; optical zoom; minimum illumination; and also the manual control speed of panning and tilting and still more. However, it should be emphasized that with a price difference of around $ 85 you get Dahua with richer specs compared to Lorex Lnz44p12 as shown in the following spec comparison table.

Table 3 Dahua vs Lorex PTZ outdoor cameras

ModelDahua Sd5922u-hniLorex Lnz44p12
Auto tracking supportYes, and IVSNo
Resolution2MP (1920 x 1080) @50/60 fps4MP (2592 x 1520) @30 fps
Lens1/2.8” STARVIS™ CMOS image sensor
Varifocal 4.8mm ~ 120mm
1/3” CMOS image sensor Varifocal 5.3mm ~ 64mm
Zoom25x optical motorized zoom 16x digital
12x optical motorized zoom 16x digital zoom
View angle62.8° ~ 2.6°54.7° ~ 4.54°
Minimum illuminationColor: 0.005Lux@F1.6; B/W: 0.0005Lux @F1.6; 0Lux@F1.6 (IR on)0.1 Lux in Color; 0.01 Lux in Black and White
Night vision4pcs IR LEDs range up to 492ft (150m)Color night vision in ambient light IR night vision range up to 330ft (100m) in total darkness
PTZPan: 0° ~ 360° endless; Tilt: -15° ~ 90°,
auto flip 180°   Manual control
Pan: 0.1° ~300°/s; Tilt: 0.1° ~200°/s
Pan: 0° ~ 360° endless; Tilt: -15° ~ 90°, Auto Flip: 180° Pan/Tilt Manual Speed — Max 200°/Sec Pan; Max 120°/Sec Tilt
IVSTripwire, Intrusion, Abandoned/MissingN/A
Local memory storageMicro SD Card ~ 256GBN/A
Protection  IP66 weatherproof and TVS 6KV lightning protection rating provides lightning
protection, surge protection and voltage transient protection
IP66 weatherproof
Other featuresElectronic Image Stabilization (EIS); defog; motion detection; Region of interest; Face Detection, Heat Map 

You may find dahua products not available in the US market, but Lorex products are available.

Click here to learn more details Lorex ptz cameras (#ad)

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